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How to make a list of players online


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I can give you an example of how to do this. If you have a MYSQL Connection, as soon as a player connects you can make his status in the mysql database 1 or true. Then you can make a page for example with PHP and MYSQL which is selecting all the players with that status equal to 1 or true(depends of the state you set when he connects). That will print that player list. As soon as you have this you can make more and more stuff with it.

Edit: Also, when he disconnects set his status to 0 or false.
This online variable in the database needs to be rebooted to 0 or false everytime the server restarts in order to set all the players offline, since if the server crashes for example it doesnt recive any player disconnects anymore!

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To create a list in-game, all you have to do is just loop through the players pool and this gets every player on the server.

  	console.log(`Player: ${user.name}`);

Instead of a console.log, you'd do whatever you wanna do to display the users.

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