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Play custom sound / webstream


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Hi guys,

My suggestion is a new function to play custom sounds and webstreams just like in MTA:SA.


sound.playFromFile(file or url, looped);
sound.playFromFile("mysound.mp3", true);

sound.playFromURL(url or file, posX, posY, posZ, distance, dimension, looped);
sound.playFromURL("http://stream.musicfm.hu:8000/musicfm.mp3", -365.2, 202.4, 10, 50, 0, false);

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It is possible to play sound files, through a CEF page, using the HTML5 audio tag; Web streams are supported, but it seems like only in the OGG format.

Currently the embed version of CEF doesn't support the MP3 file type, but, it does support external OGG and WAV files. :)

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