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  1. Moin, Wir machen aktuell einen Roleplay Server für RageMP und würden euch den ein bisschen vorstellen. -> Wartungarbeiten fast abgeschlossen. -> Basierend auf Hardcore Roleplay Konzept mit Schwieriger Wirtschaft damit man nicht alles direkt bekommt. -> Wann genau der Server released können wir nicht sagen aber er wird zeitnah on kommen! -> Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Yys4cGS3UY -> Mehr Infos findet ihr im Discord. Stay Tuned and Join MFG Jake
  2. PROYECTOX El equipo de proyectoX se complace anunciarles, que desde el hoy que se publica este post por este medio se inicializa de forma formal este proyecto, bajo la modalidad de roleplay por voz en español. El servidor actualmente se encuentra en fase de desarrollo y con equipos de Beta testers. Estamos trabajando arduamente todos para poder traer a todos los usuarios un servidor de roleplay donde tu imaginación no pare de crear gracias a la ardua cantidad de sistemas disponibles. El equipo de programación trabajan en constantes actualizaciones y corrección para poder traerles un servidor con estabilidad, gran variedad de sistemas y un a buena seguridad a la hora de jugar con nosotros. Buscamos como comunidad un crecimiento constante en todos los frentes que ofrecemos, es por eso que tenemos u gran equipo administrativo que está dispuesto a ayudarte en todo los problemas, dudas y sugerencias que tengas, además con tamos con herramientas que nos ayuda a saber los intereses y sugerencias que tenga la gente para el servidor estos son algunos de los sistemas que ofrecemos a la comunidad: Más de 5 trabajos y creando muchos más. Creador de facciones. Interiores vacíos para organizarlo a tu gusto. Compra, alquiler y venta de viviendas y bodegas. Opción de comprar negocios. Etc. Faccione con las que contaremos desde el inicio: Trabajos con los que contaremos al inicio: Redes sociales DISCORD | Twitter Imagenes y videos Interiores ALPR Trabjo de minero
  3. Good afternoon, my name is Pavel. A few months ago I played GtaV (paid) from EpicGames. After a while, I got an error (I don't remember that number). Then I bought a GtaV license from Steam. I played GtaV plot, online and RP servers. Everything was fine until I got the error about endless downloading Rage MP. I tried to reinstall the GtaV. Tried to reinstall RageMP. Tried to install RageMP in the root folder of the game. I also tried popular methods from the Internet, for example: turn off the antivirus, etc., but all this did not help. Forget to say that the plot and online games GtaV - everything works great, except the servers RageMP. Help me, please.
  4. Einen wunderschönen guten Abend/Tag/Morgen, Wir vom Rage MP Projekt Street Life, suchen derzeit Verstärkung im Bereich des Developments für unseren GTA Rage MP Server. Wir haben bereits ein Grundgestell für den Server, benötigen jedoch Personen die am Feintuning und der weiterführenden Entwicklung des Projekts mitwirken. Der Code basiert auf Javascript, wodurch Erfahrung im Bereich dieses Environments vorausgesetzt ist. Vorab möchten wir Anmerken das wir über keine finanziellen Mittel verfügen und weder noch die nach deutschem Recht vorausgesetzten Umstände erfüllen um die Beteiligung an der Entwicklung dieses Projekts in Form einer Zahlung von Gehalt, Gage oder ähnliches durchzuführen. Bei Interesse meldet euch gern bei mir. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Street Life Moderator Dominik Eisenfeld Anderweitig erreichbar auf folgender Plattform: Teamspeak 3:
  5. Hi everyone! 🖐️ Today I was a reading the "Getting started running a server" guide when I thought about putting the stuff in Docker, to be minimal as possible. Then, I came here to show you how to do it. You will need to create a folder with the name of your project, and inside it, we'll put only three files. You need to have Docker Desktop installed already. Step 1 - Dockerfile Create a file with the name Dockerfile, and without an extension. Inside it, paste the code below: FROM ubuntu:latest WORKDIR /opt/app COPY ./app /opt/app RUN chmod +x ragemp-server CMD ["./ragemp-server"] This will be our base system, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Linux dist). We are going to create an app folder inside opt (default by the system) and give permission to a file that we are going to add later. At the end, the Dockerfile starts the server with the command provided in the CMD directive. Step 2 - docker-compose.yml Create a file with the name docker-compose.yml, this will be our orchestrator: the file that manage all the services that the server needs in order to run properly. Paste the code below: version: "3.9" services: ragemp_server: build: . hostname: "ragemp_server" container_name: "ragemp_server" ports: - "22005:22005/udp" - "22006:22006" tty: true networks: default: external: name: ragemp_network This will add only one service called ragemp_server, and it'll contain the server files. The file will map the ports between the container and your PC. You will need to create the network with the following command: docker network create ragemp_network Step 3 - app folder Finally, you need to download the linux server files and extract them into the app folder. Once you got the files inside the app folder (you need to have the bin and dotnet folders, and the ragemp-server executable) you can run the following command in the root of the project: docker-compose up. This will create the container and run the server. Then, you can go to RageMP > Direct Connect > : 22005 In my case, I'm running the server on a Macbook Pro and testing it on a Windows machine, so in that case you will need to run the ifconfig or ipconfig command to know your IP address, and then connect to it (i.e: Your machines need to be in the same network. Step 4 - (Optional) Get into the container If you need to get into the Ubuntu machine to run some commands, you can do it with the following cmd: docker exec -it container_name bash Replace container_name by the name of your container. Once inside, you can run whatever you want because you'll be the root user. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I'll be answering ASAP. I'm new at RageMP so I don't have a great knowledge about it, but I'm a programmer anyway 🤷‍♂️ Goodbye! 🖐️
  6. Can someone help me with the function for mileage?
  7. I had the problem like many other guys that GTA V was working by itself, but when in RageMP a server was selected, in the Launching Game part Rockstar Launcher was opened and after 2 3 sec RageMP and Rockstar was closed and nothing else happened !! no error, no crash, no message, just simply closed! Finally after trying many things like reinstall everything (even redownloaded 104 GB GTA V files!!!) I closed all open applications in background (like Razer App Engine, Razer Cortex, Google Sync, Inter Driver Updater and ,,,) then suddenly it worked and from that point I'm playing fine without any problem. Just wanted to share my solution, maybe works for others too.
  8. In the last period, an Italian RageMP community has emerged and this is the reason why I decided to create this topic. I think that when a community starts to emerge, it is necessary that the latter has a section in the native forum of the mod in order to communicate and expand the community itself (Italian one but even RageMP would expand). Another reason why I decided to create this topic is that the messages of the RageMP client have already been translated into Italian, so I was told that having achieved this goal, it would have been enough to create this topic and reach 30 likes to have an Italian section. So.. If you are interested in creating an Italian section, please like this post. And remember.. Italians do it better. RAGEMP ITALIA DISCORD: https://discord.gg/9G6wa4N
  9. Everytime when i try to connect with a server on Ragemp my monitor turns to a blackscreen and the only option i have is to restart my PC. I deleted Ragemp and downloaded it again. i searched on Steam for damaged files of GTA V but everything seems to be okay. GTA V story mode and online works perfectly. I hope someone can help me!
  10. After last Rage MP update, I can't connect to a few servers, probably because they haven't updated the server to latest verison. This is extremly annoying because the one developer of my favorite server is lazy as fuck. Is there a way I can revert back to rage 0.3.5? If I download from announcements then it just downloads the updater and updates automatically. (Or can someone provide the 0.3.5 files directly/and some way to disable auto update.) I also tried a bunch of crap to fix this, idk man. (And I have the legit GTA V btw. (v1.44))
  11. Hallo an alle rageMP spieler ich habe ein problem ich habe mir andere Waffensounds und mehr reingefügt in GTA auch alles im mods Ordner, im Singleplayer funktioniert alles aber sobald ch auf einem RageMP server bin dann ist wieder alles "Vanilla" aber bei kollegen funktionierts kann mir einer helfen liebe Grüße Skantzi und euch einen schönen tag noch
  12. Hello, I'm having a problem with the new version 1.1 of Rage on any server and I tried with two mouses and made sure they were updated as well as my computer, graphics, ect . I can have my fps at 80 but when i just move the mouse it drops to 10-15fps almost freezing for a few seconds in a server on RAGEMP. I wiped my computer and fresh installed everything and upon the FIRST start up it all worked fine. I closed everything and booted up again a few hours later with changing NOTHING and the game is now lagging everytime I move the mouse. My overlay for NIVIDA is turned off, my mouse is set to direct input as well.
  13. Sehr Geehrte RolePlay Community! Wir, Reaperlife.de suchen einige neue Spieler :)! Werde du ein Teil von Unserer Community! ReaperLife.de gibt es schon seit Mitte 2020 darmals hieß der server Victorious-Roleplay.de und Existierte seit anfang 2019. Wir sind neu auf RageMP da wir damals auf FiveM waren. Momentan sind wir in der Alpha doch Wechseln Voraussichtlich am 16.11.2020 Auf die Beta. Wie kann ich mich registrieren ? Du Registrierst dich auf : https://ucp.reaperlife.de/ Die Haupt Website : https://reaperlife.de/ Was ist der Teamspeak ? Unsere Teamspeak 3 Server : Support & Normaler Talk : reaperlife.de Ingame Voice : voice.reaperlife.de Was ist der Discord? Einladungslink : https://dc.reaperlife.de Voraussetzungen : Du solltest 18 Jahre alt sein Einen Respektvollen Umgang mit anderen Spielern und dem Serverteam haben. ein Bisschen RolePlay kenntnisse haben und diese auch umsetzen können. Außerdem ein Funktionierendes Mikrofon, Ts³ und Discord Was euch erwartet : Ingame Whitelist ( RolePlay Whitelist ) Aktive Teammitglieder Keine Addon Fahrzeuge Einzigartiges Spiel erlebnis Viele tolle Jobs und Möglichkeiten [ LSPD, LSMD , ACLS , Tuner , Tattoowierer, Justiz & Taxi ! ] Garantiert Gutes und Spaßiges Roleplay Chancen auf einen Platz im Team Eine Tolle Community Welche Jobs Gibt es ? LSMC LSPD Und viele weitere ! Legal : Kies Öl Walnuss Kürbis Illegal : Cannabis Kokain LSD Meth Du hast interesse ? Dann geht die Reise los, nimm dir deinen nächsten Flieger und dann bist du einer der Reisenden ! Das ReaperLife.de Team Freut sich euch Begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir das ReaperLife.de Server Team Arbeiten Hart an unseren Systemen um der Community vieles zu bieten. Wir versuchen Jeden Vorschlag der gemacht wird umzusetzen ! Discord Link: https://dc.reaperlife.de
  14. Buenas. Mi nombre es Christian y busco un proyecto de roleplay en Rage al que asociarme y financiar para conseguir llevarlo hacia adelante. Los gastos correrán a mi cuenta, por tanto los requisitos a cumplir son: - Un proyecto con futuro y viable. - Un programador o equipo de programación con los conocimientos adecuados. - Buen ambiente. Si tienes un proyecto ya en marcha o quieres crear uno y estás interesado, contactame a través de mi usuario en Discord: Christian_Cano#0408
  15. Hello There! Is it possible to use L.A roads or other roads in RageMP?
  16. Hello. I've been meddling around with the RageMP API and I've learned most of it myself with the help of the discord members. Shoutout to Xabi, Sake and everyone else for helping me out with this language. Anywho I've come to realise that when I had started out there was nothing that would guide me through the process of making a server or creating the script for that matter. So here I bring you a YouTube playlist of the RageMP C# language tutorial. It is still under progress but I keep uploading new tutorials daily. And I mostly describe most of the elements so the videos might seem longer than usual tutorials. But I'd suggest to not skip anything and go over everything that I have to offer thoroughly. And if you do like my tutorials then do subscribe and like it too! And happy coding!
  17. Hello, I would like to show you how to properly install the RageMP server on the Centos 7 linux distribution. Table of Contents: System update Package installation Building GCC 7.3.0 Adding a user Server installation Starting the server Informations: Yum - Package manager in the RHel system Update - Argument to yum Install - Argument to yum -y - skipping accepting installation Screen - Allows you to run processes in the background Warning! Change USERNAME to your username! 1. System update yum update -y; 2. Package installation yum install epel-release -y; yum install nano zip unzip libunwind libunwind-devel libicu libicu-devel nodejs npm screen psmisc curl wget gmp-devel mpfr-devel libmpc-devel; yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'; 3. Building GCC (7.3.0) - The process takes about 1H or 2H depends on what server you have. cd /root; wget https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/gcc-7.3.0/gcc-7.3.0.tar.gz; tar -xf gcc-7.3.0.tar.gz; mkdir gcc-build; cd gcc-build; ../gcc-7.3.0/configure --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-multilib --prefix=/usr/ ; make -j$(nproc); make install; 4. Adding a user adduser USERNAME Setting the password passwd USERNAME 5. Server installation su - USERNAME wget https://cdn.rage.mp/lin/ragemp-srv.tar.gz; tar -xf ragemp-srv.tar.gz; cd ragemp-srv; mv * ../; cd ../; rm -rf ragemp-srv; wget https://cdn.gtanet.work/bridge-package-linux.tar.gz; tar -xf bridge-package-linux.tar.gz; rm -rf *.tar.gz 6. Starting the server screen -dmS serwer ./server Going to the console screen -r serwer Original Polish Tutorial: 2018 © Matix8981 All rights reserved
  18. I get this error " image " I have the RageMP version 1.1-DP1. Can you help me get rid of this error? Thank you!
  19. Ich habe durchgehend konstanten Lowping, kaum starte ich das Spiel läuft noch alles, aber sobald ich auf den Server verbinde, bekomme ich ultra highping und ich time überall aus (Die Serverresourcen sind bereits runtergeladen und auch nach dem Login time ich noch überall). Habe bereits versucht das Spiel ohne Firewall zu starten, hatte jedoch auch nicht funktioniert.
  20. whenever I connect to my multiplayer server I get this error "ragemp cant join server" I can't seem to fix the issue can anyone help.
  21. So i'm new to this, i downloaded ragemp from the website, did the setup and when i try to join a server it loads and then the same error pops up "Windows cannot find D:/New folder/Launcher/launcher.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly and try again." when i press "Ok" it also says "Unable to launch game, please verify your game data." Can somebody help?
  22. Hallo ich habe seit gestern das Problem wenn ich auf einen Server joinen möchte, dass ich in das ganz normale Spiel geschmissen werde und in den Single Player joine´, bitte helft mir!
  23. Slugsaw

    I need help plz

    hello guys i have a problem with my rage client.I open rage and select a server to join it downloads all the assets and it says launching the game it opens rockstar game launcher and than suddently it closes and when i tried it again with task manager and did the same things as i explained i see the gta v launcher opens and than ragemp suddently closes and gta v isnt opened.I hope you guys can help me
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, my realization voice chat on cef in the RAGE:MP Voice working by distance position (noice control), activation F8 (push and talk) Installing 1. Read all .js comments and put code in your gamemode 2. Prepare security Web Server and start peer js server, generate crt files and put with server in one folder 3. Change all urls my web project on yours For peerjs server, use next package install: npm install fs peer P.s, i dont know would be new version that scripts, but if you want himself update and i can upload its here Date Build: 22 feb 2018
  25. Your game version is not supported by RAGE multiplayer! I surfed the whole internet and no solution. I need just to wait untill developers solve this??
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