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Hello Guys,

Looks like the previous Topics made some how small activity, so i decided to create more Topics for Expected "MORE" activity :D .

Today we are going to talk about your "Role Model" . The person you have always loved. The Person who is similar to you. The person that you are following him.

Well Having a role model is very important for you life. It helps create you character and build up you life and thinking.

For Me. My role model is the Sign of technology. A man who never gave up and continued his great work till now. A person who loves donating to charity and loves helping people everywhere.

This guy is Bill Gates.


The owner of the most successful Technology in the world. Microsoft.


They made the most successful product which is called "Windows". It dominates all the laptops now.

What about you? :D 

Share with us your thoughts without Fear!

Good day Gentlemen

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My Role Model is Stephen Hawking. He is my favourite scienstic. Despite his paralysis, he managed to communicate with people thanks to a computer. He has great knowledge in physics and also in other scientific areas. His IQ is very high and I really admire him.

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