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не получаеться зайти


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Помогите решить проблемы скачять мульти плеер захожу в него и вылааазит ошибка 
не удалось получить каталог установки. нажмите отмена, чтобы прекратить работу мультиплеера
failed to retrieve the install directory. press cancel to terminate rage multiplayer

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Неправильно указываешь путь к гта или гта старой версии.

This can occur if you've selected the wrong directory, or possibly that you have an outdated GTAV.exe/GTA V files. Make sure you're selecting the right directory, it should contain your GTAV.exe file. If you're sure it's the right directory, it has been said that you can try reverifying your game files as you may have an outdated/corrupt/modified GTAV.exe that RageMP isn't picking up.

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