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(JavaScript) Client-side events: playerStartEnterVehicle + playerEnterVehicle = same


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When I get into a car, both functions are called.


function playerStartEnterVehicleHandler(player, vehicle, seat) {
    const playerName = player.name;
    const vehicleID = vehicle.id;
    mp.gui.chat.push(`${playerName} started to get into the car ID: ${vehicleID}. Seat: ${seat}`);
mp.events.add("playerStartEnterVehicle", playerStartEnterVehicleHandler);

function playerEnterVehicleHandler(vehicle) {
    var vehicleModel = mp.game.vehicle.getDisplayNameFromVehicleModel(vehicle.model);
    mp.gui.chat.push(`Vehicle-Model: ${vehicleModel}`);

    var vehicleName = mp.game.ui.getLabelText(mp.game.vehicle.getDisplayNameFromVehicleModel(vehicle.model));
    mp.gui.chat.push(`Vehicle-Name ${vehicleName}`);

    mp.gui.chat.push(`Vehicle-ID: ${vehicle.id}`);
mp.events.add("playerEnterVehicle", playerEnterVehicleHandler);


I know that the text of playerStartEnterVehicleHandler can only be seen after the other function in the screenshot, but try it yourself, both functions are called directly if you want to get started.

- google translator greetz 🤙

btw, https://bt.rage.mp/mp/issues says me Error: 522, cant load this page

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