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  1. Somos la primera comunidad hispanohablante de rol por voz en la plataforma Rage Multiplayer. Crea tu personaje, define tu historia y se tú el protagonista. Página web: LU-RP.ES Discord: Discord LU-RP #Trailer #Acceso al Servidor #Certificación #Manager #Primeros pasos
  2. Description GTA World Roleplay is a server opened the 16th of October on Grand Theft Multiplayer, with very specific values and goals. After witnessing the fall of text roleplay communities from SAMP in the last years, where most of them became a dictature-like system with untouchable administrators and rigged with corruption. All administrators are players first: No administrators shall be more protected than any players nor disrespect a player. Transparency in any decision: The server management always inform the players before any decision and is completely transparent : from financial subjects to roleplay ones. A strict roleplay environment: We aim to be extremely strict on roleplay, as we will probably be the last english text roleplay server remaining. Does this mean we're the perfect server thanks to these values? No, we're not the perfect server and I believe that every servers has its matching community. We also make mistakes, but we will always recognize it and work harder to fix what we could have made wrong. As a player, you are able to criticize and we welcome it as soon as the goal is to bring solutions and improve the server quality. Being strict also mean taking rough decision, as closing entire factions when needed in order to keep the server roleplay standards high. This is important that this point is not hidden so you do know what you are stepping into, however our Faction Management team is here to guide & help you. Features description In GTA World, compared to the current hype of using CEF only features, we adapt to our targeted community which loves text commands. But we also like to adapt to new roleplayers, so we offer text commands for each actions, hotkeys, menus and CEF! You have the full choice of what you wish to use. Scripted Jobs We offer hundreds of jobs for you to roleplay, however we strongly recommend working for a company or a player: Store cashier Phone vendor Alcohol vendor Lawyer Government worker Police officer Fireman Trucker Farmer Metallurgist Mechanic Taxi driver Car thief Strict & realistic police department Journalist Fishing Coroners Sheriff County jail guard Brewers Business system You are able to use, lease or become the owner of the following business: Airsoft 24/7 Ammunation Cinema Barbershop Clothing Store Plastic Surgery Clinic Tattoo Parlor Gas Station Mask Shop Electronic Shop Factory Garage / Chop Shop Restaurant Bar Night club Warehouse Phone shop Liquor store Pawnshops We like to offer our players a wide variety of business they can own and use, and our Property Management team offer a list of 50+ business for lease which you can apply for based on your roleplay project: no need for grinding to get them! Property system More than 5000 houses are available for players to own, with a garage system linked to your house and more than 300 interiors to choose from! Our furniture system allows you to completely create your own interior from A to Z, but you can also decide to use a premade interior and make some minor changes, and exterior furnishing! You can also import your own mapping from Menyoo or other editors, and map the outside world for your business! Basic Income : No more grinding! On GTAW, we do not believe in grinding. While some servers think that forcing players to grind for hundred of hours will help them keep the players busy, on GTAW we do our best to avoid you from grinding: Every character starts with a $5000 paycheck per hour up to 40 hours, which are $200,000 available for you to buy a decent car and house. This amount is enough for most players to start roleplay the story they want without having to worry about grinding! ... And way more features! Cats & Dogs Police K9 Custom shops Forensic & shell casings County jail Permanent corpses Blackjack Poker Faction system XM Radio with your own radio station Social styles : customize your walk style, mood... Vehicle modding Most advanced furniture system Easy to use customization system: save up to 20 outfits, change them completely in a minute! Weed farming Speed radars Forensics Multiple phones system House robberies Safes Airsoft Vehicle hotwiring & lockpicking Facebook like system with Facebrowser Emergency advanced CEF MDC system No pay 2 win shops, no vehicles, no weapons and no cash for donators. Join 150,000 players today, with more than 600 players connected at peak time! https://gta.world/ https://discord.gg/C8SHAnW (strongly recommended)
  3. Grand Theft Auto V: Underworld Roleplay https://discord.gg/WjBzVpc Our main goal is to provide a medium-level Roleplay environment while making sure there's enough action to go around. This means we're strict on the level of roleplay while still providing action through turfs, business robberies and runs of many kinds. No application needed! We know you want to jump into the server right away without having to wait days before you get accepted. That's why we have no applications. To still guarantee a decent level of RP, players will take a short quiz after creating their account. You will still be able to play if you fail the quiz, you will just get a certain status that allows the staff to see that you might be in need of help, plus you will be limited in what you can do (such as joining a faction). You will of course be able to re-take the quiz later. Voice & Text RP The server will start out as a text-RP server, with perhaps the possibility to use voice over radio and phone calls. However, if the majority of the community desires voice, we'll add it straight away. Factions & Gameplay There will of course be an LSPD faction, as well as illegal factions such as Italian (The Soprano Family), Russian and/or Irish mobs, gangs and MC's (Hounds of Hell). For those who love ARMA, there's a San Andreas Armed Forces faction if you want to be part of the army. In a later stage, depending on the size of the player base, factions such as Government and FIB might get added. The server will focus heavily on factions and rivalry between them. Faction properties & components: HeadQuarter(s) Warehouse Weapon Factory OR drug lab Vehicle Warehouse Uniforms Turfs Menu's, menu's, menu's We've put almost every single command into a native UI menu for you so you don't have to memorize every command on the server. If you want to execute a command quickly, you can still use the old fashioned way by typing /<command>. Release Date At the moment we have no release date set, yet! We are working hard to get the server running but there is still a lot to do. We're still looking for front-end developers for the User Control Panel and custom In-Game designs, as well as C# developers! If you're interested, you can join our discord server and talk to Ace. https://discord.gg/WjBzVpc
  4. Guten Tag, wie ihr sicherlich dem Namen entnehmen könnt, handelt es sich hier um einen neuen Rage:MP Server. Wir arbeiten schon seid einem längeren Zeitraum an diesem Projekt. Bis her haben wir viel Zeit und Motivation in den Server gesteckt, damit wir euch das beste Spielerlebnis bieten können. Wir möchten mit dem Projekt eine eigene Idee umsetzen, daher wird das ganze kein Crimelife, SoftRP oder was auch immer werden. Streetlife ist eine Mischung aus RP und Crimelife. Wie der Name Streetlife schon sagt, handelt es sich hier um das Straßen leben. Somit gibt es verschiedene Gangs/Mafien (Fraktionen) die auf unseren Server vertreten sind. Staatsfraktionen wie zb. das LSPD/FIB wird bei uns auch vertreten sein. Für uns macht es keinen Sinn, das du am Würfelpark rumfährst und von jeden gecallt wirst. Daher braucht man bei uns nachvollziehbare Gründe um zb. eine Schießerei oder einen Baseraid anzufangen. Ich denke auf langfristige Zeit macht das mehr Spaß, als so ein 0815 Crimelife Server. Bei uns steht nicht das Farmen im Vordergrund, denn das ist einfach nur langweilig. Auf jedem Server das gleiche, man muss für Geld farmen gehen WOW. Daher haben wir uns für andere Möglichkeiten entschieden. Nämlich kann zb. ein 24/7 Store von einer Fraktion ausgeraubt werden, so kommt man an Geld und es führt zu einem geilen Szenario mit einer Schießerei. Zivilisten werden auch viele Möglichkeiten haben, wie zb. ATMs auszurauben und vieles mehr. Auch Aktivität wird mit einem höheren PayDay belohnt, denn es wird ein Level-System geben. Ich könnte jetzt Stundenlang weiter schreiben, aber das hat dann auch kein Ende. Macht euch bitte einfach ein eigenes Bild vom Server, denn es wird eine echt geniale Zeit! Holt gerne eure Freunde ran, denn es wäre schön wenn die Community ordentlich weiter wächst. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, @Nexuz | @Projektleiter (Discord: https://discord.gg/FD3HbuSGpJ ) ^^(Nicht wundern die Nachricht oben aus dem Beitrag, stammt aus unseren Discord)
  5. Since our server is based around the Dutch language, this post shall continue in Dutch. Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay. De server is tot stand gekomen na ontevredenheid van beide oprichters over de huidige Nederlandstalige roleplay communities en servers op GTA 5. Azure's visie is gebaseerd op 3 hoofdpilaren die dienen als fundament voor alle ontwikkelingen en keuzes rondom de server. Pilaar I - Roleplay Voorop Op deze server staat roleplay altijd voorop. De focus ligt hier voornamelijk op high-end storydriven scenario's. Dit houdt in dat de voorkeur altijd uit gaat naar originele en creatieve roleplay die memorabel is voor alle spelers. Het eindeloos grinden wordt hier niet gepromoot en Azure's staff doet hun best om roleplay ook zo veel mogelijk te belonen op een gepaste manier. Hopelijk resulteert dit in meer focus op kwalitatieve roleplay dan kwantitatief grinden voor geld. Gaandeweg zal het server management ook initiatieven opzetten om deze pilaar nog meer te stimuleren. Pilaar II - Toxic Nultolerantie Als iets niet getolereerd wordt op Azure Roleplay is het toxic gedrag of "trolling". Negativiteit is iets wat hier niet gewaardeerd wordt en zal dan ook hard en direct aangepakt worden. De staff staat altijd open voor volwassen en constructieve discussies, maar spelers met een bekrompen mindset kunnen betere een andere community zoeken. Azure's einddoel is om een aangename omgeving te creëren voor al haar spelers, waar men met plezier kan spelen. Pilaar III - Stabiel Server Beheer Als er iets funest is voor spelers van een grote en actieve community, is het abrupt sluiten ervan. Azure Roleplay is dan ook gebouwd op een stabiel server beheer wat elkaar al langer dan 15 jaar in het echt kent. Er zal professioneel en betrouwbaar gehandeld worden in alle situaties. Zo willen wij waarborgen dat niemand zijn of haar dierbare karakters en assets verliest om wat voor een reden dan ook. Azure Roleplay streeft ernaar om anders dan andere GTA V roleplay servers te zijn. Wij hopen dit met deze server features te verwezenlijken. Uniek Script Framework Het Azure Roleplay script is een uniek framework wat in zijn geheel is bedacht en ontwikkeld door het development team. Op de server vind je bekende features en concepten uit de GTA V roleplay wereld, maar ook vernieuwende ideeën en systemen. Wij draaien dus niet op een standaard-framework of dergelijken. Dit is een authentieke server, zoals geen ander. GTA Storyworld De Grand Theft Auto storyworld is in-game overal om je heen te zien en te beleven. Daarom omarmen wij bij Azure Roleplay deze ook in ons doen en laten. Zo werk je bij ons op de server ook niet bij het Nederlandse politiekorps, maar bij de Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Ook heet de stad gewoon Los Santos en worden merknamen gehanteerd zoals gevestigd in de GTA games zelf. Dit houdt de roleplay duidelijk en strak qua communicatie. Hiermee hopen wij meer immersie te creëren voor alle spelers. Organization System Het "organization system" bij Azure Roleplay is een systeem wat aangeboden wordt aan spelers die van plan zijn om een eigen organisatie te starten in het legale of illegale circuit. Via dit systeem kan het Azure staff-team initiatieven ondersteunen en motiveren. Zo wordt creatieve roleplay nog meer gestimuleerd en hopen wij dat spelers hun eigen plannen zo volledig mogelijk kunnen waarmaken. Om Azure Roleplay te joinen raden wij jou aan om jezelf toe te voegen aan onze Discord via http://discord.gg/Cbz9nfa. Hierop vind je alle benodigde informatie over het registreren, ons whitelist proces en de meeste recente informatie over de server. Let wel, deze server staat nog in haar kinderschoenen en zal de komende maanden hard haar best doen om te groeien qua community zowel als script. Dit doen wij graag samen met jullie, als spelers, en input is dan ook zeer welkom!
  6. Hallo zusammen, für ein größer geplantes Projekt im Bereich GTA:V und Rage:MP sucht ein bereits bestehendes und eingearbeitetes Team einen Entwickler (Rage:MP). Bei Interesse gerne bei mir im Discord melden Cashew#0001. Mfg Cashew
  7. https://owlgaming.net/ Forums Discord IP: v.owlgaming.net:5000 About Us OwlGaming is a long term roleplay project with it's roots coming from Multi Theft Auto on GTA:SA. We have years of experience in running a GTA roleplay community all the way back to 2014. We are a transparent, open and friendly community and we hope to see many new faces from Rage giving our server a shot We've always been big on text roleplay, it's the only way to be truly immersed in your RP experience. The entire map is open for you to RP in with spawn points in LS and Paleto Bay! Features We have a few videos which outline some of our features: Release Date Teaser Gameplay Stream Inventory System Character Creation Custom Tags With tons more coming soon, we post updates frequently here. Hope to see you all in game! Regards, - OwlGaming Community
  8. Discord | Site Information about server The largest and most popular GTA V Roleplay server opens to the English market! The Grand Role Play server opened in 2020 in Russian and to this day works flawlessly with a large number of people. The server is programmed from scratch on the RAGEMP platform. To this day, server owners are upgrading and updating the server. Grand Role Play server does not have queues to connect to the server because this server supports +1000 players at a time. Connect when you want! More than +200 people play on the English server every day. Staff Structure We could write “Server Team” in this section, but since we are a big family with people of all walks of life, then we can confidently say that we are one big project. The project team looks at the players as “their” children. With each follower of our project, we communicate sincerely and try to answer all the questions asked in as much detail as possible so that the project follower can feel that we need him and we care about his opinion. When we start writing the composition of the team, we would like to say that the people in the project are different in a way. Everyone has their work and does it with real quality because the people in the team put all their hopes and all the motivation to make the project look “from the side” to make it look like the project is high quality and a friendly community plays in it. Server systems 😲 First steps after registration 🧐 Authorization 👨‍👦 Family system 🔧 Settings 🤯 Craft system 🚗 Сustomize your car 🥼 Sell your things on the trading market 🌿 Family farming business 👕 Thousands of clothes for your character 🚗 We have more than 200 DLC cars 🏡 Estate agency 💸 Bank robbery 🎒 Inventory with 23k icons 💵 Bank system 🕹️ Main menu 🤑 Stock exchange ⚡ Electrician job 🔫 Thug graffiti system 💰 Export goods 🚕 Taxi system 🔫 Сollecting weapons Want to start playing? Visit https://gta5grand.com/
  9. El equipo administrativo se complace en anunciar, que hoy iniciamos formalmente el proyecto Immersive Life Roleplay bajo la modalidad de “rol escrito”, formato poco visto en servidores de GTAV en español. Nuestra comunidad busca miembros que deseen una experiencia diferente a las ofrecidas en la mayoría de otros servidores, esta se logrará mediante la comunicación escrita, función que genera más interpretación del personaje como inmersión y respeto por el rol ajeno. La GM que desarrolla el equipo técnico es básica pero única, buscamos la optimización absoluta en la plataforma RAGEMP, ello demanda un tiempo para su creación, pero ustedes pueden aprovechar ese tiempo posteando en Discord sus sugerencias, opiniones e ir enterándose del desarrollo de la GM ya que todos los días habrán noticias y sobre todo actualizaciones en las que ustedes pueden participar mediante sus sugerencias. Además, les da tiempo para ir creando sus proyectos como también de ir conociendo al equipo administrativo. Fecha estimada de apertura: Junio 2021. DISCORD OFICIAL FORO: FORO OFICIAL — DESARROLLO ACTUAL FINALIZADOS — INICIO: 1/06/2021 *Se colocarán imágenes de los sistemas próximamente* - Registro y Login. - Creador de Personajes. - Certificación in game. - Selector de Personaje. - Trabajo Camionero. - Integración de REACTJS y RAGEMP. - Documentación propia del equipo de trabajo. (10 Devs) - Comandos básicos del roleplay. — TECNOLOGÍAS UTILIZADAS — - REACTJS - Clientside, optimizando las interfaces y rendimiento in game. - NODEJS - Server side. - SEQUALIZE ORM - Base de datos con mejor integración y rapidez en el desarrollo.
  10. A lo lejos, cerca del sector industrial, crepitaba el sollozo de un pueblo indignado, reprimido y apaciguado. El roleplay se ha ofuscado, ha perdido su rumbo en un Partenón de divisas y streamers. El verdadero brillo, la lumbrera de las líneas prodigiosas, se ha ido opacando, desvirtuándose con un discurso retórico y falaz; es todo culpa de los elitistas. Muchos han sucumbido por la segregación, un proceso que ha sacado de los anales comunitarios a quienes ansían el verdadero roleplay. No decimos que el verdadero roleplay sea una cosa selecta, todo lo contrario. Todos, en algún momento de sus vidas, deberían degustar una experiencia anhelante, sublime, trémula y suntosa; hablamos de fidedigna interpretación. ¡Es momento de liberar al roleplay de sus cadenas! ¡Un fantasma recorre Rage: el fantasma del verdadero roleplay! ¿Estás listo para vislumbrar la luz al final del túnel? ¡Prepárate para un hecho sublime, sin precedentes, en el roleplay hispanoamericano! ¿Conoces a alguien que ame el roleplay? ¡Invítalo! ¡Contribuye a la construcción de una comunidad comprometida, seria y digna! #AM:RP https://discord.gg/CvraD44Rqa
  11. Welcome to Mafia City Roleplay, we are a community dedicated to bringing players a roleplay experience as never seen before. Our community is developed and ran by roleplayers who have dedicated a lot of time working towards a common goal: Immersion. We assembled Mafia City Roleplay with the idea of creating a community that is different from the rest, we hold the same core features of the majority of roleplay communities, however, we bring new light on features that are generally overlooked and thrown away. Within our thread, we will walk you through our goals, features, staff hierarchy, and introduce you to our Lead Administrators. Groups - Unlike the way we’ve seen groups being created before, we added our own twist. Every member of our community will have the ability to create their own group, regardless of rank or status. The three government groups: Government, Emergency Services and the Police Department will all have access to our fully custom made Mobile Database Computer (MDC) which will create a more immersive roleplay experience. To take the immersion ever further, all group leaders will be able to fully customize the group how they see fit, such as ranks; divisions; pay; lockers; group HQ’s; garages and much more! Each group, both legal and illegal, will have a group moderator keeping a close eye on them to ensure our RP-standards are being met. Player Corporations - Corporations are fully run by players, without any staff interaction needed to keep the roleplay experience as pure and immersive as possible. As a corporation owner, you have the ability to hire employees, buy properties as well as vehicles. Player Jobs - Everyone likes to make money. Our goal is to get you as many interesting ways to earn cash and make it as enjoyable as possible. We are creating regular jobs such as Trucking, Mining, Garbage Collecting, and Lumberjack with each being developed with a special twist. Players are also able to join [bcolor=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Governmental Groups[/bcolor] like the Mayor’s Office, Police Department, and Emergency Services. To join these jobs, you can apply to them on their own respective forums! Drugs and Illegal Weapons - You will be able to produce illegal weapons and drugs in a player-owned factory. Drugs can be produced in campers when having the right equipment and parts in their possession. All illegal items are able to be sold to other players, the price is determined by the seller. Player Properties - Our system allows you to purchase any property within San Andreas. This includes businesses, houses, apartments, and much more. We have a dedicated team that works towards adding new properties consistently to allow for the continuous expansion of player experience. A large effort is dedicated to ensuring that our properties are reasonably priced to guarantee anyone can work their way towards a property. Our properties team started an initiative to allow new players to have the ability to rent various businesses. You can read more about the San Andreas Realty Management Group, the organization responsible for managing player rented businesses, [bcolor=rgb(255, 255, 255)]here[/bcolor]. Economy System - We have an entire department responsible for managing the economy within Los Santos. This department has been through every vehicle, shop item, weapon, clothing item, and property on the server, and set the initial purchase price. We are trying to keep the economy as immersive and close to real-life as possible, for that to be made possible the economy-team will keep a close eye on the statistics. We also implemented a taxing-system that will affect all citizens of Los Santos. Voice Communication - Whilst our roleplay environment is entirely based on VoIP rather than text-based roleplay, you still have /me and /do to enhance your roleplay experience even more. We’ve added a radio system that makes it easier for players to communicate with each other over great distances. Government groups will have access to their own separate and restricted radio frequencies to ensure their roleplay is immersive as possible. Multiple Characters - When you first join the server you can customize your character to your own liking. The character creation is similar to the way it’s done in GTA Online. Every member is allowed two characters, but you’ll receive another character slot upon donating to MCRP. All character process and stats (such as money, hours played, state of your own vehicles, etc.) are individually visible in the Control Panel. Inventory System / Interaction Menu - Here at Mafia City Roleplay we work with an interaction menu as well as a unique inventory system. You can control all interactions using the interaction menu, this will ensure you have all interactions on hand. The interaction menu includes radio, report, my vehicles, groups menu, corporations menu, clothing menu, and many more interactions! User Control Panel - As mentioned before, in the Control Panel you can keep track of your character’s progression in the server as well as your owned vehicles. The Control Panel provides a complete overview of your character’s: phone number, cash, bank Saldo, current health, current hunger level, owned licenses, owned vehicles as well as owned properties. The Control Panel will also serve for submitting bug reports and making sure they are reviewed by our Staff team. Content Updates - We like to provide our community with as many updates as possible so there are never questions as to what our development team is working on. These updates will be visible in our development blogs along with staff team changes, showcases and much more. Community leaders are tasked with the utmost important roles to run the community. Server Development, Web Development, and Modelers. Developers help put together our server, they work hard on fixing bugs and implementing new features. Departmental heads that oversee the daily operation of Mafia City Roleplay. Assistant Departmental Leads that assist with the oversight of community operations. A regular Moderator is commonly part of a department within the staff team for which they do their part. Media Team, Tester Team, and additional Support Staff. Click here to view our Staff Roster. Joshua Lead Administrator Joshua has had a long-time passion for roleplay since 2010. He began in smaller communities, in the original Mafia City Roleplay. Joshua has been apart of multiple communities, dedicating hundreds of hours towards In-Character and staff development. His strengths have always been in Staff Leadership and community momentum. Jorge Lead Administrator Jorge, like the rest of the team, is a long-time role player. Coming straight to you from 2009, Jorge has been apart of many roleplay communities and understands what it takes to have fun. Jorge is currently serving in the United States military, so it's likely as a community member you won't see much of him.
  12. Current status: Closed Alpha Feature Complete. Open BETA March 2021 Discord | Forums Welcome to the new standard Disclaimer - Using the inventory system from the open source gamemode - union Introduction 'CCRP' has been in silent development for nearly two years. Our vision: To provide the most realistic roleplay experience imaginable. We feel that hardcore roleplay hasnt made the jump to RageMP yet and we are now here to provide that experience and we have achieved that. We are introducting a new perspective and standard to roleplay that we now call "realistic roleplay" where every act you do will have an impact to your characters development. Description Aiming to introduce a completely new perspective and standard on realistic roleplay. A place where every word, every action, every murder and every arrest will directly affect the life of each and every single character surrounding each and every single situation. If that sounds a little extreme, that's ok, we know. CCRP will become the place where roleplayers go for hardcore character development and top-notch roleplay because our developers have laser focused their hard work and dedication into creating a roleplay environment that will be considered exceptionally close to real life. Actually... we built off the notion that it will be "uncomfortably" close to real life. That should leave little to the imagination for how serious we aim to take the realism factor here. Fear not though, discomfort was not what we were aiming for and anyone who takes the initiative to join our server will come to learn that as they interact with our friendly staff and hypercreative community members. This is going to be a community where roleplayers are happy to call themselves roleplayers, and uplift each other to create something everyone can enjoy at any given point or another. With our standard set as high as it could possibly be, we promise that our players will come to feel the excitement behind both the greatness and the ingloriousness of certain things like policing a city, being involved in criminal organizations or running a multimillion dollar company. From the moment you create a character and enter our world you will see the level of immersion our developers have envisioned and brought to life. Here are some key features that we are proud off: Interactive business system Our business system is linked to an in game database that keeps records of finances, salaries and profits that any CEO sets for their company. It has immersified a tax system that our government roleplayers and police roleplayers will completely rely on. It has also laid the foundation that can immersify our police and criminal roleplay at the same time, thanks to money laundering, tax evasion, fraud and other financial related crimes. In game internet We have developed a strictly in game internet, complete with apps to communicate, advertise businesses or publish media entirely in game. It's also a vital piece to our police and government's MDC system. This as well has laid the foundation for criminal, police, government and civilian roleplayers to eventually create internet scams, access private information of each character and access your own bank accounts. Realistic fighting & shooting We have removed the reticle that typically pops up when you aim a weapon. On top of that, we have implemented a recoil system that will make it significantly hard for people who shoot off a wildfire flurry of bullets. We truly put the words "spray and pray" in it's proper place. Fistfights do significantly less damage, for longer, more exciting and lengthy skirmishes and brawls. This should be lovely for barfights or gang initiations. Interactive medical roleplay With our fistfights and shootout system modified, we have created an interactive script for medical emergency roleplayers to properly examine and treat characters who were hurt in any melee or gunplay. From cuts, abrasions, lacerations, punctures and bruises, each and every single injury will be accounted for. We have a very in depth system wherein characters may actually fall unconscious where they can get up eventually, or wind up in critical, life threatening condition. On top of our medical roleplay, we've incorperated a character's will to live by giving players the option to die after being put in a critical state. Vehicle damage system No more are the days of wild goose chases where players can continuously lead police on drawn out, unrealistic pursuits around the city. No more smacking down light poles and driving perfectly through them. No more flying through the windshield and not paying dearly for it. In our server cars suffer long term damage, which can change the outcome of a number of situations. On top of that cars have components within them. Batteries, Starter motor, Engine block, Radiator and even down to tyre treads everything is traced to get cars to become more realistic then just a buy and drive. Make sure you park your car somewhere safe or someone could steal any part of those in our fully physicalised inventory system. Everything is physicalised Every object, weapon, bullet, magazine, item and car is physicalised. Police are able to open a their trunks and grab physical road cones to place in the road or grab some extra handcuffs. These are not spawned for nothing as every item will have a cost applied to it. So dont go stealing all of the LSPD cones or all of EMS medical supplies. They wont be happy. Dynamic Vehicle Inventories Every vehicle is different, meaning we wanted each vehicle to have a different trunk capacity. Our rule of thumb was the faster the vehicle the smaller the trunk. Each trunk is based off our "rows" inventory system meaning in a SultanRS you will get 4 rows of 10 columns compared to a Burrito van where you will get 20 rows of 10 columns to put and store items or bodies (if you can fit them). While we could go on and on these are just some of the features we have either revealed or have shown off during alpha to our selected community members. We now invite you and all of your friends to join us on discord and prepare yourselves for the most immersive realistic roleplay experience you could get in GTA V RageMP. Development Blogs More will come in time. The beginning (Lots of info) Los Santos Police Computer Los Santos MDC Player and Vehicle Inventories (coming next) Business (coming next) Medical (coming soon) Player owned dealership.
  13. DISCORD • WEB SİTEMİZ Merhaba, Uzun bir aradan sonra GTATurk RPG yeniden sizlerle. San Andreas Multiplayer ile gtaturk.com resmi sunucusu olarak roleplay serüvenine başlayıp daha sonra Reality Gaming ile birleşen sunucumuz, GTA 5'te RAGE Multiplayer ile geri dönüyor! Uzun bir zamandır en ince ayrıntısıyla planlanan ve sizlere eşsiz bir roleplay deneyimi yaşatacak olan sunucumuz, hazırlıklarını tamamlıyor. Bu dönemde hedeflerimizi, geçmişteki deneyimlerimizi göz önünde bulundurarak koyduk. Bunların başında kalıcı ve daimi bir sunucu anlayışı, şeffaf yönetim politikaları ve oyuncularla yüksek etkileşim ve iletişim metodları geliyor. Planlı ve programlı gitmenin de önemini göz ardı etmeden sistematik bir sunucu yönetimine şahit olacaksınız. Bu kararların katkısı olacağı diğer bir mecra ise yönetim. Ekipler ve birimler ile kurulan yönetim ekibimizde, oyuncularımız da görevler üstlenip, fikirlerini ve katkılarını sunucu yönetimine dahil etme şansı buluyor. Üzerinde uzun zaman harcayarak kodlanan oyun modumuzla, bugüne kadar eksikliğini hissettiğimiz detayları barındırmakla birlikte, yeni ve sürükleyici bir roleplay serüveni sunmayı hedefliyoruz. Rol çeşitliliğinin artırabilmesi için de çeşitli sistemsel özellikler ekledik. Örnek vermek gerekirse, sıradan bir balıkçılık mesleği detaylandırılarak bir balıkçı teknesindeki tayfanın macerasına dönüştürüldü. Belki de en merak edilen konu olan açılış için yazının başında bahsettiğimiz planlı ve sistematik ilerleme sayesinde tüm oyuncularımızla şeffaf bir şekilde paylaşıyor olacağız. Bu yazının yayınlanmasıyla birlikte web sitemiz ve Discord sunucumuz aktif olacaktır. Ardından sırasıyla, forum, kullanıcı paneli ve oyun açılışı gerçekleşmesi planlanıyor. Discord sunucumuzda, bununla ilgili duyuruları kolayca takip edebilir, hangi aşamada olduğumuzu ve önümüzdeki günlerde nelerin gerçekleşebileceğini kolayca öğrenebilirsiniz. Sıkı bir roleplay serüvenine hazır olun! Omertà Web Sitemiz: https://gtaturk-rpg.com/ Discord Sunucumuz: https://discord.gg/VDFd52g Hello there, this is a Turkish roleplay server advertisement. Due to the fact that there is no Turkish community forum at the moment, we have to post it here. The title describes that it is in Turkish. Hope you guys are safe & well. Thanks!
  14. https://gtahub.gg https://discord.gg/gtahub https://gtahub.gg/youtube DEVBLOG
  15. Liebe RageMP Community, wir wollen einen einzigartigen und innovativen GTA5 Roleplay Server erschaffen. Dadurch, dass uns das nötige Fachwissen fehlt, suchen wir einen Kommunikativen und freundlichen Entwickler, der uns beim Aufbau des Servers behilflich ist (Gegen Bezahlung😄). Was bieten wir - ein nettes und freundliches Team - ein kompetentes Team - Geistige Reife. -Teamfähigkeit -Belastbarkeit -Zusammenarbeit für eine Lange Zeit. Was du mitbringen solltest - Erfahrung im Bereich JS - Erfahrung mit MYSQL - Lust und Laune auf das Projekt Schlusswort Wir haben bereits ein Grundkonzept, wie der Server aussehen soll, falls ihr euch angesprochen gefühlt habt und Lust habt mit uns einen Server aufzubauen, dann keine Angst und schreibt uns an. Der Server würde von Grund auf Neu aufgebaut werden, das bedeutet: Der Name, die Struktur, Wie was ablaufen soll. Das heißt du als Teammitglied oder Entwickler des Teams, könnt zusammen mit uns entscheiden, wie der Server aussehen soll. Falls ihr Interesse habt, könnt ihr uns hier erreichen: Samy#7051 ARZRex4D#3905
  16. мой ник был vitalya gomez как его поменять хелп плз
  17. ACERCA DEL SERVIDOR HeatCity es una comunidad del modo de juego roleplay con una antigüedad de siete años. En todos estos años, se ha caracterizado por otorgar un servicio limpio, estable y con gran trabajo durante estos años. Actualmente la comunidad se ha mudado al mundo de GTA V y por lo mismo, hemos decidido abrir en RAGEMP.- ¿QUÉ OFRECEMOS? > Estabilidad. El equipo de programadores y encargados de seguridad te otorgaran una estabilidad buena del servidor en cuanto a sistemas y seguridad se refiera. - > Cuerpo administrativo competente. Como anteriormente se nombró, contamos con un equipo administrativo competente, el cual te otorgará la mejor experiencia posible en cuanto a responder tus dudas y guiarte dentro del servidor.- > Interés. En nuestra comunidad, nos preocupamos por los usuarios y por lo mismo, nunca verás que dejemos el interés en cualquiera de los usuarios que estén dentro o fuera del servidor, es decir, compartiendo estadía en cualquiera de nuestros servicios. - > Madurez y seriedad. Si algo caracteriza a nuestra comunidad, es la madurez, seriedad y responsabilidad que tenemos para afrontar nuevos desafíos. El equipo directivo de la misma, está listo para afrontar cualquier adversidad en el servidor y para poder otorgar la mayor responsabilidad cuando el servidor lo necesite.- > Gran nivel de rol. El cuerpo administrativo, está dispuesto a llevar al servidor a lo alto ejerciendo sanciones duras contra las personas que cometan faltas de rol y enseñando a los que necesiten aprender más. A su vez, impulsaremos el rol de cada usuario de la comunidad cada vez que el cuerpo administrativo lo crea conveniente.- ¿QUÉ BUSCAMOS? Actualmente la comunidad en RAGE está en crecimiento constante, por lo mismo estamos buscando personas interesadas en pertenecer al equipo de publicidad y testeo del servidor. Cualquier persona interesada, puede comunicarse con nosotros vía discord para ser entrevistada.- SERVICIOS ACTUALES. Discord: https://discord.gg/5myakbTvmK Web: en construcción.
  18. En LEYENDAS URBANAS, estamos trabajando permanentemente para lograr que tu experiencia en el juego sea lo más placentera posible! Una parte esencial para lograrla, era el paso de la versión 0.3.7 a la 1.1 con sincronización mejorada y realizando una optimización de los sistemas para proporcionar una mayor estabilidad y mejora en el rendimiento. Conseguido esto, te detallamos algunas de las acciones llevadas a cabo últimamente y de las que ya puedes disfrutar en el servidor: - Añadido nuevo tipo de negocio: Empresas de seguridad. - Nuevos menús para hacer mas amenas ciertas situaciones, como el pago de multas o depósito. También se retira el nombre de encima de la cabeza, sustituyéndolo por una ID. - Hemos añadido dos comandos para poder recordar nuestros mejores momentos, en un modo más “cinematográfico”. - Hemos añadido una animación al recoger objetos del suelo. - Sistema de radares. - Hemos añadido nuevas velocidades al sistema limitador de velocidad para facilitar el uso del mismo. - Piloto automático. - Nuevo sistema de heridas con posibilidad de consultarlas en cualquier momento. - Ahora las licencias son con la foto de nuestro personaje. - Añadido un modo de disparo a las armas, con posibilidad de modo automático, semiautomático, ráfagas y seguro. - Hemos incorporado nuevos peinados personalizables - Nuevos estilos al caminar para que elijas el que más se adapta a tu personaje. - Se implementa la galería de tiro con estadísticas para que puedas competir con tus amigos en los Ammu Nation de PillBox Hill y Cypress Flats. - Hemos añadido un nuevo mapeado en la Ruta 68! - Ahora podrás personalizar la visión de tu mapa, pudiendo definir los blips que puedan salir activos. ¡Adiós a los iconos innecesarios! Como puedes ver, estas son algunas de las implementaciones que hemos llevado a cabo últimamente en #LURP, para que tu jugabilidad en #GTAV, se vea mejorada. Nuestro equipo de programadores, continúa trabajando permanentemente para ofrecerte nuevas posibilidades en el juego! Si quieres estar al día de todas las novedades, también puedes seguirnos en nuestro canal de Discord o en alguna de nuestras redes sociales: - Instagram - Twitch - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube Te dejamos estas novedades, resumidas en un video de 1' 30"
  19. www.focus-rp.com discord.focus-rp.com A B O U T U S Focus Roleplay is server with 'old-school' text based gamemode and as such is first server of that type on Balkan continent. Our goal is to provide you an unforgettable roleplay experience. This project is led by a small group of very enthusiastic people who code from love and enjoy playing on roleplay server since 2009. Also, one of the our fundamental goal is that every new member of our community finds something for himself to enjoy and to grow as a roleplay player. Everyone is welcome! M E D I A INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK YOUTUBE O N E X - Y U
  20. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCORD İÇİN TIKLA! TÜRKİYE'NİN EN ORJİNAL VE EN KALİTELİ SİSTEMLERİYLE AKTİF - ANLIK 160/180 OYUNCU 2017'den bu yana, Türkiye'nin ilk ve en büyük GTA5 sunucusu! (( Since 2017, first and biggest Turkish community based on GTA5 and RageMP )) 2019 - Voice Role Play Rekoru 2020 - Text Role Play Rekoru ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Merhabalar, 2017 yılında kurmuş olduğumuz Seven Role Play sunucusu, Türkiye'nin ilk sunucusu olmasının yanı sıra, üç yıldır hiç kimsenin ulaşamadığı oyuncu rekoruyla (251) zirvedeki yerini koruyor. Tüm aksiliklere rağmen, piyasada edindiği konumu ve markalaşmış ismiyle sizlere hizmet vermeye devam ediyor. Bir çoğunuz geçmiş dönemlerden ismimizi duymuş, sunucuda yer almış olabilirsiniz. Fark edeceğiniz üzere hiç bir zaman ismimizden, kalıcı üst yönetim ekibimizden ve markamızdan vazgeçmedik. Çünkü 2017 yılından bu yana hiç bir zaman oyuncularımıza haksızlık yapılmasına izin vermedik veya kalp kırıcı davranışlarda bulunmadık. Bu yüzden ortada herhangi bir utanılacak durum olduğunu düşünmüyoruz. Geçmiş dönemlerde sunucumuzu iki kere askıya almamız gerekti. Bunun en büyük sebebi üst yönetim kadromuzun kişisel hayatlarında yaşanan iş & kişisel hayat yoğunluğu. Bu dönem projemize ayıracak daha uzun bir vakit elde ettik ve sizlere kalıcı olarak hizmet vermek adına kolları sıvadık. Artık daha güzel günler için önümüze bakmalı ve geleceğe odaklanmalıyız. Dilerseniz biraz yeni dönemden konuşalım! Bu dönem sizlere daha iyi hizmet verebilmek adına teknik kadro sayımızı üçe çıkarttık. Geçmiş dönem hizmetinizde olan Seven:v1 modumuzda geliştirmelere giderek, iyileştirmeler ve yeni sistemler üzerine yoğunlaştık. Bu dönem sizleri yeni sistemleri ve daha stabil oyun moduyla Seven:v2 bekliyor olacak. Sunucu modumuza ek olarak RageMP, 1.1 güncellemesiyle oyunu büyük ölçüde stabil ve senkron hale getirdi. Artık rol ve aksiyon keyfinizi doruklarda yaşıyor olacaksınız.Ayrıca teknik kadromuzun aktif hizmetini çok daha iyi hissedeceksiniz. Sunucu modumuz açılış sonrası aktif olarak güncellenmeye devam edecek ve daha fazla yenilikle karşınızda olacağız. Sunucu moduna dair detaylarıda forum aktifleştikten sonra inceleyebilirsiniz. Genel olarak, geride bıraktığımız 3 yılın ardından Seven Roleplay bu dönem sizlere kalıcı rol deneyimi sözüyle hizmetinizde olacak. 3 yıldır her zaman hedeflediğimiz "Tek çatı altında roleplay" dünyası için daha kaliteli ve düzenli bir sunucu ortamına hepiniz yeniden davetlisiniz. Çünkü bu zamana kadar sizlere piyasada alışılmış sıradan rollerin aksine, kaliteli bir rol ortamı sunmaya devam ediyor olacağız. Tüm yenilik ve duyurular için discord kanalımızın bildirimlerini açmayı unutmayın, harika bir geri dönüş için beklemede kalın. Her zaman, daha iyi plan ve hedeflerimizle burada yer alıyor olacağız. Geçmiş dönem Türkiye'de bir rekor kırmıştık, rekor üzerine rekor kırmaya ne dersiniz? Detaylar çok yakında sizlerle! # soon sevenrp # Discord Hk. Discord kanalımız için aşağıdaki "TIKLA" yazısına tıklayabilirsiniz. Kanal yakında aktifleştirilecek ve gereken detaylar, duyurular oradan size aktarılacaktır. Kanala katılarak bildirimlerinizi açık bırakabilir, son gelişmelerden haberdar olabilirsiniz. DISCORD KANALIMIZA KATILMAK İÇİN TIKLA Geçmiş döneme ait rollerden kesitler, (daha fazlası için kanal sahiplerine bakabilir veya "seven roleplay" olarak youtube'da aratabilirsiniz) ---------------------------- Those who don't understand, This is a Turkish roleplay server based on Rage:MP. We asked first on RageMP discord to make sure we can advertise our server in our own language since there is no Turkish section on forum. Thanks.
  21. Version 2.0


    Hello everybody. Some weeks ago i made a post on this forum's spanish section releasing my old gamemode, which I have been porting to RAGE:MP right after the bridge was released for the first time. In the beginning it was only in spanish, so I didn't thought it was a good idea to release to the whole community, as not so many people here speak spanish (I guess) but, after seeing that more people than I had expected downloaded it and also taking the suggestion George made me, I decided to start translating it and also, allowing to be multilanguage in a future. That above is the main reason I'm writing this post, I want to release here my gamemode (even if the link is already in this forum) so all the people using this excelent mod can just start their development with a base gamemode, instead of making it from the scratch. I have to say that it's not 100% ported and translated but I will be working on it in my spare time, meaning this won't be an abandoned project, it will have continuous support and development. Any suggestion for the gamemode, any question or any issue, you can contact me on the forum, sending a PM or posting here. One last thing I have to point out is that I know the gamemode is not documented but please, understand that I can't explain how all the systems inside work, as it's quite big. Anyway in a near future I will be adding some wiki or documentacion explaining briefly its contents and a guide to know the structure maybe.
  22. --- A WORLD OF ITS OWN! http://www.argonathrpg.eu/ - http://discord.io/argonathrpg - http://arpd.argonathrpg.com/ - http://www.fbi.argonathrpg.com/ - http://www.arfd.argonathrpg.com/forum/ - http://www.rockstarsclan.com/ RageMP: - SA:MP: - VC:MP: - IV:MP: -no IP required- WHO ARE WE EXACTLY? Argonath RPG has started in 2006 with a small server for MTA:SA. With multiple years of experience, Argonath RPG has become one of the best known Grand Theft Auto series roleplay community. With servers ranging from the streets of San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City, a new era has arrived: the streets of Los Santos. Argonath has opened its' very first Grand Theft Auto 5 light roleplay server on the 6th of April, 2019. Argonath is about having fun; new players are treated same as regulars and veterans. Want to roleplay? Go for it. Want to freeroam? Go as you like. The only limit is your own imagination! A stable playerbase has been growing ever since and we would like to invite you to join our adventure. Our server is still in development and multiple suggestions by players were already added. We offer you multiple high-end scripts, such as: - An instant-play experience; no additional downloaded content required, - A city foundation system; receive passports and driving licenses, - A first time tutorial (not required to play); showing you the ins and outs of all scripted jobs, - Multiple roleplay game chats; police radio, emergency radio, local chat, public chat (OOC), /pm and this all includes tab switching to set default chatmodes, - An inventory system; receive goods, money, cellphones, weed or items, use them or throw them away as you like, - Advanced GPS system; use your GPS to find your way in the city, - An advanced vehicle system; buy, maintain, fill up, fix and store your own vehicles and tune them how you like, - An advanced property system; Houses; store your clothes, items and money, Garages; store multiple vehicles and/or others' vehicles, Ammunation; buy and sell weapons that are legal by law, Gas Stations; provide oil to vehicles, Restaurants; sell food to other players for heal and receive money, Electronics stores; selling GPS, cellphone and a chatradio, Clothesshop; buy the skin that suits you, Dealerships; sell vehicles, planes, boats or bikes to other players, Wholesalers; make sure restaurants and other businesses can keep running with your help; you provide goods for them - Multiple scripted roleplay jobs; Police officer; prevent crime in the city and join the official LSPD faction / FBI on their forum or stay as a free officer, Fireman; be the saviour of the city and join multiple scripted missions including fires and explosions, Criminal; hide from the cops and receive a name in the black market that is full of drugs and criminal activity, Truck driver; deliver cargos through out the city and receive a fee from delivering them, Medic; roleplay as a medic and give first aid to citizens in need of help, Mechanic; fix, maintain, and fill up personal vehicles, Newspaper delivery; make sure citizens of Los Santos receive their newspapers before breakfast by driving around and delivering them, Fisher; catch fish on the ocean and sell them on the fish market. **More to come, development has just began!** IS THERE MORE? YES! - Contact with developers and managers is easy; suggest your own ideas and they could get implemented, - Become a member of the staff team; help the server grow and use your strenghts to help the players and the server reach new levels, - Create your own group / clan or join one; create your own gang, mafia, company or join one of the many official groups such as LSPD, LSFD or LS Government. JOIN OUR ADVENTURE Would you like to be a part of an mature, stable, friendly, creative and light roleplay community, join us on our forums at http://www.argonathrpg.eu/ or our RageMP server via and join our adventure in Los Santos. See you ingame!
  23. Focus Roleplay Balkan Roleplay Server Balkanski Roleplay Server coming soon Join us on Discord ! http://discord.gg/focusrp
  24. Moin Leute, Ich bin derzeit auf der Suche nach ein komplettes Team für die Entwicklung eines GTA V Servers bei RAGE:MP. Wer bin ich Überhaupt? Scipezz ( Projektleiter ) : Ich bin Kevin 21 Jahre alt und komme aus den Schönen Bayern. Ich spiele seit 3-4 Jahren GTA Roleplay und finde es einfach GENIAL! Mein "Traum" ist es schon immer mal gewesenen einen RageMP Server zuhaben und ein Großes Projekt zu starten. Bisher suchen wir Leute erstmal in den Bereichen: Scripter | Gesucht dringend Mapper | Gesucht Coder | Gesucht Designer | Gefunden Supporter | Gefunden Was man als Teammitglied unbedingt besitzen sollte: Alter Mindestens 16 Man Sollte sich gut verstehen und es soll natürlich auch Spaß machen! Headset sowie TS Pflicht Durchsetzungsvermögen Humor Was ich bisher bieten kann! Teamspeak ³V-ServerUnd einen RageMP Server! Die Server werde ich natürlich bezahlen! Fragen beantworte ich gerne per PM, bei Intresse sehr gerne mir schreiben. täglich erreichbar auch auf den TS³ Server: Clay-v.de Bitte beachtet es ist ein Spaß Projekt und wir suchen Leute die Wirkliche Interesse daran haben! Nun Wünsche ich euch Noch schöne tage und ein frohes neues Jahr ❤️
  25. Hey everyone, As per title - I'm looking for someone capable of working on RageMP Roleplay game mode. Not necessarily Full-Time, can assist Part-Time when available but preferably sharing some knowledge with the rest of the Team. We can discuss the cost of your service and time in advance, no fuss. Professional people, please contact if interested or request any further information.
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