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  1. There are two problem with 1.1. First one is the start button (red circle) on controllers do not pause the game. The second problem is with full screening the game using alt+enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. It takes like 10 seconds compare to 0.3.7 which is almost instant. Both issues are recorded and explained in the video. https://streamable.com/jz2721
  2. Hey, I hope this is read by George among others, we are a server that is currently running with some players on 1.1, but we have the problem that sometimes the players are invisible, the vehicles are invisible, or players suddenly out of the vehicle climb and the car is teleported away, but the vehicles are not only bugged outside the streaming range, but also if a user spawns the vehicle via the garage system (approx. 3 meters away from him) I hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise we have to rewrite all of our scripts to 0.3.7 and are therefore forced to downgrade our version.
  3. Good day. I recently decided to migrate my server to a newer version of RageMP (up to 1.1) and ran into the problem of missing some methods (methods related to ColShape, TextLabel and Blip's). I know for sure that version 1.1 is installed on the RageMP client and server: the client logs into the server without any problems and the server supports NetCore 3.1. When starting a server with a connected resource, this error occurs: Code: At the same time, the server works without problems and you can go to it - the function for creating Blip simply does not work. The
  4. Hi! I have a strange problem on my server. I try to replace every song / artist GXT text, with something, but only some get replaced. The GXT text I edit is from the latest version, and even if the Hash I change is along the list, it just dosen't change. Here is the code I use: mp.events.add("playerReady", (player) => { availableSongs.forEach((song) => { mp.game.gxt.set(song, ""); }); }); Here is the availableSong list: https://pastebin.com/6LTss10F This is a strange problem, since I tested it somewhere else, and I didn't encounter thi
  5. Приветствую. Hello. Проблема: Problem: При заходе на сервер версии 1.1, запускается GTA5 вылетает и выдает ошибку, хотя на версии 0.3.7 все нормально. Зависает обычно перед появлением заставки Rage mp. Странно еще то, что иногда в игру на сервер 1.1 нормально заходит, обычно после перезагрузки системы, но не всегда, а очень редко, примерно 1 на 10 раз и появляется заставка. В чем проблема не понятно. Google translate: Greetings. Problem: When you enter the server version 1.1, GTA5 starts, crashes and gives an error, although everything is fine on version 0.3.7. It usually hangs before th
  6. Everytime when i open the RageMP Launcher it only shows a white screen https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-9605f3-1588842757.png.html
  7. I have no clue how on earth to fix this but everytime I launch RageMP and try to join OwlGaming, it closes with no error. Found Logs from C:/RAGEMP [0831/234329.838:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined", source: rui://main/js/app.70c0578d.js (1) [0831/234329.975:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(59)] compileToBinary(235): C:\fakepath(73,10-42): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle negative values if you expect them C:\fakepath(95,10-42): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not wo
  8. Hi guys! I've got a problem with my ragemp client. After I selected the server, the ragemp starts, and than it cannot load. I waited for hours, but nothing happened. In serverside theres no connection request from my ip. I've reinstalled the full ragemp and gta v, but it didnt helped. (I've also deleted manually every single folder before the reinstall) I read in discord support somebody fixed this bug with conf.json files modification (added this line: "allow-cef-debugging" : true,) but it didnt helped me out. I wanted to connect a 1.1 server. I paste here my launcher
  9. Hello guys! When i equip a weapon - such a bug occures. Couldn't find any solution, so i'm looking for help here 😧
  10. peirogi

    VOIP On Eclipse

    I have a strange bug on Eclipse RP and cannot find a solution through them so I'm coming here. I have reinstalled rage twice, validated GTAV, updated drivers, tried different audio outputs. The issue is relating to VOIP ingame, most of the time when someone speaks its an extremely loud static buzz that makes me literally have to throw my headset off to avoid hearing damage. Sometimes VOIP will function normally at first and then revert to blasting my eardrums out with the power of 1000 cicadas. It sounds like someone putting a tesla right next to your eardrum. Ambient sound in game
  11. Bonjour à tous ! Ça fait plaisir de voir un peu de communauté française sur ce projet. J' ai un petit soucis, quand je lance rage mp par le launcher ça fonctionne mais une fois que je lance un serveur ça fait crash le jeu. Est-ce parceque la version de mon jeu gta est trop récente ? Je suis sur la version officiel. Merci d' avance pour vos retours.
  12. Не могу делать ничего в лаунчере , например запустить сервер или изменить что-то в настройках
  13. When i try do to something in launcher like join to server or go to setings i cant beacuse my right and left click doesnt working in launcher . How to fix it ?
  14. Hello, I have a problem: There are doors in the game that I can't open, in all servers. Other players can pass, but for me the doors do not open, for example to a store Please help me...
  15. Hello I'm new here and i wanted to play gta v online with ragemp, i installed ragemp and when i open the updater.exe i get an error https://ibb.co/e4g7TA i have a legal copy of gta v on steam please reply asap
  16. When I connect to the servers, every thing seems normal, but when i start to play, i can't see any players or cars in the server, but I still able to see the chat, as if I was desynchronized or logged in a empty server. I already reinstalled the rage, but it won´t caused any changes. I have another PC in my house, and on this computer it's was just fine, so i connected both at the same server, and at the cumputer who do not have any problems at the rage, I was seeing every player on the server normally, except myself at the computer with the troubles to connect, anyone knows how to solve thi
  17. Hallo, wenn ich den RageMP Launcher starte passiert soweit nichts alles normal, aber wenn ich auf Connect drücke schließt sich das Fenster einfach und es passiert nichts GTA startet nicht garnichts. Hello, my RageMP lauchner work normal but if i press the connect Button RAGEMP closes without an Error message. GTA dont start. Sorry for my bad English :D
  18. Какое-то время играл на Rage MP, но потом серв прикрыли и я подзабил. Сейчас срочно нужно играть, ибо стою в ЗБТ проекта, а рейдж не робит. Тут даже скринов не надо. После конекта к ип запуск гта и заход в одиночку, при этом social club оффлайн. Если открыть сервер лист, а вот тут скрин, вылезает ошибка. Теперь сижу и не знаю что делать. Раз 10 перезаходил, переустанавливал, заходил с ВПНом (разных сервисов) и ничего. Есть идеи что делать?
  19. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Client. Immer wenn ich auf den Server von StateTV gehen will, bleibt meine Maus im Zentrum hängen und ich kann nichts anklicken geschweigedenn die Maus Bewegen. Ich habe auch schon probiert einfach nur die normale Version von GTA V zu starten, habe dort das auf "Raw Input" gestellt. Dann hab ich den RageMP Launcher wieder gestartet und die Einstellungen wurden nicht übernommen. Ich hoffe mit kann jemand helfen. MfG, syynC
  20. for some reason at first it wouldn't let me walk at all but after restarting a few times i was able to walk, but i couldn't stop and to go a certain direction i had to angle my camera in a certain way. was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same or similiar problem or if anyone knows whats wrong and how to fix it.
  21. Dreamie


    Just wanna play some Rage MP and i keep getting this error https://gyazo.com/cb90cec38bf9a630c515e7b454f94724 I've tried reinstalling and repairing over and over. Help please.
  22. KreyZY


    meu RAGEMP nao abre nenhum servidor e o gtav esta na versao 1.41 esta corretamente instalado e funcionando , o rage para de funcionar apos escolher o server
  23. On most servers, all vehicles are unsynchronized. • When driving a car, everyone else sees a stationary vehicle you are sitting in. The other plays don’t see it move. • When riding as a passenger, you won’t see the player’s car move; they are actually driving the vehicle though. • When the driver exits the car, they disappear along with the car. You remain in the original location. • When you exit the vehicle after driving it, the other players see you and your car disappear (to the place you’ve driven). I was told this was a recent bug; will it be corrected soon? Thanks.
  24. when i select servers game opens and loads normal and after 1 minute of loading screen appears : Activation Verifing game ownership and after it it continue loading again like 4 minutes then game crashes before i play the game any fix ? Mine version is repack fitgirl " 36 gb " Updated 1.36
  25. Hello guys. So, I finally got RageMP working after some time trying to run it. Then I started to work on my own server, doing my scripts and I really loved the scripting API! Good work devs! So, while testing a character customization I made for the game playing with two computers I noticed a bug. The first player who is changing the component '0' (the head) cannot see the changes, while the another one can see the changes in the characther of the first one. I have no clue why this happens. I don't think this is a scripting problem, because all the other components (Hair, Torso, Legs
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