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Les règles de la section


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1. Design

1.1 The name of the topic is prohibited specials. symbols/smileys/Caps Lock. (Punishment: Renaming or deleting topics);
1.2 The name of the theme must display the full name of the project and nothing more. (Punishment: Renaming or deleting topics);
1.3 Banned the name using the server IP, website link and expletives (Punishment: to Rename or delete topics, as well as a warning to the author).

2.Tags and prefix

2.1 Be sure to specify prefix! The prefix should show the genre of the server (Punishment: 24 hours to change the prefix and a verbal warning author).

3. The contents of the subject

3.1 The mandatory presence of links to the site/forum or social networks (Punishment: 24 hours to add links and a verbal warning author);
3.2 Banned for Caps Lock, and poisonous color palette (Punishment: 24 hours to change the color palette and getting rid of Caps Lock);
3.3 It is forbidden to create topics containing advertising or obscene abuse. Punishment:
      1) Lock there account and delete the topic.
      2) 24 hours to remove the Mat in the contents and a warning to the author.);
3.4 Forbidden CTRL + C and CTRL + V (copy paste) (Punishment: the removal of threads and warning author)


4.1 Is forbidden to use abusive, profanity, threatening, advertising, offtopic, poisonous color palette (Punishment: Warning/verbal warning(depending on the severity of the violation) and remove comment);
4.2 Raising the topic is allowed every 24 hours (Punishment: warning)

This section is ONLY for servers based on our platform.

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On 10/7/2017 at 9:57 PM, n0dai said:

Nous sommes dans une section française, à ce tire il faudrait peut-être faire des règles en français non ? ^_^

Donc pourquoi tu ne le traduis pas en français? 🙄 Sois bienveillant 😘

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