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Slow Async / Await Functions with TypeORM


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I've integrated TypeORM and TypeScript into my gamemode to avoid writing SQL queries. However, loading and saving entities from and into the database is very slow and I do not know why. It seems that async calls are blocking for some reason.

async function bootstrap() {
    const connection = await createConnection({
        host: "localhost",
        port: 5432,
        database: "rage",
        username: "rage",
        password: "rage",
        type: "postgres",
        entities: [User, Vehicle],
        synchronize: true,
        logging: true,

    mp.events.addCommand("veh", async (player: PlayerMp, fullText: string) => {
        const vehicle: VehicleMp = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat(fullText), player.position);

        const dbVehicle = new Vehicle();
        dbVehicle.model = vehicle.model;
        dbVehicle.position = vehicle.position;
        await connection.manager.save(dbVehicle);
        player.putIntoVehicle(vehicle, -1);




Does anybody know why storing entities into the database take so much time? Any help is appreciated :)

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