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Rage Multiplayer closing after 45 seconds

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Hey there,
my problem is, that the Rage Multiplayer Client is automatically closing after about 45 seconds, after joining a server (since the moment I'm able to control the character).

And the client does not print out anything to the launcher.log file.

Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix this?
I'll searching for a solution for about 8 hours already, it's really frustrating.

Hope that someone can help me. :)

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Okay, I found the problem which caused this error.
MSI Afterburner ... when I run that program, my Rage Multiplayer crashes, when I do not run that program, everything is working.

So my problem got fixed by disable MSI Afterburner.
The only problem with this is, that I used MSI Afterburner to control my GPU fan speed .. so I need to run this program.

Are there any other programs, alternatives to MSI Afterburner, except of SpeedFan (this only shows my CPU fans)? 😰

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