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  1. Current status: Closed Alpha Feature Complete. Open BETA March 2021 Discord | Forums Welcome to the new standard Introduction 'CCRP' has been in silent development for nearly two years. Our vision: To provide the most realistic roleplay experience imaginable. We feel that hardcore roleplay hasnt made the jump to RageMP yet and we are now here to provide that experience and we have achieved that. We are introducting a new perspective and standard to roleplay that we now call "realistic roleplay" where every act you do will have an impact to your characters development.
  2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCORD İÇİN TIKLA! TÜRKİYE'NİN EN ORJİNAL VE EN KALİTELİ SİSTEMLERİYLE AKTİF - ANLIK 160/180 OYUNCU 2017'den bu yana, Türkiye'nin ilk ve en büyük GTA5 sunucusu! (( Since 2017, first and biggest Turkish community based on GTA5 and RageMP )) 2019 - Voice Role Play Rekoru 2020 - Text Role Play Rekoru ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Merhaba
  3. Description GTA World Roleplay is a server opened the 16th of October on Grand Theft Multiplayer, with very specific values and goals. After witnessing the fall of text roleplay communities from SAMP in the last years, where most of them became a dictature-like system with untouchable administrators and rigged with corruption. All administrators are players first: No administrators shall be more protected than any players nor disrespect a player. Transparency in any decision: The server management always inform the players before any decision and is completely transparent : fr
  4. Version 2.0


    Hello everybody. Some weeks ago i made a post on this forum's spanish section releasing my old gamemode, which I have been porting to RAGE:MP right after the bridge was released for the first time. In the beginning it was only in spanish, so I didn't thought it was a good idea to release to the whole community, as not so many people here speak spanish (I guess) but, after seeing that more people than I had expected downloaded it and also taking the suggestion George made me, I decided to start translating it and also, allowing to be multilanguage in a future. That above is the main reason
  5. Since our server is based around the Dutch language, this post shall continue in Dutch. Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay. De server is tot stand gekomen na ontevredenheid van beide oprichters over de huidige Nederlandstalige roleplay communities en servers op GTA 5. Azure's visie is gebaseerd op 3 hoofdpilaren die dienen als fundament voor alle ontwikkelingen en keuzes rondom de server. Pilaar I - Roleplay Voorop Op deze server staat roleplay altijd voo
  6. https://owlgaming.net/ Forums Discord IP: v.owlgaming.net:5000 About Us OwlGaming is a long term roleplay project with it's roots coming from Multi Theft Auto on GTA:SA. We have years of experience in running a GTA roleplay community all the way back to 2014. We are a transparent, open and friendly community and we hope to see many new faces from Rage giving our server a shot We've always been big on text roleplay, it's the only way to be truly immersed in your RP experience. The entire map is open for you to RP in with spawn points in LS and Paleto Bay! Fea
  7. --- A WORLD OF ITS OWN! http://www.argonathrpg.eu/ - http://discord.io/argonathrpg - http://arpd.argonathrpg.com/ - http://www.fbi.argonathrpg.com/ - http://www.arfd.argonathrpg.com/forum/ - http://www.rockstarsclan.com/ RageMP: - SA:MP: - VC:MP: - IV:MP: -no IP required- WHO ARE WE EXACTLY? Argonath RPG has started in 2006 with a small server for MTA:SA. With multiple years of experience, Argonath RPG has become one of the best known Grand Theft Auto
  8. DISCORD • WEB SİTEMİZ Merhaba, Uzun bir aradan sonra GTATurk RPG yeniden sizlerle. San Andreas Multiplayer ile gtaturk.com resmi sunucusu olarak roleplay serüvenine başlayıp daha sonra Reality Gaming ile birleşen sunucumuz, GTA 5'te RAGE Multiplayer ile geri dönüyor! Uzun bir zamandır en ince ayrıntısıyla planlanan ve sizlere eşsiz bir roleplay deneyimi yaşatacak olan sunucumuz, hazırlıklarını tamamlıyor. Bu dönemde hedeflerimizi, geçmişteki deneyimlerimizi göz önünde bulundurarak koyduk. Bunların başında kalıcı ve daimi bir sunucu anlayışı, şeffaf yönetim politikaları ve o
  9. Focus Roleplay Balkan Roleplay Server Balkanski Roleplay Server coming soon Join us on Discord ! http://discord.gg/focusrp
  10. Grand Theft Auto V: Underworld Roleplay https://discord.gg/WjBzVpc Our main goal is to provide a medium-level Roleplay environment while making sure there's enough action to go around. This means we're strict on the level of roleplay while still providing action through turfs, business robberies and runs of many kinds. No application needed! We know you want to jump into the server right away without having to wait days before you get accepted. That's why we have no applications. To still guarantee a decent level of RP, players will take a short quiz after creating the
  11. Moin Leute, Ich bin derzeit auf der Suche nach ein komplettes Team für die Entwicklung eines GTA V Servers bei RAGE:MP. Wer bin ich Überhaupt? Scipezz ( Projektleiter ) : Ich bin Kevin 21 Jahre alt und komme aus den Schönen Bayern. Ich spiele seit 3-4 Jahren GTA Roleplay und finde es einfach GENIAL! Mein "Traum" ist es schon immer mal gewesenen einen RageMP Server zuhaben und ein Großes Projekt zu starten. Bisher suchen wir Leute erstmal in den Bereichen: Scripter | Gesucht dringend Mapper | Gesucht Coder | Gesucht Designer
  12. Hey everyone, As per title - I'm looking for someone capable of working on RageMP Roleplay game mode. Not necessarily Full-Time, can assist Part-Time when available but preferably sharing some knowledge with the rest of the Team. We can discuss the cost of your service and time in advance, no fuss. Professional people, please contact if interested or request any further information.
  13. Hey guys, Our community has been in development for a while now, and we've shown some images on our forums, but I wanted to show some here as well. Some of the screenshots may be outdated, as I'm showing everything. Let's see how long I can keep this thread going to show how far we have come, and how far we will go. Every feature is a work in progress, enjoy.
  14. Sehr Geehrte RolePlay Community! Wir, Reaperlife.de suchen einige neue Spieler :)! Werde du ein Teil von Unserer Community! ReaperLife.de gibt es schon seit Mitte 2020 darmals hieß der server Victorious-Roleplay.de und Existierte seit anfang 2019. Wir sind neu auf RageMP da wir damals auf FiveM waren. Momentan sind wir in der Alpha doch Wechseln Voraussichtlich am 16.11.2020 Auf die Beta. Wie kann ich mich registrieren ? Du Registrierst dich auf : https://ucp.reaperlife.de/ Die Haupt Website : https://reaperlife.de/
  15. Welcome to Mafia City Roleplay, we are a community dedicated to bringing players a roleplay experience as never seen before. Our community is developed and ran by roleplayers who have dedicated a lot of time working towards a common goal: Immersion. We assembled Mafia City Roleplay with the idea of creating a community that is different from the rest, we hold the same core features of the majority of roleplay communities, however, we bring new light on features that are generally overlooked and thrown away. Within our thread, we will walk you through our goals, features, staff hierarchy,
  16. ¿Qué es OkPlayers? Comunidad hispanohablante fundada desde 2018 en antiguas plataformas de roleplay. El proyecto se lleva acabo con el objetivo de dar jugabilidad con sus diversos sistemas orientados a la modalidad de juego "roleplay", desarrollando un entorno de juego amigable y muy familiar a lo acostumbrado en dicha antigua plataforma, tratando de implementar y acoplarse a la nueva forma de rol. Llevamos desde inicios de Enero desarrollando el gamemode el cual fue terminada con éxito a mediados de noviembre, desde esa fecha llevábamos abiertos en modo "BETA ABIERTA" hasta ha
  17. Somos la primera comunidad hispanohablante de rol por voz en la plataforma Rage Multiplayer. Crea tu personaje, define tu historia y se tú el protagonista. Página web: LU-RP.ES Discord: Discord LU-RP #Trailer #Acceso al Servidor #Certificación #Manager #Primeros pasos
  18. Sehr Geehrte RolePlay Community! Wir, Reaperlife.de suchen einige neue Spieler :)! Werde du ein Teil von Unserer Community! ReaperLife.de gibt es schon seit Mitte 2020 darmals hieß der server Victorious-Roleplay.de und Existierte seit anfang 2019. Wir sind neu auf RageMP da wir damals auf FiveM waren. Momentan sind wir in der Alpha doch Wechseln Voraussichtlich am 16.11.2020 Auf die Beta. Wie kann ich mich registrieren ? Du Registrierst dich auf : https://ucp.reaperlife.de/ Die Haupt Website : https://reaperlife.de/
  19. Wir vom GhostLifeRP Team suchen Developer Ihr habt Lust und wollt mit uns zusammen ein Projekt von Null aufziehen, dann meldet euch bei uns. Unsere Ansprüche wären, dass du dich in C# und Javascript auskennst, HTML und Css wäre auch nicht schlecht. Sollte das auf dich zutreffen dann melde dich bei uns! LG GhostLifeRp Discord: Z3rak0n#2203 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tTBDB3P6Rm
  20. Adresse IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/xk4J5Eg Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpiI5rl3vsegLn49MX4DqQ/videos
  21. Adresse IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/xk4J5Eg Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpiI5rl3vsegLn49MX4DqQ/videos
  22. Erstmal Tagchen zusammen, ich erzähle einfach mal ein wenig zu OriginalRP. Der Server ist jetzt seit 3 Wochen in der Pre-Alpha und hat täglich mengen an Updates. Es gibt eine Ingame-Whitelist aus einfachen Fragen welche auf dem Regelwerk basieren. Unser Ziel ist es gutes RP aufzubauen, weshalb wir mehr Wert auf das RolePlay legen, als auf alles andere, natürlich kümmern wir uns auch in anderen bereichen um Probleme etc. Wir bitten viele Funktionen die das Spielen verbessern. Dazu gehören unter anderem folgende Möglichkeiten: - Viele wechselnde Drogen Routen - Farbliche S
  23. Greetings Ragers. Syndicate Roleplay,We are proud to present to you a server filled with activities. And more to come. Check replies for some of the activities 😉 Syndicate Roleplay was first started in 2019 with a guy i met IC forming a motorcycle club called Iron Pegasus. It then came to a complete stop around 8 months ago give or take. It then got fired back up around 2-3 months ago, and it has gone so fast compared to the first 6 months. The server is written mostly in c# and it is sad to see that 1.1 isnt stable yet as we now launch the server in 0.3.7. A 1.1 server is beei
  24. XCRON

    Easy Whitelist

    Version 1.0.0


    RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist This is a basic whitelist system for your server. Just place it in the packages folder & it works! Installation Just place the folder "easy-whitelist" in the packages folder. How to add users to the whitelist Go in the packages folder > then "easy-whitelist" > and edit the file account.json There you have to add the SocialClub ID. Restart Server & its done. Github: https://github.com/XCRON-DEV/RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist For questions or help DM me here.
  25. Wer sind wir? Live Your 5 ist ein deutscher GTA V Roleplay Hardcore Roleplay Server. Wir arbeiten an individuellen Systemen die nicht nur schön Aussehen sollen sondern auch besondere Funktionen bzw einfacher sein sollen von der Handhabung. Wir möchten gerne Anfängern im Roleplay die Möglichkeit geben, sich bei uns einzugliedern. Deshalb ist unsere Whitelist nicht wirklich schwer. Unser Ziel ist es eine starke Community zusammenzubringen, und mit ihnen ein faires, sauberes und realitätsnahes Roleplay aufzubauen. Und das beste zum Schluss: Wir bieten
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