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[C#] SharedData


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Hi there! I'm trying to get the SharedData for a Vehicle working. But it looks like the Data is not getting set. Maybe you can help!

Server Code:

public void CreateVehicle(Client player, string hash, int color1, int color2, string plate) {
    VehicleHash vehicleHash = NAPI.Util.VehicleNameToModel(hash);
    Vehicle vehicle = NAPI.Vehicle.CreateVehicle(vehicleHash, player.Position, 0, color1, color2);

    Random rnd = new Random();
    int guid = rnd.Next(100000000, 999999999);

    vehicle.SetSharedData("VehicleGUID", guid);

    NAPI.Util.ConsoleOutput("GUID: " + vehicle.GetSharedData("VehicleGUID"));



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