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  1. Bună! Suntem ECHIPA Nexus RP și căutăm parteneri care pot colabora cu noi pentru a localiza proiectul nostru în orice țară din UE și pentru a lansa împreună un proiect frumos pentru oameni buni. Chiar în acest topic vă vom spune următoarele lucruri: ⦁ Cine suntem, ce suntem, care sunt avantajele noastre și care credem că vor fi pe placul oamenilor. ⦁ Povestea noastră pe scurt. ⦁ Planul nostru: ce așteptăm de la tine și ce ai putea aștepta de la noi. ⦁ Contactele noastre. 1. Ce este Nexus RP? Nexus RP - este un server Rage MP orientat spre o experiență medie de joc de rol. Misiunea noastră a fost de a crea o Interfață Prietenoasă cu Utilizatorul, care este foarte intuitivă și plăcută ochiului. Această caracteristică va economisi timpul jucătorului - oamenii pot petrece mai mult timp pentru procesele de joc de rol și doar pentru a se juca și a se distra, pe Nexus RP nu trebuie să îți pierzi timpul pentru a înțelege cum funcționează acest server: îl vei înțelege imediat intuitiv. 2. Povestea noastră pe scurt Dezvoltarea a început în noiembrie 2020. Echipele noastre au sediul în Ucraina și Belarus. În toată această perioadă ne-am îndreptat către publicul nostru local (UA, BY, RU etc...). Am avut un proiect ucrainean de succes, care este activ chiar acum, și te poți alătura și încerca, dacă dorești, să vezi modul nostru. Promo YouTube: https://youtu.be/c4FrL80KJ3M Discord-ul nostru: https://discord.gg/nexus-rp-ua 3. Ce așteptăm de la tine și ce ai putea aștepta de la noi. Avem nevoie de o persoană care să poată gestiona proiectul, să gestioneze lucrurile de administrare și să rămână în contact cu comunitatea de joc și să fie un mediator între jucători și echipa de dezvoltare. Din partea noastră oferim toată partea tehnică, astfel încât să nu ai nevoie de cunoștințe specifice. De asemenea, avem o mare experiență în gestionarea echipei de administrare, în publicitate în sfera GTA 5 Role Play. Deci, singurele 2 lucruri de care ai nevoie este să lucrezi cu noi și un nivel mare de responsabilitate. 4. Contacte ⦁ Telegram: https://t.me/horosho_vova ⦁ Email #1: [email protected] ⦁ Email #2: [email protected]
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is my attempt at creating my own roleplay gamemode from scratch utilizing frameworks such as Entity Framework and build tools in Visual Studio to ease development. The project is written in C# server-side and JavaScript client-side. At the current state the following is implemented: Account system with CEF login screen Dynamic animation system with proper player positioning Character system that allows for as many characters as you wish linked to an account Advanced inventory & item system with item bases saved in the database Inventory menu using CEF Database system utilizing Entity Framework for ORM querying Clothing customizer using CEF Vehicle tuning using CEF System for interacting with any object in the gameworld Interactionwheel to interact with objects and perform actions Binding server-side actions to keystrokes from clients Playable roulette with multiple players and more ... I originally began development in 2021 and abandoned the project again due to time constraints. So do not expect more updates to be released. Also note that some references to SVG (specifically for item icons) files will be null pointers as the files are removed. This is due to copyright, even though they are free for commercial use I've removed them and you'll have to include your own. The setup in Visual Studio abstracts away some of the tedious tasks, such as moving client files written in JavaScript into the server folder everytime you wish to test something. This is achieved using post build commands inside Visual Studio to copy the files into wherever you have your server folder located. For the .DLL Visual Studio will output it to your server folder as well. You will need to edit the paths for your projects, but more on that in Getting Started. I suggest heading to the GitHub repository and read the README for help on setting up your environment. There are a few steps but most is automated using Visual Studio commands and Entity Framework for the database. Here is the GitHub link https://github.com/Andreas1331/ragemp-roleplay You are free to use the project as you see fit.
  3. Welcome to Grand Theft Britain Join our Discord by going to the website below Grand Theft Britian (gtbrp.com) Open Beta Coming Soon Server Opens February Current Features Custom Interiors GTA Vehicles made into British Police Cars Organisations, Businesses & Houses Families Car Dealerships Drug System Inventory System Banks Vehicle System and much more! If you know anyone who could help us create models or would like to join in the community and lend a hand, please ask them to add MikeMike1997#3918 on Discord. We are doing as much as we can but we have limited resource. What makes us different from other Roleplay Servers? We are creating all textures in house, we are also a British Roleplay Server meaning that the actual assets in the game are made to look like Britain for example Royal Mail, BBC & Tesco's. We are still building this and will continue to when the server opens. Here are some images of what have already been done As you can see above, this is our fully custom made Royal Mail Offices (No employees there as they're all striking.) We are creating new assets every day as we get nearer to the release date of the server. For example Hope to see you in the Discord soon! Thanks Grand Theft Britain Team
  4. À VENIR ... https://discord.gg/wdbSh7DkbA
  5. Description GTA World Roleplay is a server opened the 16th of October on Grand Theft Multiplayer, with very specific values and goals. After witnessing the fall of text roleplay communities from SAMP in the last years, where most of them became a dictature-like system with untouchable administrators and rigged with corruption. All administrators are players first: No administrators shall be more protected than any players nor disrespect a player. Transparency in any decision: The server management always inform the players before any decision and is completely transparent : from financial subjects to roleplay ones. A strict roleplay environment: We aim to be extremely strict on roleplay, as we will probably be the last english text roleplay server remaining. Does this mean we're the perfect server thanks to these values? No, we're not the perfect server and I believe that every servers has its matching community. We also make mistakes, but we will always recognize it and work harder to fix what we could have made wrong. As a player, you are able to criticize and we welcome it as soon as the goal is to bring solutions and improve the server quality. Being strict also mean taking rough decision, as closing entire factions when needed in order to keep the server roleplay standards high. This is important that this point is not hidden so you do know what you are stepping into, however our Faction Management team is here to guide & help you. Features description In GTA World, compared to the current hype of using CEF only features, we adapt to our targeted community which loves text commands. But we also like to adapt to new roleplayers, so we offer text commands for each actions, hotkeys, menus and CEF! You have the full choice of what you wish to use. Scripted Jobs We offer hundreds of jobs for you to roleplay, however we strongly recommend working for a company or a player: Store cashier Phone vendor Alcohol vendor Lawyer Government worker Police officer Fireman Trucker Farmer Metallurgist Mechanic Taxi driver Car thief Strict & realistic police department Journalist Fishing Coroners Sheriff County jail guard Brewers Business system You are able to use, lease or become the owner of the following business: Airsoft 24/7 Ammunation Cinema Barbershop Clothing Store Plastic Surgery Clinic Tattoo Parlor Gas Station Mask Shop Electronic Shop Factory Garage / Chop Shop Restaurant Bar Night club Warehouse Phone shop Liquor store Pawnshops We like to offer our players a wide variety of business they can own and use, and our Property Management team offer a list of 50+ business for lease which you can apply for based on your roleplay project: no need for grinding to get them! Property system More than 5000 houses are available for players to own, with a garage system linked to your house and more than 300 interiors to choose from! Our furniture system allows you to completely create your own interior from A to Z, but you can also decide to use a premade interior and make some minor changes, and exterior furnishing! You can also import your own mapping from Menyoo or other editors, and map the outside world for your business! Basic Income : No more grinding! On GTAW, we do not believe in grinding. While some servers think that forcing players to grind for hundred of hours will help them keep the players busy, on GTAW we do our best to avoid you from grinding: Every character starts with a $5000 paycheck per hour up to 40 hours, which are $200,000 available for you to buy a decent car and house. This amount is enough for most players to start roleplay the story they want without having to worry about grinding! ... And way more features! Cats & Dogs Police K9 Custom shops Forensic & shell casings County jail Permanent corpses Blackjack Poker Faction system XM Radio with your own radio station Social styles : customize your walk style, mood... Vehicle modding Most advanced furniture system Easy to use customization system: save up to 20 outfits, change them completely in a minute! Weed farming Speed radars Forensics Multiple phones system House robberies Safes Airsoft Vehicle hotwiring & lockpicking Facebook like system with Facebrowser Emergency advanced CEF MDC system No pay 2 win shops, no vehicles, no weapons and no cash for donators. Join 150,000 players today, with more than 600 players connected at peak time! https://gta.world/ https://discord.gg/C8SHAnW (strongly recommended)
  6. https://gtahub.gg https://discord.gg/gtahub https://gtahub.gg/youtube DEVBLOG
  7. Herzlich Willkommen zu Generation-RolePlay Generation-RolePlay ist der Anlaufpunkt für Anfänger sowie erfahrene Rollenspiel-Spieler. Unser Professioneller und realitätsnaher Server läuft derzeit auf RageMP. Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht der Wünsche unserer Spieler gerecht zu werden. Folge dessen ein Überblick über unsere Aktuellen Funktionen: • Erstelle deinen Charakter individuell • Multi-Charaktere (weitere Charaktere müssen genehmigt werden) • Charakter-Auswahl • Verschiedene Banken sowie ATMs (Maze Bank, Fleeca Bank, Pacific Bank, Blaine Bank) • Verschiedene Kleidungsläden (Vom normalen Textil-Discounter bis hin zur eleganten Abendgarderobe) • Fraktionen • Gangs • Garagen-System • Interaktion mit Spielern • Interaktionsmenü • Fahrzeugmenü • Spielermenü (eigene Tastaturbelegung, Einstellungen, etc) • Eine Riesenauswahl an Animationen • Inventar-System (Kleidung anziehen, Gegenstände herstellen, etc) • 24/7 Shops • Mobiltelefon (Fraktions-Apps, Telefonieren, Internetbrowser, GPS, Social-Network, Dating-App, etc.) • Kasino-System • Farming-System (Äpfel, Orangen, Kartoffeln, etc) • Job-System (Gärtner, Bauarbeiter, Busfahrer, Postbote, etc.) • Steuern (Jeder Bürger muss Steuern an den Staat zahlen) • Quest’s für Anfänger • Fraktionscomputer • Immobiliensystem • Lager-System • Tankstellen-System • Business-System (Kaufe dein eigenes Business. Egal ob dein eigener Friseur, deine Tankstelle oder dein 24/7 Store) • Lizenzierungssystem (Lizenzen müssen bei der jeweils zuständigen Person beantragt werden) • Fahrzeughändler • Fischerei-System • Bars & Diskotheken • SaltyChat Voice-Plugin Und vieles mehr… Wir hoffen, wir haben deine Aufmerksamkeit erreicht, und würden dich sehr gerne bei uns begrüßen. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Das Team von Generation-RolePlay Social-Networks: Website: https://generation-roleplay.de/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@generationroleplay Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenerationGTARP Discord: https://discord.gg/KznJu7c2Cn Wenn ihr Fragen bzgl. des Servers o. Ä. habt, fragt gerne oder tretet unserem Discord bei.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is the full gamemode & source code for the OwlGaming Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay server for RAGE:MP. Features include, but are not limited to: Account system, character creation, factions, gang tagging, vehicle systems, casino games, realistic inventory system, weapons systems, drugs systems, and much more! You can find the gamemode on GitHub
  9. Link-uri utile Discord : https://discord.grown.ro/ Web Panel : https://roleplay.grown.ro/ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxyvQoyHBCeAyrEGuMOqAQ IP : rp.grown.ro:22005 Va asteptam pe discord!
  10. Since our server is based around the Dutch language, this post shall continue in Dutch. Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay. De server is tot stand gekomen na ontevredenheid van beide oprichters over de huidige Nederlandstalige roleplay communities en servers op GTA 5. Azure's visie is gebaseerd op 3 hoofdpilaren die dienen als fundament voor alle ontwikkelingen en keuzes rondom de server. Pilaar I - Roleplay Voorop Op deze server staat roleplay altijd voorop. De focus ligt hier voornamelijk op high-end storydriven scenario's. Dit houdt in dat de voorkeur altijd uit gaat naar originele en creatieve roleplay die memorabel is voor alle spelers. Het eindeloos grinden wordt hier niet gepromoot en Azure's staff doet hun best om roleplay ook zo veel mogelijk te belonen op een gepaste manier. Hopelijk resulteert dit in meer focus op kwalitatieve roleplay dan kwantitatief grinden voor geld. Gaandeweg zal het server management ook initiatieven opzetten om deze pilaar nog meer te stimuleren. Pilaar II - Toxic Nultolerantie Als iets niet getolereerd wordt op Azure Roleplay is het toxic gedrag of "trolling". Negativiteit is iets wat hier niet gewaardeerd wordt en zal dan ook hard en direct aangepakt worden. De staff staat altijd open voor volwassen en constructieve discussies, maar spelers met een bekrompen mindset kunnen betere een andere community zoeken. Azure's einddoel is om een aangename omgeving te creëren voor al haar spelers, waar men met plezier kan spelen. Pilaar III - Stabiel Server Beheer Als er iets funest is voor spelers van een grote en actieve community, is het abrupt sluiten ervan. Azure Roleplay is dan ook gebouwd op een stabiel server beheer wat elkaar al langer dan 15 jaar in het echt kent. Er zal professioneel en betrouwbaar gehandeld worden in alle situaties. Zo willen wij waarborgen dat niemand zijn of haar dierbare karakters en assets verliest om wat voor een reden dan ook. Azure Roleplay streeft ernaar om anders dan andere GTA V roleplay servers te zijn. Wij hopen dit met deze server features te verwezenlijken. Uniek Script Framework Het Azure Roleplay script is een uniek framework wat in zijn geheel is bedacht en ontwikkeld door het development team. Op de server vind je bekende features en concepten uit de GTA V roleplay wereld, maar ook vernieuwende ideeën en systemen. Wij draaien dus niet op een standaard-framework of dergelijken. Dit is een authentieke server, zoals geen ander. GTA Storyworld De Grand Theft Auto storyworld is in-game overal om je heen te zien en te beleven. Daarom omarmen wij bij Azure Roleplay deze ook in ons doen en laten. Zo werk je bij ons op de server ook niet bij het Nederlandse politiekorps, maar bij de Los Santos Police Department (LSPD). Ook heet de stad gewoon Los Santos en worden merknamen gehanteerd zoals gevestigd in de GTA games zelf. Dit houdt de roleplay duidelijk en strak qua communicatie. Hiermee hopen wij meer immersie te creëren voor alle spelers. Organization System Het "organization system" bij Azure Roleplay is een systeem wat aangeboden wordt aan spelers die van plan zijn om een eigen organisatie te starten in het legale of illegale circuit. Via dit systeem kan het Azure staff-team initiatieven ondersteunen en motiveren. Zo wordt creatieve roleplay nog meer gestimuleerd en hopen wij dat spelers hun eigen plannen zo volledig mogelijk kunnen waarmaken. Om Azure Roleplay te joinen raden wij jou aan om jezelf toe te voegen aan onze Discord via http://discord.gg/Cbz9nfa. Hierop vind je alle benodigde informatie over het registreren, ons whitelist proces en de meeste recente informatie over de server. Let wel, deze server staat nog in haar kinderschoenen en zal de komende maanden hard haar best doen om te groeien qua community zowel als script. Dit doen wij graag samen met jullie, als spelers, en input is dan ook zeer welkom!
  11. Welcome to EternalRage - a new English community focused around mid-level Roleplay. EternalRage is a place for those new to Roleplay, and those experienced alike. The community is owned, and run by experienced developers and roleplayers who have a focus of creating a fair, unbiased community in which players can not only enjoy the scripts on offer, but also improve their Roleplay. EternalRage was born from the lack of a community with a fair, unbiased staff team - but also a community that wasn't “pay to win”, or overrun with Poor RP Quality. A lack of time spent actively developing servers, and no new upcoming servers, lead the creators of EternalRage to open their own community. With over 18 months of development on a scalable and efficient framework that allows us to rapidly introduce new content, the time is right to join! Script Jobs - EternalRage started with 8 Script jobs for civilians to undertake. These jobs are fully fleshed out with animations and uniforms with multiple steps to keep them as enjoyable as possible for as long as possible. Fisherman: Players can become a Fisherman at multiple Pier locations around the city, each with their own species of fish! Or a Fisherman on a boat - bring your friends and you can all fish together for the larger fish like Tuna. Why not try out Illegal poaching of turtles? Courier: Players can become a Courier, delivering packages for three different companies to houses around the map. Deliver for YouTool, GoPostal, or PostOp and be sent to Chumash, Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, and Los Santos. Trucker: Want some time to yourself? Turn on your radio and listen to some tunes as you deliver inventory and help restock player-owned stores around the map. The Trucker job is for those who enjoy a solitary lifestyle that keeps the city moving. Money Transporter: Can you be trusted with thousands of dollars in cash? Then this job is for you. The ATMs need restocking, lots of players use them after all! Being a Money Transporter requires driving the Bank Truck from the Union Depository to ATMs around the city, grabbing the bag of cash from your truck, and depositing it into the ATM for other citizens to withdraw. Vineyard: Fancy spending your time up in the grape growing vineyard? This job involves travelling around the rows of grapes and picking them on your ATV. Take the grapes back to the drop-off point to get paid! Garbage Collector: Collecting Garbage is a dirty job, and is well paid! Complete with full animations and props it’s one of the most immersive script jobs on EternalRage! Just don’t forget to bring gloves... Fast Food Delivery: Zoom from customer to customer, delivering meals from your favourite restaurants in custom food delivery cars! You want a Pizza This? Bus Driver: Safely drive around the city from stop to stop dropping off passengers and picking up new ones. Each bus route has a unique coloured bus so you’re instantly recognisable! As a bus driver you’ll be visiting locations all over the city including Vinewood and Mirror Park! Gangs & Companies - Any player is able to create a Gang (illegal grouping of players), or a Company (legal grouping of players). Companies allow players to purchase script businesses, and houses to rent out, while Gang’s allow players to purchase Houses to use to store drugs, and warehouses. There is an in depth system for upgrading a Group to have more vault storage space for money, more members, and more group vehicles. Group vehicles can be shared by any member of the group with permissions. The permissions system allows you to create any number of roles for the members of your groups, and members can have multiple roles! Each role has its own permissions to allow or deny Group members from different aspects of the game. Group vehicles can be parked in the Parking Lots, and taken out by anyone with vehicle access! Businesses - Companies are able to purchase a number of different business types; Car Dealerships, Boat Dealerships, Nightclubs, General Stores, Gas Stations, Clothing Stores and Weapon Stores. Businesses have an in depth stock system, in which ordering stock means you have to wait for a Player doing the Trucker job to deliver your stock! Drugs - Drugs are one of the main aspects of criminal life, from making them, to selling them. EternalRage has a drug system based around 5 drugs; Meth, Heroin, Weed, LSD and Cocaine. Each drug has its own multi-item recipe and lab location to process it. These locations are hidden on the map until you find them! Drug labs can be shut down by the Police if found for a period of time, making them unusable to criminals. Drugs are sold to the numerous Drug Dealers around San Andreas - if you can find them! With each sale, your reputation with the dealer increases, and he’ll start to offer you weapons untraceable by the police… perfect for committing crime! Will you share the labs, or control them with your Gang? Furniture - EternalRage has a very in depth furniture customisation system that allows you to place furniture inside, and around your house. Almost all furniture items are usable! From couches that you can sit on with friends, to beds that you can… perform activities in with other people… Set up an area in your garden for a party - or redecorate your house exactly how you want it. Wardrobes and Drawers have inventory space, so you can store items in your furniture - put all your clothes into a wardrobe and you’ll be able to quick-change to any of your stored outfits, as long as you have the clothing! Police - With one of the most experienced Police forces in GTA Roleplay, you’ll be in safe hands. Detectives are able to track down criminals, observe them, and make the arrests. Patrol Officers are able to find illegally parked vehicles, send them to the impound, or get into chases with criminals! With a fleet of fully custom Police vehicles from the Ubermacht Police Rebla GTS, to the Ocelot Police Jugular, you’re spoiled for choice! EMS - Don’t fancy chasing criminals, but want to make a difference? EMS has you covered. With a hospital bed system, and full tracking of Medical Records, you can keep up to date on your patients and their needs, see their medical history, and take your roleplay to the next level. EMS have numerous divisions - from the Air Division, to specialist rescue division for those high speed vehicle extractions where a patient’s life hangs in the balance! Corrections - Keeping an eye on criminals and rehabilitating them is a hard job, suited for those who can keep cool under pressure. Corrections officers are tasked with keeping the prisoners in a routine - make sure they do their jobs, earn their commissary tokens, and don’t cause any trouble. But watch out, criminals have access to stashes that store inventories, so prisoners can stockpile materials and even craft weapons… Do you have what it takes? Multiple Character Slots - All players start out with 2 character slots, allowing you to undertake entirely different paths in your roleplay! You can donate to the community to gain up to a total of 5 Character Slots if you like! Economy - EternalRage prides itself on a fair, balanced economy. While you might earn a thousand dollars an hour, it doesn’t cost the Earth to buy basic necessities - in fact there’s even a Universal Basic Income system in which EVERYONE gets money every hour! No more will you have to grind endlessly just to afford food. With easily achievable vehicle pricing, you can be rolling around in no time - just don’t be surprised when you have to put in a little effort to buy a sports car! The economy is closely monitored, and tweaked on an ongoing basis from hundreds of thousands of economy logs, allowing us to plot graphs for all aspects of the economy. Voice & Radio System - Text RP is great, but it’s not for everyone. EternalRage uses RageMP’s built-in 3D voice for local voice, and a custom Radio implementation that allows unlimited players to join any of the 10,000 Radio Channels! Government Factions have their own encrypted frequencies that can only be joined while on Duty. Duty System - Your duty time is stored across server restarts and log outs, so you can finish off where you were immediately upon logging in. When you go off duty, you’re paid for exactly the amount of time you’re on duty - no need to wait around to hit an hourly payout! Parking Lots - Don’t want your car to be stolen by a reprobate with a lockpick? Park it in a parking lot! Parking lots are placed around the city, and despawn your vehicle until you’re ready to take it out again. Chopshops - Chopshops spawn every night all over the city, allowing you to steal vehicles and chop them for some easy cash - but be careful, vehicles have trackers. Take the wrong person’s vehicle, and you might get a little more than you bargained for! Accessibility - Customisable keybinds, even mouse binds, that you can use to make everything on the server easier from interactions with objectives to voice. EternalRage’s UI has also been translated (at least partially) into 28 Languages! We have open translator applications, and all translations are quality checked! Even though Text RP and Voice RP are only in English, it’s easier to use the UI in your native language. And so much more! We couldn’t possibly list EVERYTHING we have on the server, as this thread would be 4x as long. We regularly have Content Updates to fix bugs, and add new features. We’re active in communicating with the community, and taking their suggestions - we’ll even let you know when your suggestion is implemented! We have monthly community meetings in Discord, allowing us to give updates to the community with what we’re working on currently, and to easily get feedback and answer questions! RAGE:MP - Make sure that you have rage:mp downloaded, then open the server list and find ⭐ EternalRage.net | discord.gg/EternalRage | TEXT & VOICE RP ⭐, then click the connect button. Direct Connect - You can also connect to the server using direct connect by entering play.eternalrage.net:22005
  12. Lunar City Roleplay Website | Discord Game Server IP play.lunarcityrp.com Lunar City Roleplay is a skill-based economy roleplay server. We have been in development for almost a year now and we are finally ready for a public alpha test. The purpose of this alpha test is to see how the server will run with multiple players, figure out cash and XP rates, and iron out any remaining bugs. The main game design pillars of this server are meaningful progression and enjoyable game mechanics. Meaningful progression includes leveling up skills, unlocking permanent upgrades around the map, and in the future upgrading your properties. In some servers, game mechanics are very tedious and annoying just for the sake of realism. Game mechanics in this server are designed to be more simplistic and fun than hyperrealistic. Check out some of our jobs below to get an example of what they're like. Keep in mind that a lot of the jobs are using alpha testing values meaning they use arbitrary values for payments, timing, expenses, etc. A system having a certain value now does not imply it will have that same value when the server is released. For example, a haircut costs $900 does not mean it will cost $900 or even be close to that price on server release. Jobs Car Transporter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIIrXhw-_gU) Car Transporting can be a challenging way to earn money. You will be required to deliver a car to a Vehicle Rental area within a certain amount of time. Leveling up your Vehiculary skill will unlock more routes and challenges. Exterminator (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUu86tk_Xcs) Citizens around the city are sick of wildlife ruining their lives and want you to help take care of them. Visit an exterminator to get a mission and help deal with the wildlife problem. You will be assigned to a target location where you will have to kill an animal. We are planning to expand this by adding many types of animals and also making it so the player has to kill them in a certain way (with their fists, by shooting, running them over, etc.) and even having some animals attack back. We also really like the idea of having a boss fight that can be assigned sometimes. Fishing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzc01Y6e5YE) Fishing is a relaxing way to earn money and meet new people at the pier. Simply buy a fishing pole from the close by fishing store and start earning money at the pier. Catching fish will also level up your fishing skill, unlocking new fish that sell for even more! We are planning to add a crafting system in the future that will also allow you to create fishing poles based on your fishing skill level. Garbage Collector (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo_fUg5cl0Y) Go around the city collecting garbage to drop off back at the garbage factory. This job is perfect for people new to the city. Completing garbage routes will level up your Vehiculary skill. At a certain Vehiculary level you will be able to do co-op garbage routes with a friend. Trucker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m01vy7AOyi8) The trucking job is perfect for players that want to earn money from long relaxed drives. Doing this job will also level up your Vehiculary skill which will unlock better trucking routes. In the future, you will be able to buy a truck to upgrade and use for this job. Woodcutting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFOFLEliVWs) Head up to remote areas to cut down trees and collect valuable logs. Start by cutting regular trees that are found in the Lumberjack factory area. As you level your Woodcutting skill you will be able to cut better trees and equip better axes. Criminal Jobs Pimping (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j0Hr6zuCW8) Look out for workers standing by the roads as there's tons of money to be made from pimping. Drive them around to their work location and wait for them to get all your money. Whenever your worker is done with their task and they hand over their money, there is a chance they will take a break from their job and not continue working. You will then have to go find another one to keep doing this job. Store Robbery (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqzYu3D48Ok) Robbing stores is a quick way to earn cash but beware as cops can be alerted by the store clerk or by a silent alarm. Multiple people can join in on the robbery and the cash is split amongst them. We also like the idea of having a vault in the back that you can lockpick for a stealthier approach. Weed Sales (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0cOtFvcHYk) Purchase a weed seed and plant it in your house to grow a weed plant. After some time you will be able to harvest it and sell your goods in certain areas around the map. Other Drugs All new drugs will have a unique system and ways of selling when they are added in future updates. For cocaine, we plan on having a drug lab where you can make cocaine from base materials. Then you will have to sell the cocaine to NPCs around the city. For meth, we love the idea of having a separate map area where you go to sell. In this area, there will be hostile NPCs that attack and chase you as you try to make your sales, so you better go with a weapon and be prepared! Shops Car Shop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeygM0LKqgQ) Allows you to purchase a permanent vehicle. If you lose this car you can always recover it from your insurance. Hovering over a car in the shop will let you preview what it looks like before you purchase it. After buying a car it will appear on the lot outside the dealership. As a car owner, you will always be able to lock and unlock your car, even if it has no lock that you added to it. If you want other people to control your locks as well then head over to the hardware store to purchase a lock. Car Mod Shop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EwUDyhXaQU) The Car Mod shop allows you to repair and make a whole variety of modifications to your car. As you select a new modification you can instantly see a preview of what it looks like on your vehicle Clothing Shop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YREYNUtucnw) The clothing shop offers a variety of different styles to choose from. Hovering over a clothing item in the store or your cart will allow you to preview what it looks like on your person. There will also be clothing shops for accessories such as hats, glasses, watches, and earrings. In the future, we plan on adding high-end clothing stores that will sell professional clothing and jewelry stores for necklaces. Gun Shop (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emGVaswU4gk) The gun shop is a simple store that sells supplies, weapons, and equipment. To purchase a gun you will need a gun permit. You can purchase a gun permit application and submit it at the town hall. There is also a 1 gun per 23 hours purchase limit for any type of gun. Some job tools can also be sold here such as a hatchet. Salon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLy-ZV9M-rY) If you get tired of your style head over to the salon to switch it up. Here you will be able to edit cosmetic options such as makeup, lipstick, and hair. If you want to edit your face or body give the plastic surgeon a visit at the hospital. Other Notable Features Casino Blackjack (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-X-j6sDthw) If you're feeling lucky try your chances at the casino blackjack tables. You must purchase the casino chips from the casino store and then you will be able to join a blackjack table. We plan on allowing people to be able to place blackjack tables in their properties and play with friends. House Object Editor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpgj05Wh11U) Place functional objects or furniture around your house to decorate. You are also able to edit objects that are already placed down. Some objects such as storage boxes will not allow you to move or rotate them in certain ways. This is to prevent people from hiding important objects under their houses, inside of walls, etc. Switch Characters (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCBU2oA7MTQ) Some players enjoy having and playing as multiple characters so we added a character switching system. We have the switch character timer set to 1 second only for the alpha test. The timer will be changed to 30 seconds later on. Switching characters can also be a handy way to soft reload things without having to restart your entire game.
  13. As the title says, i am looking for a programmer or several, interested in forming a roleplaying server on the plataform. The main idea is basic, get to the top of the roleplay in RAGE:MP. The main benefit for the English programmer who wants to contribute their knowledge would be basically monetary, obtaining a percentage of the server's profits and in any case another benefit within the game. If you are interested in being part of the project and knowing more guidelines, conditions and benefits (monetary or not) i await your message by private message or by discord (LukTienneHD#5621)
  14. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCORD İÇİN TIKLA! TÜRKİYE'NİN EN ORJİNAL VE EN KALİTELİ SİSTEMLERİYLE AKTİF - ANLIK 160/180 OYUNCU 2017'den bu yana, Türkiye'nin ilk ve en büyük GTA5 sunucusu! (( Since 2017, first and biggest Turkish community based on GTA5 and RageMP )) 2019 - Voice Role Play Rekoru 2020 - Text Role Play Rekoru ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Merhabalar, 2017 yılında kurmuş olduğumuz Seven Role Play sunucusu, Türkiye'nin ilk sunucusu olmasının yanı sıra, üç yıldır hiç kimsenin ulaşamadığı oyuncu rekoruyla (251) zirvedeki yerini koruyor. Tüm aksiliklere rağmen, piyasada edindiği konumu ve markalaşmış ismiyle sizlere hizmet vermeye devam ediyor. Bir çoğunuz geçmiş dönemlerden ismimizi duymuş, sunucuda yer almış olabilirsiniz. Fark edeceğiniz üzere hiç bir zaman ismimizden, kalıcı üst yönetim ekibimizden ve markamızdan vazgeçmedik. Çünkü 2017 yılından bu yana hiç bir zaman oyuncularımıza haksızlık yapılmasına izin vermedik veya kalp kırıcı davranışlarda bulunmadık. Bu yüzden ortada herhangi bir utanılacak durum olduğunu düşünmüyoruz. Geçmiş dönemlerde sunucumuzu iki kere askıya almamız gerekti. Bunun en büyük sebebi üst yönetim kadromuzun kişisel hayatlarında yaşanan iş & kişisel hayat yoğunluğu. Bu dönem projemize ayıracak daha uzun bir vakit elde ettik ve sizlere kalıcı olarak hizmet vermek adına kolları sıvadık. Artık daha güzel günler için önümüze bakmalı ve geleceğe odaklanmalıyız. Dilerseniz biraz yeni dönemden konuşalım! Bu dönem sizlere daha iyi hizmet verebilmek adına teknik kadro sayımızı üçe çıkarttık. Geçmiş dönem hizmetinizde olan Seven:v1 modumuzda geliştirmelere giderek, iyileştirmeler ve yeni sistemler üzerine yoğunlaştık. Bu dönem sizleri yeni sistemleri ve daha stabil oyun moduyla Seven:v2 bekliyor olacak. Sunucu modumuza ek olarak RageMP, 1.1 güncellemesiyle oyunu büyük ölçüde stabil ve senkron hale getirdi. Artık rol ve aksiyon keyfinizi doruklarda yaşıyor olacaksınız.Ayrıca teknik kadromuzun aktif hizmetini çok daha iyi hissedeceksiniz. Sunucu modumuz açılış sonrası aktif olarak güncellenmeye devam edecek ve daha fazla yenilikle karşınızda olacağız. Sunucu moduna dair detaylarıda forum aktifleştikten sonra inceleyebilirsiniz. Genel olarak, geride bıraktığımız 3 yılın ardından Seven Roleplay bu dönem sizlere kalıcı rol deneyimi sözüyle hizmetinizde olacak. 3 yıldır her zaman hedeflediğimiz "Tek çatı altında roleplay" dünyası için daha kaliteli ve düzenli bir sunucu ortamına hepiniz yeniden davetlisiniz. Çünkü bu zamana kadar sizlere piyasada alışılmış sıradan rollerin aksine, kaliteli bir rol ortamı sunmaya devam ediyor olacağız. Tüm yenilik ve duyurular için discord kanalımızın bildirimlerini açmayı unutmayın, harika bir geri dönüş için beklemede kalın. Her zaman, daha iyi plan ve hedeflerimizle burada yer alıyor olacağız. Geçmiş dönem Türkiye'de bir rekor kırmıştık, rekor üzerine rekor kırmaya ne dersiniz? Detaylar çok yakında sizlerle! # soon sevenrp # Discord Hk. Discord kanalımız için aşağıdaki "TIKLA" yazısına tıklayabilirsiniz. Kanal yakında aktifleştirilecek ve gereken detaylar, duyurular oradan size aktarılacaktır. Kanala katılarak bildirimlerinizi açık bırakabilir, son gelişmelerden haberdar olabilirsiniz. DISCORD KANALIMIZA KATILMAK İÇİN TIKLA Geçmiş döneme ait rollerden kesitler, (daha fazlası için kanal sahiplerine bakabilir veya "seven roleplay" olarak youtube'da aratabilirsiniz) ---------------------------- Those who don't understand, This is a Turkish roleplay server based on Rage:MP. We asked first on RageMP discord to make sure we can advertise our server in our own language since there is no Turkish section on forum. Thanks.
  15. Discord | Site Information about server The largest and most popular GTA V Roleplay server opens to the English market! The Grand Role Play server opened in 2020 in Russian and to this day works flawlessly with a large number of people. The server is programmed from scratch on the RAGEMP platform. To this day, server owners are upgrading and updating the server. Grand Role Play server does not have queues to connect to the server because this server supports +1000 players at a time. Connect when you want! More than +200 people play on the English server every day. Staff Structure We could write “Server Team” in this section, but since we are a big family with people of all walks of life, then we can confidently say that we are one big project. The project team looks at the players as “their” children. With each follower of our project, we communicate sincerely and try to answer all the questions asked in as much detail as possible so that the project follower can feel that we need him and we care about his opinion. When we start writing the composition of the team, we would like to say that the people in the project are different in a way. Everyone has their work and does it with real quality because the people in the team put all their hopes and all the motivation to make the project look “from the side” to make it look like the project is high quality and a friendly community plays in it. Server systems 😲 First steps after registration 🧐 Authorization 👨‍👦 Family system 🔧 Settings 🤯 Craft system 🚗 Сustomize your car 🥼 Sell your things on the trading market 🌿 Family farming business 👕 Thousands of clothes for your character 🚗 We have more than 200 DLC cars 🏡 Estate agency 💸 Bank robbery 🎒 Inventory with 23k icons 💵 Bank system 🕹️ Main menu 🤑 Stock exchange ⚡ Electrician job 🔫 Thug graffiti system 💰 Export goods 🚕 Taxi system 🔫 Сollecting weapons Want to start playing? Visit https://gta5grand.com/
  16. Version 2.0


    Hello everybody. Some weeks ago i made a post on this forum's spanish section releasing my old gamemode, which I have been porting to RAGE:MP right after the bridge was released for the first time. In the beginning it was only in spanish, so I didn't thought it was a good idea to release to the whole community, as not so many people here speak spanish (I guess) but, after seeing that more people than I had expected downloaded it and also taking the suggestion George made me, I decided to start translating it and also, allowing to be multilanguage in a future. That above is the main reason I'm writing this post, I want to release here my gamemode (even if the link is already in this forum) so all the people using this excelent mod can just start their development with a base gamemode, instead of making it from the scratch. I have to say that it's not 100% ported and translated but I will be working on it in my spare time, meaning this won't be an abandoned project, it will have continuous support and development. Any suggestion for the gamemode, any question or any issue, you can contact me on the forum, sending a PM or posting here. One last thing I have to point out is that I know the gamemode is not documented but please, understand that I can't explain how all the systems inside work, as it's quite big. Anyway in a near future I will be adding some wiki or documentacion explaining briefly its contents and a guide to know the structure maybe.
  17. Welcome to Mafia City Roleplay, we are a community dedicated to bringing players a roleplay experience as never seen before. Our community is developed and ran by roleplayers who have dedicated a lot of time working towards a common goal: Immersion. We assembled Mafia City Roleplay with the idea of creating a community that is different from the rest, we hold the same core features of the majority of roleplay communities, however, we bring new light on features that are generally overlooked and thrown away. Within our thread, we will walk you through our goals, features, staff hierarchy, and introduce you to our Lead Administrators. Groups - Unlike the way we’ve seen groups being created before, we added our own twist. Every member of our community will have the ability to create their own group, regardless of rank or status. The three government groups: Government, Emergency Services and the Police Department will all have access to our fully custom made Mobile Database Computer (MDC) which will create a more immersive roleplay experience. To take the immersion ever further, all group leaders will be able to fully customize the group how they see fit, such as ranks; divisions; pay; lockers; group HQ’s; garages and much more! Each group, both legal and illegal, will have a group moderator keeping a close eye on them to ensure our RP-standards are being met. Player Corporations - Corporations are fully run by players, without any staff interaction needed to keep the roleplay experience as pure and immersive as possible. As a corporation owner, you have the ability to hire employees, buy properties as well as vehicles. Player Jobs - Everyone likes to make money. Our goal is to get you as many interesting ways to earn cash and make it as enjoyable as possible. We are creating regular jobs such as Trucking, Mining, Garbage Collecting, and Lumberjack with each being developed with a special twist. Players are also able to join [bcolor=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Governmental Groups[/bcolor] like the Mayor’s Office, Police Department, and Emergency Services. To join these jobs, you can apply to them on their own respective forums! Drugs and Illegal Weapons - You will be able to produce illegal weapons and drugs in a player-owned factory. Drugs can be produced in campers when having the right equipment and parts in their possession. All illegal items are able to be sold to other players, the price is determined by the seller. Player Properties - Our system allows you to purchase any property within San Andreas. This includes businesses, houses, apartments, and much more. We have a dedicated team that works towards adding new properties consistently to allow for the continuous expansion of player experience. A large effort is dedicated to ensuring that our properties are reasonably priced to guarantee anyone can work their way towards a property. Our properties team started an initiative to allow new players to have the ability to rent various businesses. You can read more about the San Andreas Realty Management Group, the organization responsible for managing player rented businesses, [bcolor=rgb(255, 255, 255)]here[/bcolor]. Economy System - We have an entire department responsible for managing the economy within Los Santos. This department has been through every vehicle, shop item, weapon, clothing item, and property on the server, and set the initial purchase price. We are trying to keep the economy as immersive and close to real-life as possible, for that to be made possible the economy-team will keep a close eye on the statistics. We also implemented a taxing-system that will affect all citizens of Los Santos. Voice Communication - Whilst our roleplay environment is entirely based on VoIP rather than text-based roleplay, you still have /me and /do to enhance your roleplay experience even more. We’ve added a radio system that makes it easier for players to communicate with each other over great distances. Government groups will have access to their own separate and restricted radio frequencies to ensure their roleplay is immersive as possible. Multiple Characters - When you first join the server you can customize your character to your own liking. The character creation is similar to the way it’s done in GTA Online. Every member is allowed two characters, but you’ll receive another character slot upon donating to MCRP. All character process and stats (such as money, hours played, state of your own vehicles, etc.) are individually visible in the Control Panel. Inventory System / Interaction Menu - Here at Mafia City Roleplay we work with an interaction menu as well as a unique inventory system. You can control all interactions using the interaction menu, this will ensure you have all interactions on hand. The interaction menu includes radio, report, my vehicles, groups menu, corporations menu, clothing menu, and many more interactions! User Control Panel - As mentioned before, in the Control Panel you can keep track of your character’s progression in the server as well as your owned vehicles. The Control Panel provides a complete overview of your character’s: phone number, cash, bank Saldo, current health, current hunger level, owned licenses, owned vehicles as well as owned properties. The Control Panel will also serve for submitting bug reports and making sure they are reviewed by our Staff team. Content Updates - We like to provide our community with as many updates as possible so there are never questions as to what our development team is working on. These updates will be visible in our development blogs along with staff team changes, showcases and much more. Community leaders are tasked with the utmost important roles to run the community. Server Development, Web Development, and Modelers. Developers help put together our server, they work hard on fixing bugs and implementing new features. Departmental heads that oversee the daily operation of Mafia City Roleplay. Assistant Departmental Leads that assist with the oversight of community operations. A regular Moderator is commonly part of a department within the staff team for which they do their part. Media Team, Tester Team, and additional Support Staff. Click here to view our Staff Roster. Joshua Lead Administrator Joshua has had a long-time passion for roleplay since 2010. He began in smaller communities, in the original Mafia City Roleplay. Joshua has been apart of multiple communities, dedicating hundreds of hours towards In-Character and staff development. His strengths have always been in Staff Leadership and community momentum.
  18. Llevo casi un mes buscando la manera de abrir una base de server para aprender y mi falta de experiencia con programación no da para más. Necesito gente que quiera formar parte de un proyecto por mera diversión y aprendizaje. El proyecto es totalmente sin un fin lucrativo, no quiero gente en busca de dinero y beneficio. No hace falta que seas un profesional, con que sepas algo de programación, administración o testeo y seas una persona madura y responsable me basta. REQUISITOS - Tener mínimo 16 años de edad. - Tener interés y ganas sobre el proyecto. - Ser activo / tener un horario adecuado para dedicarse al proyecto. (Si usted no dispone de alguno de los requisitos anteriores, mande un MD al Discord del apartado de abajo) INTERESADOS Todo aquel usuario que esté interesado en el proyecto , enviad un MD al siguiente Discord: Piero Cardarilli#2306
  19. The5Families Roleplay is a server that aims to utilize the many action-based features of GTA5 while also sticking to the core Roleplay rules and gameplay. The player has the freedom to base his character around a peaceful civilian, mafioso, gang member, law enforcement officer or anything in between... the only limit lays in your imagination. While the gameplay usually revolves around gunfights, power can just as easily be achieved without the use of a firearm. Are you Los Santos’ next kingpin? Or are you the next chief of SAPD that will rain hell on the criminal underground? Your story starts here. FEATURES Factions The server will revolve around the five mafias seen in "The Godfather" (Corleone Crime Family, Tattaglia Crime Family, Barzini Crime Family, Cuneo Crime Family, Stracci Crime Family). Despite the server primarily being based on Italian crime organizations, players who would like to roleplay other types of illegal groups (Irish mobs, African-American gangs, Yakuza-styled syndicates, Eastern-European Organizations..) are free to do so and thus are able to shape the future of the underworld in their image. To combat the illegal underground, we have legal factions such as the San Andreas Police Department (SAPD), which are equipped with everything they need in order to be able to control the peace in the city. We also have neutral factions, like the Los Santos Delivery (LSD) company. This faction has the ability to (legally!) restock player owned businesses, but it first needs to make sure they have all the required goods in stock via imports. Businesses 24/7 - Convenience stores. Here you can get basic items that you will need in your every day life Clothes shops - Buy clothes for your character. You are able to save two outfit sets which you can easily change to in a clothes shop, your wardrobe or other places. Accessory shops - Buy masks and accessories for your character. You can toggle your mask using /mask [off/on] (this will not hide your nametag!). Gas Stations - Refuel your vehicle. Vehicle dealerships - Buy something to take you places faster. Gun shops - Here you can arm yourself up, however you do need a valid weapons license (which can be taken by LEA factions). Car rentals - Rent something to take you places faster... Black Market (faction owned) - Black Markets are businesses that can only be owned by illegal factions (example: Corleone). Players here can buy weapons without the need of a valid weapons license, although the weapons in stock are of lower quality and are more expensive! The illegal faction that owns a Black Market needs to make sure it is always in stock. They can do this by transferring weapon materials from their warehouse to the business. Chop Shops (faction owned) - Chop Shops give faction members tasks, which when completed, produce 'carparts'. These carparts are then stored in the faction warehouse and can later be used for various things. The tasks in question usually involve stealing and delivering certain vehicles to the Chop Shop. and more! Jobs Detective - can be hired to track down people, vehicles or more. Pizza delivery - Earn money by delivering pizzas to houses. Goods delivery - Use a Boxville to deliver goods around town. Mechanic - Fix and refuel vehicles in need. When you gain enough experience, you will be able to tow vehicles as well. Taxi Driver - Earn money by giving a ride to people. Thief - Pickpocket people, rob houses or ATMs (careful of angry owners or the law enforcement!). ...and more small jobs and ways that you can make money around the city. Faction stocks, Warehouses and Runs Every illegal faction has a stock that contains guns that are free for the members of that faction to use. The faction stock can be filled by members doing 'gun runs'. A member must first obtain the appropriate vehicle, then load guns and bullets with two other players and then unload them at their HQ. Enemy mafia members may attack and steal your loaded van, causing you significant financial loss. Illegal factions also possess warehouses where various products/components can be stored and weapon materials can be manufactured. In order for a warehouse to be able to produce weapon materials, it needs to have enough lead, metal and money inside. Lead and metal can be loaded into trailers at their respective locations (which are only known by illegal members), but these trailers too can be stolen by enemies. Warehouses can also hold carparts, alcohol, goods and other stuff that is mainly sold to player-owned businesses. All faction runs and stocks are interconnected, forming a sophisticated underground ecosystem with the sole aim of pushing weapons on the streets of San Andreas. Turfs Another activity for illegal factions is turfs, it's also a great way to assert your dominance as one of the 5 Families. Not only that but owning turfs will provide your faction with extra benefits such as racketeering money and much more. In order to take a turf 4 members are required from the same faction to start a turf takeover. Gunfight mechanics Many aspects regarding gunfight mechanics are different from the vanilla game. Players have unlimited stamina, there are no headshots or critical hits, there are no pistol whip kills (instant kills). Damage values on all weapons (currently in the game) are modified. Weapon damage values closely resemble those of GTA SAMP with the small exception of spraying weapons such as the AK receiving a small nerf (because of GTA 5's insane RPM, range and accuracy). Our vision The5Families team has internally worked out a tentative roadmap of upcoming features that would further enhance the gameplay and give players more control over the In-Character world. The final version of the roadmap will soon be posted on our Discord Community. When it comes to donations, we have seen first-hand what a Pay2Win scheme can do to a game. This is why our donations will mostly focus on cosmetic items, vehicles which give no advantage on the battlefield and are only owned to show status or swag (ie: no donations for heavy vehicles or ultra fast sports cars) and few other items/perks which will not grant the player IC power in any way. No direct money donations. We all want to have fun. Our server is live! Join our Discord Community: https://www.discord.gg/Y37EyUj We would also want to thank the RAGE:MP community for the continued support and patience whenever our developers had questions over in the Discord server, but also for all the open-source material they provided. Rep+ With love, The5Families team.
  20. REVERSE ROLEPLAY. Por parte del equipo de desarrollo del servidor, nos complace anunciar, que el día de hoy iniciamos formalmente la última etapa de desarrollo del proyecto Reverse Roleplay bajo la modalidad de “rol escrito”, un formato que se ha visto pocas veces dentro de la plataforma de RAGE:MP. Dentro de nuestra comunidad, estamos en búsqueda de miembros que deseen una experiencia diferente a las ofrecidas en la mayoría de otros servidores, esta experiencia se genera a través del método de comunicación escrito, una función que genera una mayor interpretación del personaje. El modo de juego en desarrollo por parte de nuestro equipo de desarrollo es básico pero suficiente para ofrecer a los usuarios una optimización absoluta en la plataforma RAGEMP y una posibilidad de un servidor estable y con buena interpretación, evadiendo el típico cops & robbers que normalmente es visto en este tipo de servidores. Para esto último, los necesitamos a ustedes, mientras termina nuestra etapa de desarrollo, pueden aprovechar ese tiempo posteando en Discord sus sugerencias, opiniones e ir enterándose novedades del desarrollo del modo de juego, y sobre todo actualizaciones en las que ustedes pueden participar mediante sus sugerencias. A su vez, tendrán la posibilidad de crear su propio proyecto y participar del control de negocios, teniendo posibilidad de llevar a cabo su propia empresa, negocio, concesionario, etcétera. Finalizando, podrán aportar sus conocimientos administrativos, opositando al equipo de moderación con fecha límite hasta el 10/2/2022. WEB OFICIAL: WEB EN DESARROLLO FECHA ESTIMADA DE APERTURA: - DISCORD OFICIAL: DISCORD
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