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We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new in-character social media site, Hooter! Available now at https://hooter.owlgaming.net you can sign up your characters and start sharing their thoughts for your characters' friends.


Fight for social justice, tell that politician what an ass they are, or obsessively like that special person's hoots. The site is waiting for you now, so sign up today!





Dark Theme






Instant Messaging



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https://owlgaming.net/ Forums Discord IP: v.owlgaming.net:5000 About Us OwlGaming is a long term roleplay project with it's roots coming from Multi Theft Auto on GTA:SA. We ha

The best Hands down. Loving it here!

A tag editor allows gangs to mark their territory San Andreas style. Coming soon.  


OwlGaming V | Asset Transfers | April, 2021


This update introduces asset transfers between characters. Transfer your money, properties or vehicles from one character to another.



  • Added asset transfers





  • Fixed a crash that would occur randomly to players
  • Removed the go kart map
  • Removed the race track


Coming soon...

  • Mechanic Job
  • More customization options for vehicles.
  • House XP & house maintenance system
  • Much more that we'll be unveiling shortly...
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OwlGaming V | Bug Fixes & Language Commands | April, 2021

It's a bugfix bonanza this week, hope you enjoy!



  • Added commands to quickly switch languages, eg /langen /langfr
    • Full list of commands available here.
  • Added admin jail


  • Fixed a crash that would occur shortly after connection to the server.
  • Made /me for rolling a joint gender agnostic
  • Allow towing faction to use /g
  • Fix for blown up vehicles
  • BUGS-4120 Don't show "masked person" in /look error
  • Make going through elevators with vehicles retain seat order
  • BUGS-3927 Fix entering buses
  • Remove handbrake and seatbelt from bicycles
  • Fix UIs having white text on white background in some dropdowns
  • Fix /reloadveh command to fully reload the vehicle
  • Allow 500 characters in /look for describing tattoos
  • BUGS-4087 Fix vehicle inventory not being available after going through an elevator
  • Touch last used of property when changing property owner
  •  When at max inventory panes, clicking to close a pane would give an error "You cannot have more windows open".
  • Fertilizer is now sold in a quantity of 25 liters for $239, and fertilizing a plant will deduct 1 liter from the fertilizer jug.
  •  Marijuana seeds can be stacked to 250, and you can hold 1,000 seeds.
  • Remove container maximums from UI, as they can be exceeded.
  • Purchasing from stores will now automatically stack items to the maximum stack capacity.
  • Cutting up a dried marijuana plant will now add the seeds and marijuana to existing stacks if they exist.
  •  Fix the marijuana selling UI not completing the sale if you manually typed an amount.
  • Update store robbery script to always use the exact store position for 911.

Coming soon...

  • Mechanic Job
  • More customization options for vehicles.
  • House XP & house maintenance system
  • Much more that we'll be unveiling shortly...



- OwlGaming Community

- OwlGaming Development Team

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