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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I've been looking for quite a while to see if anyone wrote a guide on adding EUP to a RAGE:MP server, but couldn't find anything other than some general explanations on adding clothes, or some explanations that weren't too helpful. Well, after messing around for a bit, I figured it out, wrote a program that grabbed all clothing files from EUP and renamed them so their IDs are in order. After that I simply added them to the mpClothes archive and it works perfectly. So, to save anyone the trouble in the future, here's an easy way to get EUP in your server. One issue though - props (hats & glasses) from EUP are not included, I didn't get those to work (yet). I'll make sure to update this package as soon as I figure out how to add those. Everything else, though, should be in this package. Also a quick warning: if you are already using mpClothes on your server to add custom clothes, open the spoiler: Installation: Simply drag the mpclothes folder into your server files/client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks. That's it, you're all set & EUP should work in your server. Download link as well as some additional information: https://racenchase.com/eup
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