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How to freeze plane position


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I try this but maybe I'm wrong with code 


veh = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat('cargoplane'), new mp.Vector3(1702.69482421875,-2967.266845703125,747.1845092773438));
veh.dimension = gameDimension;
player.call('freezePlane', [veh]);
Client side: 
mp.events.add('freezePlane', (plane) => {
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9 hours ago, Doom said:

The location you spawning the plane at, is it within the stream range of your local player?

player position is same like plane 

player.position= new mp.Vector3(gameStartedData.vehPositionX[gameDimension]+gameStartedData.sk, gameStartedData.vehPositionY[gameDimension]+gameStartedData.sk1, 747.1845092773438-2)

I tried another way, but plane position z bouncing. Maybe is possible turn off entity gravity ?

setInterval(function() {
veh.position.z = 747.1845092773438;
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