update.exe has stopped working

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Hello again people. Last time I tried to run rage_mp.exe i got that "has stopped working" message, and I realized this happens when there's no internet connection. I just want to play in LAN, so is there any way to skip the updater and run the launcher?

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Well, I actually mean with 2 computers in LAN, with my own server running in one of them.

The problem was: No internet connection in that LAN. When there's no internet connection, the updater crashes.

But i finally found a workaround.

  • Open Notepad and type this code:

set upd=yes
start ragemp_v.exe

  • Then, click "File" and click "Save As..."
  • Navigate to the RageMP install diretory
  • Give the file any name, and type in the end of it the extension ".bat"
  • In "Type" select "All FIles (*.*)"
  • Then click "Save"

Now, just double click the file you created and this will open the launcher without the need of internet connection. You can play in LAN now!

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