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  1. help, if i try to connect to any of the servers, they load for a while, and then they say that Connection lost. Reconnecting. thing. can someone help me? i tried reinstalling gta 5, reinstalling rockstar launcher and social club, and tried reinstalling RAGEMP. i tried to disconnect my wifi and then reconnect to it. i don't know what to do.
  2. I don't want to start the game. Rage mp starts. The rockstar launcher is launched. After that, everything is turned off. Gta works in single-player mode. AltV servers are also working Writes errors in the logs: (cef_launcher_logs.txt) [0215/194722.493:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(59)] compileToBinary(235): C:\fakepath(73,10-42): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle negative values if you expect them C:\fakepath(95,10-42): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle
  3. Everytime when i try to connect with a server on Ragemp my monitor turns to a blackscreen and the only option i have is to restart my PC. I deleted Ragemp and downloaded it again. i searched on Steam for damaged files of GTA V but everything seems to be okay. GTA V story mode and online works perfectly. I hope someone can help me!
  4. Basically I join a server (gta5rp.com (no ad)) Then I do some stuff for like 5 minutes and It my game crashes. I haven't really checked on other servers. I always launch updater.exe as admin
  5. Here is my index.js code: require('../grandrp/events/OnPlayerJoin.js'); console.log('Server started'); Here is OnPlayerJoin.js mp.events.add('playerJoin', (player) => { mp.gui.chat.push(`${player.name} has joined the server!`); player.spawn(new mp.Vector3(2185.73, 259.42, 261.52)); }); When player is joined it says: TypeError: Cannot read property 'chat' of undefined
  6. Nothing happens, the value changes but does not apply. When you exit and then enter the stream of the vehicle, the handling value that I set before is reset to default. public void SetVehicleHandling(object[] args) { string key = args[0].ToString(); float val = Convert.ToSingle(args[1]); Chat.Output($"OLD: {RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.GetHandlingFloat(key)}; NEW: {val}; ({key})"); RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.SetHandling(key, val); } If someone maked it work i will be appriciate for answer. Thanks
  7. Hello There! Is it possible to use L.A roads or other roads in RageMP?
  8. So, my RageMP closes without any message when i try to join any servers as well as Steam and Rockstar Games Launcher and this happens after the "establishing connection"
  9. Hi, I am looking to set up a server. I've GTA servers on RageMP and other clients for a while now and noticed that there is no major English ZombieRP Survival server. I have played a few myself and find flaws in the server ranging from poor server quality to poor staff teams and service. I am hoping to offer a great community based around zombie roleplay which provides a good experience and a good staff team that are happy to help. I come from a Garry's Mod background and have owned and developed many of my own servers however I am completely clueless how to script and work with se
  10. Hello everyone! Who can tell, I created a view using a react, assembled my project and inserted the assembly into the client package folder, then I registered a new browser in the file index and the path to my index.html and run server, but the cef does not want to be displayed. What am I doing wrong? And if I run a local web server when developing a react, then I can turn to it by specifying the path of the localhost:3000, but in all the assemblies that I saw there they indicated the path using the package:// .. I don’t understand why I can’t do also This is what my catalog looks li
  11. RageMP crashes after 1 hour playing everytime, i just get the stopped working error
  12. whenever I connect to my multiplayer server I get this error "ragemp cant join server" I can't seem to fix the issue can anyone help.
  13. Hello to you all, I don’t know if a topic like mine has already been opened, but I searched for hours and found nothing. If so, I apologize in advance. My big problem is that I can’t implement the maps I created in game. Some maps I created with CODE WALKER, others with MEENYOO and others with MAP EDITOR. Can you help me? I’m going crazy about it. Thank you!
  14. so my gta is on the epic games platform the free version and i have gta downloaded in my c drive so i tried to make a new folder in my c drive for Rage and i sstill got the same issue anyone have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it i have been trying for almost a week now
  15. Hi guys! I've got a problem with my ragemp client. After I selected the server, the ragemp starts, and than it cannot load. I waited for hours, but nothing happened. In serverside theres no connection request from my ip. I've reinstalled the full ragemp and gta v, but it didnt helped. (I've also deleted manually every single folder before the reinstall) I read in discord support somebody fixed this bug with conf.json files modification (added this line: "allow-cef-debugging" : true,) but it didnt helped me out. I wanted to connect a 1.1 server. I paste here my launcher
  16. Your game version is not supported by RAGE multiplayer! I surfed the whole internet and no solution. I need just to wait untill developers solve this??
  17. Hallo, Ich habe nun seit mehren tagen versucht RageMP zum laufen zu bekommen. Videolink zum Fehler: https://youtu.be/_kcZGY5L6Go Wie man im beigefügten Video sieht., startet RageMP erstmal ganz normal. Wenn ich dann alles geladen habe, bleibt es stecken und er versucht durchgehend neu zu verbinden. Dabei ändert sich aber die komplette Grafik und der Charakter wird kantig. Außerdem lädt RageMP unter F1 auch keine Server mehr. Das Problem ist auch nicht nur bei dem Server so, sondern auch bei allen anderen. Meine Fix Ansätze: - RageMP mehrfach neu installiert -Rage
  18. Hello everyone! 🙂 First of all, i'm a random gta v modder and i'm very new to rage mp. I mod gta and many many games for few years. Before i was using other multiplayer modification which was mostly client-sided. I wasn't fan of it and community was so helpful that forced me to find better alternative. Then i heard a lot of good things about this app and it's possibilities from a friend of mine so i thought it would be nice to make my own server using rage mp. I saw on youtube that rage mp is everything from scratch: no traffic, npc's and so on. I know th
  19. when i try to connect to a server the game starts but i can't get out of the loading screen so i can play , I have already reinstalled RageMP but it still don't working. PLS HELP 37/5000
  20. If I click on the ESC or open the card, everything freezes, but the mouse can be moved and the only solution to how to exit the game is to turn it off through the task manager.I can’t help but opening it sometimes really needed! what to do ?
  21. Hey ich wollte mal fragen ob mir hier jemand c# scripten beibringen kann. Bin ein kompletter Anfänger und hatte noch nie was mit diesem Thema zutun wäre also nett wenn man mir das scripten beibringen würde z.B. wie man ein Handy scriptet mit jeder Funktion Sms, Telefonieren usw.
  22. Hello, I'm new to the forum, please do not scold me, I did not find information on how to change the IP address of the server in the ragemp launcher. I made a literal IP address of the server(Subdomain), how do I make this IP address appear in the ragemp launcher, and not the standard numeric one? Thank you for your attention, have a nice day friends! The screenshot was not inserted, so I put the link here https://prnt.sc/sko4an
  23. Rage fails to launch and tells me to verify my game data but i got it form epic games and don't know how to
  24. When will RageMP download come to support Epic Games because I really want to play on it but it doesn't seem to work
  25. So, basically, I just started out making a RAGE MP Server and i'm a bit familiar with C# and things but i've just downloaded the newest version of RAGE MP just to ensure that the server is on the newest version, everything works fine, i start the server without bridge things nor plugins i starts up i can join but when i insert the bridge package it just crashes on startup, yet when i take out the bridge.dll it starts up but has an error saying that it cannot locate the resources folder, thanks in advance :)
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