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My Game Crash every Time if i try to connect to a Server

Marco Tyrell

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Dear community,
since last week ive got a problem and dont know how to fix it.
Every time if i try try to start gta5 with ragemp i have got a short blackscreen after klick on
a Server (tried differents) and when my game crashed without any crash messages.
If i start my game without ragemp it work totaly. Now... I have uptadet everything.
some weeks ago it does work but after i come back nothing works fine. So i have reinstalled 
my GTA and Rage. Ive tried much different locations to install but... nothing. Ive installed all what RageMP need.
visual 2015 etc. Ive updatet my NVIDIA GForce RTX2020 and windows but nothing. I dont know what i can do and 
need your help. I saw nothing in the game Crash logs.

My setup:

graphic card: NVIDIA(MSI) GForce RTX 2020
CPU: intel core i7-8700K 3.70GHz
Operating System: Windows 10 Education
GTA is on Drive: E:\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V (SSD)
RageMP is on Drive: G:\RageMP (HDD)


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