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  1. I can not join in my own server , i can join other but not in my own and my IP is also not showing in main panel need help to do my work ! pls help me and i am waiting for your reply thanks for reading
  2. Hello, I've been looking for quite a while to see if anyone wrote a guide on adding EUP to a RAGE:MP server, but couldn't find anything other than some general explanations on adding clothes, or some explanations that weren't too helpful. Well, after messing around for a bit, I figured it out, wrote a program that grabbed all clothing files from EUP and renamed them so their IDs are in order. After that I simply added them to the mpClothes archive and it works perfectly. So, to save anyone the trouble in the future, here's an easy way to get EUP in your server. One issue though - props (hats & glasses) from EUP are not included, I didn't get those to work (yet). I'll make sure to update this package as soon as I figure out how to add those. Everything else, though, should be in this package. Also a quick warning: if you are already using mpClothes on your server to add custom clothes, open the spoiler: Installation: Simply drag the mpclothes folder into your server files/client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks. That's it, you're all set & EUP should work in your server. Download link as well as some additional information: https://racenchase.com/eup
  3. PARADISE ROLEPLAY - GTA V RP 🌴 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/paradise-roleplay ABOUT US At Paradise Roleplay, every moment is a canvas, every interaction a chance to shape the world around you. Whether you're a veteran roleplayer seeking a new home or a GTA V enthusiast eager to dive into the world of roleplaying, we extend a warm invitation to join our community. Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the freedom of GTA V with the depth of immersive roleplay. Paradise Roleplay is your ticket to a captivating fusion of storytelling, exploration, and camaraderie. Join us today and let your adventures in Los Santos begin! OUR STORY Established by a group of ardent GTA V Roleplay fans, Paradise Roleplay was born out of a shared passion for storytelling, open-world exploration, and the boundless possibilities the game offers. With an unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic, player-driven experience, we've meticulously crafted a server that caters to both seasoned roleplayers and newcomers alike. WHAT SETS US APART? 🌴 Vast and Vibrant World: Dive into the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos and Blaine County, meticulously recreated to mirror the diverse environments and atmospheres found in the game. Explore bustling urban streets, tranquil countryside, and everything in between. 🎭 Robust Roleplay: Immerse yourself in character-driven narratives that you help shape. Create your unique storylines, develop intricate relationships, and navigate the challenges and triumphs of your virtual existence. 🤝 Thriving Community: Join a community that shares your enthusiasm for GTA V and roleplaying. Forge friendships, collaborate on exciting scenarios, and engage in both in-game and out-of-game discussions. 🚗Endless Possibilities: Whether you're a law-abiding citizen, a cunning criminal, or someone in between, the choices are yours to make. From street races to heists, from legitimate businesses to underground enterprises, the paths you tread are limited only by your imagination. 🎉 Regular Events: Participate in server-wide events, themed story arcs, and spontaneous adventures that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Our dedicated staff ensures a steady stream of engaging content for all players to enjoy. JOIN US TODAY!
  4. [ Temporary Message: Mirage Roleplay has now opened for Beta Testing. This is only a Beta Tasting Phase that will last for approx. 1 week. Find our IP and much more by joining our Discord Community > https://discord.gg/9mkyAeq8Nh ] DISCORD: https://discord.gg/gJYtv7peMx Watch Mirage Roleplay's own Server Lore Trailer: (Read more about our Server Lore in our Discord!) Welcome to Mirage Roleplay - Where Blaine County's Majesty Meets Endless Opportunities! Looking for an unparalleled GTA V RP experience? Look no further! Nestled in the breathtaking, mountainous landscapes of Blaine County, Mirage Roleplay offers an immersive gaming haven unlike any other. Thriving Factions, Businesses & Companies: Dive into a dynamic world where you can establish your own faction, start a business empire, or join existing companies to climb the ladder of success. The choice is yours! Narcotics Crafting: Venture into the underworld and craft your own narcotics empire. Control the market and become a force to be reckoned with. Furniture System: Make your mark on the world! Customize your living spaces with our expansive furniture system. Design and decorate to your heart's content. Fishing: Unwind by the serene waters as you reel in the catch of the day. Fishing spots abound, offering a peaceful escape or a lucrative trade opportunity. Vehicle Repair & Tuning: Your wheels need some TLC? Our advanced vehicle repair and tuning systems ensure your ride stays in top-notch condition. Modify and enhance to suit your style. Security & Transport Companies: Protect and serve! Join security firms or transport companies to ensure safety or provide reliable transportation across the county. Breath-taking Blaine County Setting: Explore the beauty of Blaine County's mountainous landscapes. From the peaks to the valleys, every corner holds an adventure waiting to be discovered. Join us at Mirage Roleplay and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities. Whether you seek thrill-seeking adventures, entrepreneurial endeavours, or simply a serene escape, our server has something for everyone. Join our community today and let the adventure begin! Visit our website https://mirageroleplay.com/ and dive into the unparalleled world of Mirage Roleplay. See you in Blaine County!
  5. Hello. I can't log in to the rajMP servers. I've been having this problem forever. One day it can work fine, and the other day it doesn't. Well, let's get to the problem. When trying to enter the server (no matter what), I have problems, sometimes GTA5 itself does not open, and if it opens loading can reach "Finishing Handshake" and just lasts indefinitely, or at some point crash. I tried to enter with vpn, and oh god, everything works, but there is already a friend error, that ip in the ban on the server on which I want to play -_-. Help me please, I will send a screenshot of my ip, maybe it is in your ban because of some different security algorithms? By the way it is not only me such a problem, but also my friends (Problems they also start too sometimes and always together, separately that someone would work, and someone does not - no. We have the same ISP and similar ip addresses.). Please help me. Thank you! ip - https://imgur.com/a/UC3VFjo
  6. how to fix eternal loading of resources? im tried to reinstall gta , rockstar launcher rage mp, server assets, turning on vpn. Just nothing help me. maybe anyone know how to fix it? https://imgur.com/a/GThB0oi
  7. About us Our goal is to create a space where players can unleash their creative minds and build in accordance with their creativity, whether that be on the server or through our forum’s website. In addition to this, we intend to maintain a balance between forced realism and pure entertainment, ensuring that our players have an enjoyable, stress-free, hassle-free, and memorable role-playing experience that keeps them coming back for more. Our developers and management have emphasised for the whole map to be accessible so that it can be customised to fit any type of role-play intended as long as it stands within realism boundaries. With the help of our developers, we have enhanced the possibilities of role-play with the addition of cool features to expand the narrative for our players. It’s all about creating an environment where everyone can have fun and make the most of their GTA-5 role-playing experience. Server Features - The judicial system will be featured in-game with a dedicated court, where both judges, lawyers, and staff will be present. Through this, we can resolve in-game disputes and conflicts within the boundaries of the server itself. The aim is to do this swiftly and efficiently while having a strong emphasis on an entertaining atmosphere. Having this feature also increases role-play opportunities for those who wish to work in the court system. It adds further realism to the server as well as accountability and drama. Court cases can become a focal point for exciting and dramatic storylines within the game. High-stakes trials, legal battles, and unexpected twists can keep people invested in the narrative. - Unique property construction system, enabling customisation in an easy-to-understand way. In SARP, the way properties work is that each house is individually designed to match its exterior. This means that when you move in, all you have to do is purchase furniture and decorate your house according to your taste. Moreover, there's a convenient system that allows you to swap out walls with different types and add or remove walls as needed. The editor tool for making these changes is user-friendly and can be operated with the simple click of a mouse button. - In our vehicle system, your car starts with a 100% engine life, and if you get into an accident, it gradually decreases, and overtime, if it drops too low, you won't be able to start your engine again unless a mechanic comes to repair it for the moment. You'll need to drive to a garage for a full fix. Additionally, the more damage your car sustains, the slower it will move. It's a good idea to have insurance for your car to cover these situations. Do you want to start and run your own business or perhaps lease and manage one? Well, you can accomplish that reality with ease in SARP. We don't want or require you to spend hours on a complex and hassling application process. All you need to do is apply for it and if it fits your character's storyline then you will be permitted to do so, our plan is to build a transparent and efficient system so that a game can be treated as a game not as a real-life obligation. - Certainly, not everyone who participates in criminal roleplay wants to be associated with guns and drugs. We offer various alternative activities to set yourself apart. One option is “car chopping," where you can engage in a mini-game to pick the locks of cars (requires a lockpick). Afterward, you can drive the stolen vehicle to your location to disassemble it piece by piece, and as a result, you'll receive car parts in return. This along with individual scheme plans and racketeering will be featured within the server. Why SA-RP? - In our server, there is no "pay-to-win" system or shops, meaning that donating money won't give you an unfair advantage or provide you with powerful vehicles, weapons, or a stash of cash. We believe in maintaining a level playing field for all our players so that everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to enjoy the game. - Transparency is at the core of our approach. We actively listen to our community members and actively include them in our decision-making processes to ensure that the choices we make are in the best interests of our community as a whole. The more engaged a management is with a community, the more polished the server comes out to be. Your ideas, concerns, and recommendations are instrumental in guiding the future of our community. - In our server, all administrators are first and foremost players just like everyone else. This means that no administrator receives special protection or privileges, and they are expected to treat all players with respect. We maintain an even level playing field, where administrators follow the same rules and expectations as any other player, and they are not allowed to show disrespect to anyone within the community. Furthermore, if players ever come across a situation where they feel a staff member has broken the rules or acted improperly, they are welcome to report it to the management. This helps ensure that our community remains fair and just which helps in eliminating any issues or concerns that are to be addressed promptly and justly. - Our focus is on delivering an experience that prioritises role-playing over repetitive grinding. We're dedicated to providing a space where you can immerse yourself in rich and engaging storylines, character development, and interactions, rather than having to spend your time on endless, repetitive tasks.
  8. Version 1.1.0


    More Immersive Emergency Lights for RageMP A script for GTA V's multiplayer modification RageMP, that adds more immersive controls of emergency lights and sirens for default and non-els vehicles. Both lights and sirens are synchronized between players! Read the documentation, check out the code or get the newest version, go here: GitHub Credits: - RageMP team for creating this awesome mod - Mos#2649 on Discord for this keybinding idea
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this is the winter event script I was planning to release this winter. As it currently stands i'll be a bit bussy this winter, won't have time for free open source projects like this one. I've wanted to create a more complex one, with lots of micro-events inside but time won't allow it so this is useable, you just need to get 10 coordinates of your choice for this fully work for your server. GET A DEVELOPER ! This script is !NOT! plug-and-play since it requires AT LEAST adding 7 more coordinates. I promise next winter for a better event, but for now, i'm struggling with my GF birthday also LOL 🥰🤪 Get in contact with me: Discord: kraneq I'll respond to question
  10. Willkommen in Los Santos: Dein Abenteuer beginnt! Hallo allerseits! Wir freuen uns, euch zu unserem brandneuen GTA 5 RP Server einzuladen, der im Dezember seine Pforten öffnet. Unser Server bietet ein einzigartiges und immersives Rollenspiel-Erlebnis in der Welt von Los Santos. Taucht ein in eine pulsierende Metropole, in der ihr die Freiheit habt, eure eigenen Geschichten zu schreiben und euren Charakter nach euren Wünschen zu gestalten. Was wir bieten: Eine sorgfältig kuratierte Welt mit einer lebendigen Rollenspiel-Community. Eine Vielzahl von Berufen und Aktivitäten, um eure Rollenspiel-Träume zu verwirklichen. Spannende Fraktionen und Gangs, die um die Kontrolle der Stadt kämpfen. Eine eigene Wirtschaft und Immobilienmarkt. Regelmäßige Events und Storylines, um die Stadt lebendig zu halten. Aktive und engagierte Admins, die für ein faires und unterhaltsames Spielerlebnis sorgen. Wie könnt ihr teilnehmen: Unser Server wird im Dezember online gehen, und wir können es kaum erwarten, euch in unserer Community zu begrüßen. Um Teil unseres Abenteuers zu werden, haltet Ausschau nach weiteren Informationen und Ankündigungen auf unserer Website und unseren Social-Media-Plattformen. Bereitet euch darauf vor, eure kühnsten Träume in Los Santos zu leben. Egal, ob ihr ein Unternehmer, ein Gesetzeshüter, ein Gangmitglied oder ein einfacher Bürger sein wollt – hier findet jeder seinen Platz. Folgt uns auf DISCORD https://discord.gg/zgYjqT99jY für Updates und Neuigkeiten. Bleibt dran, denn wir haben viele aufregende Überraschungen für euch geplant! Wir können es kaum erwarten, euch in unserer RP-Welt willkommen zu heißen. Bis bald in Los Santos!
  11. Hey, I learnt how to make a server by the tutorial, and I have made few files. SS attached below ViaVqLK.png (844×164) (imgur.com) When I'm opening RageMP and connecting to the RageMP closes when it loads and about to load resources.
  12. Liebe Community, Wir das DUNYA Roleplay Team möchten uns gerne euch vorstellen. Was ihr wissen MÜSST! Was ihr über uns wissen müsst ? Alles entstand mit der Idee das wir ein Server haben wollen wo sich Roleplay Spieler wohl fühlen und auch richtig Roleplay spielen können. Dieses Konzept haben wir stück für stück mit unseren Development Team verwirklicht bis wir endlich soweit damit zufrieden sind um euch unser Server zu Präsentieren aber wir werden nie und nimmer eines aus den Augen verlieren und das ist das ist eurer Spaß am Roleplay und genau deswegen arbeiten wir ständig mit neuen Ideen am Server. Dazu sind wir ein Team das aus verschiedenen Leuten und Alters Klassen hervor geht aber eines haben wir gemeinsam, ROLEPLAY und an das wir immer in Richtung Zukunft denken. Wer sind wir? Dunya Roleplay ist ein Deutscher Roleplay Server von Roleplay Spieler für Roleplay Spieler. DunyaRP wird ein in seinen Verhältnissen einzigartiger Server sein mit dauerhaften zukunfts- orientierenden Ideen und Umsetzungen. Was ist an uns besonders? Was uns so besonders macht? Ganz einfach erklärt. DunyaRP ist von vielen durchlaufenden Test Phasen gesprungen um euch den Spielern ein angenemes und spannendes Roleplay bieten zu können. Angefangen bei den Gangs/MC/Mafia System sowohl als auch das Unternehmensystem an das wir an dauerhaften Updates für euch arbeiten. Außerdem macht uns das ein und andere Job Angebot auf diesen weg speziell. Unsere Ts3 IP : dunyarp Discord: https://discord.gg/rDuhSZ5vRr Egal ob ihr Neulinge oder alte Hasen im Bereich Roleplay seid, seit ihr auf unserem Server herzlich willkommen. Euer DunyaRP Team. Beachtet der Server ist noch im Aufbau wir sagen euch mehr sobald wir weiter sind ^^
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Before the great work of Rene Sackers is forgotten, I modified the ServerMan a little for Rage:MP. https://github.com/Rene-Sackers/gta-network-server-man
  14. Hey, i tried installing QuantV (Graphics mod) for RageMP. In the process of doing so i needed to copy a few files into the RageMP folder (including the d3d11.dll). When starting RageMP after installing QuantV ill get a message from EAC that 'd3d11.dll' is an untrusted file and the game stops starting up. The question is if theres any workaround. I found some stuff for FiveM (something with LoadLibrary) wich is supposed to fix FiveM from blocking the .dll but for my problem i just cant seem to find any fix for RageMP (and i also have no clue what im doing) - but i know its somehow working for others. Thanks in advance for anyone knowing this problem/how to fix it.
  15. When I change to "oldprerelase" in config and run RageMP it just updates to normal "prerelase". Also I want to find way that ragemp runs as GTAV.exe, not ragemp_v.exe. I want it so I can inject menu designed for GTA V as I could like 18 months ago so I can test some objects and features inside my own server. In advance, thank you.
  16. Hello, we are currently looking for experienced developers to join our brand new Rage Multiplayer community to help get our unique idea up and running. We’re looking for self-motivated people who have experience working in teams and to tight deadlines. The project is still in the very early stages but we genuinely do believe we have a unique idea which will attract a large number of players. The community is run by three people who each have over 10 years of experience playing on and administrating GTA Roleplay servers, starting in 2012 back when SA:MP was the big thing. We are looking to pay for your work as we understand and appreciate the time and effort required to create a server from scratch, this can be discussed in more depth via Discord. (Reach out on Discord via BillyB#1279 or join our server https://discord.gg/m4BsFjFBtQ) We look forward to hearing from you. BillyB, Turt & Devin
  17. Hello, the client RageMP stopped opening, before that I played for half a year, there was no problem. Since yesterday, the client only starts when VPN is enabled. Now, to enter the game, i need to turn on VPN when opening the RageMP client, then turn it off and connect to the server. If I start the client without VPN, an error appears ERROR: Could not establish updater service connection. *Screenshot* How to fix this problem without using VPN or unbanning my ip address? Sorry for the bad translation, I used a translator
  18. Hallo RAGEMP Community Wir sind dabei ein RAGEMP Projekt aufzubauen und suchen genau dich! Was erwartet dich bei uns wir sind am anfang wollen bei 0 anfangen und mit euch gemeinsam ein Reallife Projekt aufbauen bei uns als Developer kannst du deine Ideen genauso wie an Fetures mit einbeziehn an ende entscheiden wir alles gemeinsam aber was wollen wir genau ? Der name des Projektes ist City-Reallife und wie der name schon sagt ein Realife Projekt Die Jobs die wir anbieten wollen sind: - LKW(Trucker) - TAXI - Miner - Polizist - Sanitäter - FBI Weiters kann frolgen sind ja am anfang den und die liste wird immer erweitert mit updates ein paar Features bei uns sind akktuell Features bei. Uns: - Kredit bei der Bank - Keine Whitelist - Führerschein (Auto, LKW, Motorrad, Person Beförderung, Pilotenschein) und die fraktionen die geplant sind Fraktionen: - Gangs - Squad - Polizei - Sanitäter - FBI - Feuerwehr ist ja schon ne menge die wir geplant haben ohne team/developer aber nicht um setzbar an ende soll es alles mit euch zusammen passieren und beziehen euch komplett in die ideen planung mit ein und entscheiden alles gemainsam wir freuen uns auf deine naricht schreib uns gerne auf discord an bei fragen zum Projekt oder falls was sein sollte DISCORD: HeXGaming#6050
  19. At the entrance , it throws it into the single player.
  20. rage updater takes a long time to start, but when it starts it crashes into 0xc000007b
  21. When I start game through Rage MP launcher then happens: - I can see all stages proceeding like launching Epic Games Store, Rokstar Games launcher, then I can see Easy Anti-Cheat (not sure is this is specific to server or Rage MP). - Then game window opens for like few seconds and then closes without any errors It happend before but after few tries it worked and game finally launched but now I reinstalled the game, made exception for Rage MP and game folder for my antivirus and still can not launch the game. Thanks in advance!
  22. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, für ein großes RAGE Multiplayer Projekt bin ich aktuell auf der Suche nach einem Entwickler im Frontend. Das Projekt selber steht noch in der Anfangsphase, jedoch wird aktuell viel Geld investiert um ein einzigartiges Spielerlebnis für die spätere Community zu schaffen. Aktuell wird ein Entwickler für den Frontend Bereich gesucht. Unsere Philosophie lautet, dass nur ein ansprechendes Design, Team sowie Konzept der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist. Genau aus diesem Grund arbeiten wir mit einem großen Designer Studio zusammen, welches uns für jede Art von System komplett einzigartige GUI Designs in FIGMA erstellt. Deine Hauptaufgabe als Webdesigner wird es dementsprechend sein, die fertigen Werke von FIGMA in HTML, CSS sowie JS zu realisieren, damit diese später in unsere Schnittstelle im Gameserver integriert werden kann. Als Entwickler im Frontend trägst du ebenfalls keine Kosten. Alle Kosten des Projektes (Domain, Server, Aufträge von Designs) übernehmen wir. Erfahrung in HTML, CSS, JS Zuverlässigkeit und Motivation Flexibilität Eigenständige Arbeitsweise Es bestehen bereits eine große Konzepte zu unseren Systemen, welche aktuell im Hintergrund von unserem Entwickler bereits programmiert werden. Für das optische ist unser Designer Studio zuständig und du legst den Grundbaustein für das, was die Community am Ende sieht! Unser Team besteht zur Zeit ebenfalls aus aktuell 4 Mitgliedern, wobei unser Durchschnittsalter bei 23 Jahren liegt. Wir sind alle sehr stark in der RP Szene vertreten, haben Erfahrung in der Verwaltung und Leitung von großen Projekten und halten Professionalität für ein wichtigen Aspekt eines großen Projektes. Tägliche Aktivität am Projekt mit Herz und Seele bringen uns dazu, zeitnah in der RAGE Szene ein Projekt zu erschaffen, welches den Großteil der deutschen Community in seinen Bann ziehen wird. Solltest du Interesse haben, deine Fähigkeiten als Frontend Entwickler bei uns unter Beweis stellen zu wollen, kannst du dich gerne per Discord oder der hier privaten Nachrichtenfunktion melden. Discord: Alex Sins#3422
  23. ║Santos-V Roleplay║ Du hast keine Lust mehr auf Gambo RP? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Santos-V Roleplay (RageMP) bietet dir viele Möglichkeiten. ⋙Hier ein Paar Infos⋘ 》Allgemein《 ~Vernünftiges RP ~Keine Whitelist ~Ein Aktives erfahrenes Team ~Kein Gambo RP ~Super Community ~Eine große Auswahl an Klamotten und Frisuren ~Wirtschaftssystem ~Farming System ~Crafting System ~Importfahrzeuge ~Unternehmen ~Regelmäßige Events.. 》Zivile Berufe《 ~Busfahrer/in ~Fernbusfahrer/in ~Gärtner/in ~Bauarbeiter/rin.. ~Fotograf/in 》Fraktionen (Staatlich)《 ~Los Santos Police Department ~Los Santos Medical Center ~LSTuners ~Anwalt/Anwältin ~Government ~Secret Service ~Importler und Exportler ~ACLS (Mechaniker).. 》Crime《 ~Gründe deine Eigene Gang, Mafia oder Kartell ~Einzigartiges Gangsystem ~Routen ~Gangwars.. Und noch vieles mehr. Du Bist neugierig geworden? Dann besuche uns gerne auf unseren Discord und werde ein Teil unserer Community! Das Server-Team kümmert sich gerne um die ersten Schritte von Neulingen, während erfahrene Spieler bei Problemen immer ein offenes Ohr im Support für dich haben. Discord-Link: https://discord.gg/zhXWSFJktU Wir freuen uns auf dich!
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