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Found 21 results

  1. Habe Rage MP sowie GTA 5 neu Installiert. Es kommt aber wieder und wieder diese Fehlermeldung.
  2. good day, how can i find out what the forbidden dlc is? Kind regards Shaun Lüdeke
  3. Hello, Are there any news about by when a fix for the 1.1 Servers will be available. I don't want to know an exact time but a rough estimation would be nice .. this weekend, next week or never?? Any update, information would be welcome, thanks upfront.
  4. so my gta is on the epic games platform the free version and i have gta downloaded in my c drive so i tried to make a new folder in my c drive for Rage and i sstill got the same issue anyone have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it i have been trying for almost a week now
  5. Hello everyone! 🙂 First of all, i'm a random gta v modder and i'm very new to rage mp. I mod gta and many many games for few years. Before i was using other multiplayer modification which was mostly client-sided. I wasn't fan of it and community was so helpful that forced me to find better alternative. Then i heard a lot of good things about this app and it's possibilities from a friend of mine so i thought it would be nice to make my own server using rage mp. I saw on youtube that rage mp is everything from scratch: no traffic, npc's and so on. I know th
  6. when i try to connect to a server the game starts but i can't get out of the loading screen so i can play , I have already reinstalled RageMP but it still don't working. PLS HELP 37/5000
  7. Hallo ich habe vor kurzen mit der RAGE Programmierung angefangen und wollte fragen wie ich Dinge abfragen kann z.b ob ein Spieler bestimmte Rechte hat
  8. Hello guys! When i equip a weapon - such a bug occures. Couldn't find any solution, so i'm looking for help here 😧
  9. Hallo ich habe ein Problem ich habe mir den RageMP Lauchner Installiert und wenn ich den Starte kommt nur kurz das Icon in der Taskleiste und das wars hab auch schon mal neu Installiert hat aber nix geändert
  10. Is there a function to change the Head Overlay on the client side? I want to change the ped but I don’t see the result, although I found this function in the wiki on the client-side functions. Wiki link: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Player::setHeadOverlay
  11. Hello I have a problem, my RageMP Launcher does not start it comes only briefly the icon in the bottom of the taskbar and that's it then I've ever reinstalled but has changed nothing
  12. cookymodz


  13. Mauris

    NPM Help!

    Can someone help me to fix this ? https://gyazo.com/5e44b2228b741797aa55a552259faa08 https://gyazo.com/87b5d1779a004d08dd8af19824f74982 https://gyazo.com/fd314f4e89d0c6bc0bc20e6a64b79c49 I would really appreciate it !!
  14. can someone help me ? i've recently instaled rage MP with all updates but now it opens and then imediatly closes
  15. NotATurtle

    File Error?

    Installed the client great, however, upon startup I get hit with a "Windows cannot find 'ragemp_v.exe'." Windows error. Fix?
  16. Hello everybody, I'm a self educated designer with no degrees also a front end developer however I want to start learning back end programming. I do have the basic fundamentals knowledge from past learning experiences mainly using Javascript, C and Pascal. I have been following RageMP for a while now and I like to be part of the community and contribute in it that's why I wanted to ask as an amateur should I start learning programming on this platform or is there some rather easy other ones that I have to start with? If so can you set me on the wright road with what language
  17. Okay so hello, I bought GTA V few days ago, social club one and not Steam's one, so I'm installing the rage multiplayer after all the files have been installed its just opening something for 1 second, then closing it, and if im trying to run RAGE multiplayer, its just says: Select RAGE multiplayer installation path, and just downloading all the files again and again, what to do?
  18. I have a fully up to date game and client. I'm able to get into rage.mp fine and i can do everything in the client. Though when i try to join a server i go to a loading screen for about 15 seconds then the game crashes. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!
  19. retroduck

    Warning 1909

    Before Rage mp finishes installing, it gives me this, https://gyazo.com/a56b1058665bd8f6530717173a661971 If I ignore it, I cannot open the launcher, it disapears. What do I do??
  20. Hello, Is it possible to create a Polish department in Non-English. He could moderate the department regularly and help me. Please, consider my suggestion wisely
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