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  1. Hello! I've encountered a problem trying to create a basic server gamemode using C#/.NET and I can't figure how to solve it. It is very simple: the default chat does not work. When I press the key 'T', the chat box (in which I would type in) does not appear, however it is like it's open, the cursor shows, I can't move the character, and if I press enter then the cursor disapears and I can move the character; if I type something in, the text doesn't show in game, but it appears in the console. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Please take into consideration that I've just started working with ragemp, so I would appreciate if the indications would contain details. Thanks in advance!
  2. molot93

    eac ban

    eac ban I played without cheats, but I was mistakenly banned by EAC
  3. A file appears that is not trusted by Easy Anti Cheat in Rage MP. Okay, I've been looking for a solution for 3 days now and I won't get on the server. Yes, I deleted this file, but it did not help, later I will write why for the sake of consistency of the picture. When I restart Social Club everything works, but only for one run. But the fact is that EAC suspects a file coming from directories C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club\libcef.dll. What we have: Rage MP and EAC, which does not want to start the server, but when deleting a file located in the direct directory described in money, I start downloading the Social CLub, in which the download of the missing files (libcef.dll) starts. which is a system Social Club) that Easy Anti Cheat does not miss when the game is resolved. Endless circle. Help me please.
  4. I played GTA 5 rp 16/06/23.. I just stayed alt tabed and started an ASUS rog programme for boost my PC, but at that moment it started to update. And my computer laged for a minute. I think therefore I think that there might be an easy anticheating was detected. Also, yesterday I've downloaded some modes for better graphics, thus also might be a reason for banning me. I kindly ask you to unban me, because I have not done anything which is might be considered as a breaking rules of the game. Hope to hear from you soon, with a good news from you. Best regards Minatorub. My social club ID Minatorub
  5. I bought GtaV on steam and i dowloaded and installed the RageMP with the intent of play in a role play server. Information asides. Everytime that i try to open my RageMP and join a server it opens my normal GTA V and it leads my to the landing page(where u can choose to go online or story mode). -I tried to install the RageMP in the C/: as the installation asked and also tried to reinstall it inside of Programms(x86) -I tried to open it first and let it open steam and the gta V -I tried to copy the Rage_V.exe from the RAGEMP Folder to the gta V folder. -I tried direct connection and the normal connection through the server list. -i reinstalled Gta V. -I tried to turn of my firewall. Help me pls I don't really know what to do, i read already 10 topics avout this problem and until now nothing is solved.
  6. I got Banned for having reduxs i think never cheated idk why i got banned
  7. Hello, its my first time trying ragemp out and its been quite tough getting everything to work. I got this error ( https://imgur.com/a/lHFbcy0 ) the first time i tried to join a server, after it told me to verify game files, so i did, launched it, everything seemed to be going well, even went on to the loading screen, i alt-tabbed out of the game, and surprisingly, the same exact error appeared again, im on my third run of verifying and starting up the game, and im starting to get tired of it since it seems hopeless. If anyone got any ideas on how to fix this particular issue, i would be very thankful. Im considering fully giving up on ragemp, but it seems pretty fun and im hopeful there is a fix for this. Thank you, i wish you all a great day!
  8. I need to figure out how to find the logs for all these things "play time/actions/logging in and out and so on" that'll be generated after playing on a server.
  9. i would like to put a ragemp server online on my own pc that everyone can join on it how do i do that i have already opened the ports but it doesn't work yet. can i access my own IP such as gta5slicerroleplay.com Thanks in advance for the help
  10. I need help and if someone can help that would be wonderful Also I have a discord you could join to help me if you want to thank you! https://discord.gg/YmB4BSBV
  11. I get this error when trying to open RAGE. I verified file integrity on Epic Games and I checked for my game version and I have the latest one. How can I fix this?
  12. When i try to connect the server and RAGE Multiplayer "loads" the game stucks on the GTA V loading screen. I have steam version of GTA V. I've tried literally everything: reinstalled the game, reinstalled RAGE MP, reinstalled social club and rockstar launcher with cleaning registries and nothing helped. Does anyone have a solution to this?Social Club says that servers are offline but they're not. Here are screenshots of what it looks like: https://ibb.co/y8hMbYc https://ibb.co/9bvLmGf
  13. Hey guys I‘ve started playing on GrandRP last Saturday. It was working smoothly until today. for the first time this loading screen appeared and it was infinite. This loading screen didn’t appear before and i didn’t change anything on my computer. It just looked like the normal loading screen changing through the pictures. I have uninstalled RageMP, GTA, Rockstar launcher and reinstalled everything but nothing changed. It’s just really strange how this happened all of a sudden. Can anybody help?
  14. Hello there my RageMP Client crashes as soon as the part with the easy anti cheat is over and the game window starts.. Any kind of help would help me! Thanks!
  15. Hello, RageMP times out my connection to the server once it gets to "Loading RAGE Multiplayer". I did it numerous times to make sure it's just not my connection but it keeps timing out at the same stage without reconnecting. My network is all fine, I tried reinstalling RageMP, allowing it through the Firewall, using a different DNS, even using a VPN, but nothing worked out. I seriously need help, because I went across around the server I'm used to play on asking for help, but nobody had a solution that worked out. Note that it happened after a sudden crash 2 days ago. Help.
  16. Sehr geehrte Forum's Mitglieder Ich hab folgendes Problem und habe viele YouTube Video und oder Internetseiten durchsucht um den Fehler zu finde. Also ich hab mir vor kurzem einen Rage MP Test Server Lokal gemacht und wollte dort meine Maps und MLO hochladen, dieses funktioniert auch zum teilt, als Beispiel hab ich das PD in der Stadt hinzugefügt, dort wird auch alles geladen, aber die alte Kollision und die alte Textur vom Gebäude wird noch mitgeladen, wieso ist da die Frage? Dann bei einer anderen Map "Weed Shop" wird die äußere Hülle geladen, aber das Interior nicht und da frage ich mich natürlich wieso? Meine Ordner Struktur "client_packages/game_resources/dlcpacks/maps/MLOordner wo die DLC.rpf drin liegt" die DLC.rpf wird von mir über den DLC Creator erstellt und dadurch kommt ja eine "bsp" mrpd.rpf & mrpd_metadata.rpf. " dort hab ich es erst wie im SP gemacht, dass ich die Objekte sowie Kollisionen in die mrpd.rpf geladen habe und die ymaps und ytyp & manifest usw reingemacht habe und dann die DLC über Archifix gescannt hab und diese dann wieder in den MLO ordner gepackt hab. Meine Frage ist nun, wie gehe ich das richtig an, das meine Maps und MLO's auf RageMP funktionieren. Über einen Rat oder villt sogar hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar. Man kann mich auch direkt bei Discord anschreiben : xXLeroy#8399
  17. Hey all, looking into getting into some scripting for Rage, I know a fair amount but something I seem to have hit a roadblock with and cant find any answers to is whether or not it is possible to set up regions, for example lets say i wanted the whole map to be able to do a pick locking script, but if you are at Mission Row PD, that script is disabled whilst you are in the region. Could anyone advise me on this? Many Thanks
  18. When I try to log on to the Majestic server via RAGE MP, I write the error "Connection lost.reconnecting", before that everything was fine, I met with this error, but I was able to get rid of it by turning off MSI Afterburner, which was the cause of the error, at the moment it happened after my brother decided to download GTA RP only for 2 on the computer and through using another Social club account. The router was rebooting - it is static. RAGE MP also reinstalled did not help.
  19. What should I do if I get the error "Start GTA with rockstar"?
  20. Hello everyone! 🙂 First of all, i'm a random gta v modder and i'm very new to rage mp. I mod gta and many many games for few years. Before i was using other multiplayer modification which was mostly client-sided. I wasn't fan of it and community was so helpful that forced me to find better alternative. Then i heard a lot of good things about this app and it's possibilities from a friend of mine so i thought it would be nice to make my own server using rage mp. I saw on youtube that rage mp is everything from scratch: no traffic, npc's and so on. I know there is a wiki with "how to set up a server" and tutorials how to write functions & scripts but since i'm not programmer and never tried it, would like to ask if there any more friendly ways to make it work with your content on server? Like: traffic, scenarios (if it's possible), maps, graphics, weather, sounds (add-on too), new vehicles (add-on) / replace (working modkit in both cases?), scripts (what kind of?), peds, props etc. ? Here are some file formats i would like to know if they are working or not: .yft .ydr .ytd .ipl .ymt .ybn .dat .awc .rel .xml .meta and of course the most important if i can stream gameconfig.xml and main vehicles.meta (vanilla) I've searched on the forum what type of files can be streamed server-side but didn't found an answer. Rage mp supports streaming .rpf's ? If yes it would be great since I know rockstar limitations of loading files outside of .rpf (famous 16mb). I also need to know what are the limitations of this multiplayer. Tell me everything u know about it. If some of the things i mentioned above are not working or are actually in progress & plans, please let me know. I'm really looking forward for further updates! 😃 Ps. Sorry if the whole topic looks like a mess and sorry for my bad english. Greetings, RageVision.
  21. Good afternoon, I recently started mapping and ran into an unknown problem. I made an interior, uploaded it to the server, it only works if you enter it through the portal, if you try to teleport into it or fly into it using noclip, this will not work, the player will fall through the interior. Maybe someone can help me with this, call me or just explain what the problem is, I will be very grateful. I can send interior files if you are willing to help. I am attaching a video demonstrating the problem.(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fHwgvg2nty1b81rKkCtVuGPytZ_NSxUp/view?usp=sharing)
  22. How to create a ped that will behave aggressively towards the player (beat him)? Please help if it possible.
  23. Hello, I've been looking for my mistake for a very long time, but I haven't found anything good. The problem is that after some time of the game - it closes. When I opened the logs, I saw this error: Sometimes other errors may appear, but this one is permanent. It's easier to say what I didn't do than what I did... Can someone solve this problem? ------------------------------------------------- Full logs:
  24. Hallo ich habe mich anfangs mit der Thematik Custom Skys für Grand RP beschäftigt. Erstmals hatte ich mir selbst einen anfertigen lassen und nach ein paar russischen Videos konnte ich dann auch schon meinen eigenen Sky entwerfen und jetzt auch schon benutzen. Nun habe ich mich an ein Custom Outfit gewagt. Sprich ich habe über OpenIV den Ordner „mpchristmas2017“ geöffnet und in den files dann die beiden Files gefunden einmal das Oberteil in der 3D ansicht und einmal das Raster als PNG zum bearbeiten. Bilder kann ich leider gerade nicht einfügen da ich diesen Beitrag aufm Handy schreibe. Fakt ist sobald ich die Dlc.rpf datei von dem Ordner Mpchristmas2017 mit den neuen PNG also meinem custom outfit versehe bekomme ich bei spielstart eine Fehlermeldung, dass meine Spieldatein überprüft gehören. Kann mir hier bitte einer mit Erfahrung in diesem Bereich auf Discord weiterhelfen! Meine ID wäre die ᴀʀᴛᴇᴍɪsシ#9796 Ich würde mich wirklich sehr freuen wenn mir hier jemand helfen könnte! ———————————————————— Hello, I initially dealt with the topic of custom skys for Grand RP. For the first time I had one made for myself and after a few Russian videos I was able to design my own Sky and now I can already use it. Now I've ventured into a custom outfit. In other words, I opened the "mpchristmas2017" folder via OpenIV and then found the two files in the files: the upper part in the 3D view and the grid as a PNG for editing. Unfortunately, I can't add pictures right now because I'm writing this post on my cell phone. The fact is, as soon as I add the Dlc.rpf file from the Mpchristmas2017 folder with the new PNG, i.e. my custom outfit, I get an error message at the start of the game that my game files need to be checked. Can someone please help me with experience in this area on Discord! My ID would be this ᴀʀᴛᴇᴍɪsシ#9796 I would be really happy if someone could help me here!
  25. Hello I'm here trying to write something nice for RAGE Multiplayer and wondering if it's possible to close the console somehow (F11)
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