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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, guys! I have one question. I would like to enable a language Typescript for my client-side. How I can do it? Wiki page don't help me: (because there is an instruction for setting up vscode, but I want to use this language in my developed) Thanks for the answer!
  2. Hi guys! Please tell me how to know. Can I start server-side development in C#? And in parallel to develop the client-side in JavaScript language? I want to use 2 languages simultaneously for development. Each side has its own. How can I implement this?
  3. Всем привет! Пожалуйста, подскажите кто знает. Могу ли я начать разработку на стороне сервера на языке C#? И параллельно разрабатывать клиент на языке JavaScript? Я хочу использовать одновременно 2 языка для разработки. На каждой стороне свой. Как я могу это реализовать?
  4. pandov

    Client-side JS does not start

    Hey guys! Originally wrote the code on the client in C#. Unfortunately it does not support some of the features that I need. Therefore, I decided to transfer the client's side to the language of JS. But the problem arose at the very beginning of the journey. I opened the tutorial ( and did everything as written there. Then I started the server and joined it and I realized that nothing works. Based on the lesson materials, I have to get a chat message. But nothing works. I would like to appeal to the multiplayer community. Can you help me solve this problem?
  5. HyperStyledMouse

    undefined:0: Error

    Hey all, Wondering if someone can help me solve this the moment the client files download and it starts up into the server I get the following Error: I have uninstalled and reinstalled rage, I have done the same with the game not sure what else I can do? Any idea are help I'll be so grateful!
  6. Leahpar

    C# Client scripts

    Hello. Does anyone know why my client scripts will not be executed? I created the "enable-clientside-cs.txt" in the RAGEMP root folder. My Script in "client_packages/cs_packages/Main/Main.cs": using RAGE; namespace UFFRClientScripts { public class Main : Events.Script { public Main() { Chat.Output ("Loaded Client Scripts!"); } } }
  7. Xaviiara

    Server version mismatch.

    After last Rage MP update, I can't connect to a few servers, probably because they haven't updated the server to latest verison. This is extremly annoying because the one developer of my favorite server is lazy as fuck. Is there a way I can revert back to rage 0.3.5? If I download from announcements then it just downloads the updater and updates automatically. (Or can someone provide the 0.3.5 files directly/and some way to disable auto update.) I also tried a bunch of crap to fix this, idk man. (And I have the legit GTA V btw. (v1.44))
  8. chnandlerbong

    JS Startup Error

    Everytime I try to connect to a server, I get this error message and if I, somehow, by chance don't get this error message then I get stuck into an infinite black loading screen with "multiplayer started" on the side. Please help!


    I have have the requirements to launch it. A legal copy of GTA V NET Framework C++ Visual Firewalls off Game still launching in solo. I was able to play on rage mp like a week ago, i just re-installed and it don't work anymore Ty for help.
  10. Hello, i'm trying to get the character id from an <a> tag and send it to the server so when i click the button it will send that id to the server. Currently i got this in the login.html <b v-for="character in characters"> <a class="link-button link-button_margin1 link-button_theme-orange transition-02 hover" v-bind:char_id="" @click="login" v-if="characters">{{ }}</a> </b> And the "login" function to send it to the server is here login: function () { mp.trigger("cMisc-CallServerEvent", "sLogin-TryLoginWithoutCode", this.char_id); } This.char_id does not work however and will result into my server crashing. I want to send the "" to the server. Thanks in advance.
  11. horseyhorsey

    RageMp Resources C#

    Guten tag I was going to build a server but soon learned it was not going to be quick. Kind of gone off the idea now, but I have still been enjoying messing around. I've made a repo in the case I do go completely go off the idea which should help the next person with a bit more to look at. Read the inital readme to update the submodules before building. If you want built resources I can provide. Credit to anyone that helped in discord, xabi (atms) (project to look through), Guad, george, extra thank to rootcause because providing great snippets & data and Sake4Mod
  12. MetaVic

    Help Please!

    Alright, so I have two issues that I need help with. One is the most pressing, as it happens every time I launch the game the second time. After installing, it will launch perfectly fine, I get in-game, connect to the server and auto-download the assets. After that if I close the game and try to launch it again, I am met with this: And when I select the folder, it does nothing. It just closes and doesn't boot up the game. If I select cancel the updater will pop up for just a second before closing and the game doesn't boot up. The only fix I can seem to manage is uninstalling it and reinstalling it every time I wish to play it. I looked online and I can't find anyone else with the same issue, though to be fair that may be because of the mixed results when searching for RAGE. My second issue is one that makes me feel like a complete noob, since I looked all over for a video or forum post explaining this to no avail. Plug-ins... Don't wanna play the generic base character, but can't install the plug-ins. No idea how. Every plug-in (that has instructions) says "Put them in the right places" like that explains it, but it doesn't. I am so confused... If I put the files in my RAGEMP folder nothing happens (partially cause of the first issue I have) and if I put them in my GTAV folder nothing happens. I feel like it should be blatantly obvious what to do and I just can't figure it out. X_X Thanks for your time and help!
  13. Swald

    Custom nametags

    Hello everyone! I wonder if there is any way to implement custom nametags? I would like for example, append player IDs to their names or color them. I discovered this thread but when I tried to use that approach on my server I got next error for nametags argument TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined When I logged out nametags I got next object: { setVariable: [Function], call: [Function] } So looks like on current version of RAGE render event doesn't have nametags argument even though it is stated on wiki page. Please tell me is it so or am I doing something wrong, I will appreciate any help. Thanks.
  14. Hello , I'am Starter in English See my error here: When i try to install ragemp this error come:
  15. TH3BrutalApple

    An issue between RAGE MP and GTA V (Steam)

    So i downloaded Rage MP and if i try to join any server, it says the following: RAGE Multiplayer ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer. Please upgrade to 1.44 in order to continue playing. I have tried to verify it in steam, i`ve tried the administrator thing too. And my GTA V is 100% updated.
  16. Masta


    Having client-side executable command `/timestamps` that would work just like in SA:MP (see screenshot In SA:MP it displays client-side and not server's time.
  17. Masta

    Last sent message in chat.

    In known games such as Minecraft or SA:MP hitting arrow up key when having chat open brings up last sent message. Rage is lacking this feature.
  18. After running "ragemp" I see a black window. Program works, I can even choose masterlist and connect to server, but I can not see which one I try to connect.
  19. Geuseck

    ragemp_v.exe missing

    The file ragemp_v.exe is not in my ragemp directory, so I can't launch ragemp. Can someone send me the link for downloading ragemp_v.exe?
  20. Всем привет. Зашел я значить на вики, да бы посмотреть что и как, какой функционал допилили, описание немного почитать. Наткнулся на серверною и клиентскою часть ивентов и охренел. Хочу спросить у вас дорогие форумчане - почему так мало ивентов, будут ли допиливать новые, что слышали по этому поводу?. С описанием функций и примерами тоже проблемы, но это вопрос времени. И помимо этого хочу задать такой вопрос. (возможно он не много глупый) Я так понимаю что серверною часть можно писать на разных языках. И если это так то поправочка к первому вопросу, меня интересуют ивенты на nodejs.
  21. Как вызвать клиентское событие с сервера? Метод ::callRemote не существует, метод ::call не вызывает сторону клиента, лишь сервера.
  22. Merksk8

    calling client-side functions

    Hello, I started some days ago scripting a new server, lot of information is missing or need to be found in some external examples, but anyway, the most part I found it. But when started with clientside, I can't understand the way it works. So then, from JS called from HTML, you need to use mp.triggers(). Ok. If you call from (for example) client package "Test", file "Index.js", you can use object to access to the local player that triggered that event, ok. But the weird thing is, and my questions are : 1. In the Wiki, there are two sections on player commands, the top one (related with entities) and the bottom one ( related with ?? ), this last ones ( bottom) works well with, but the other ones I can't get them working ( apparently doesn't exists). So the first question is, how to access the first ones. 2. The second one is, if I want to sync a local even, for example an animation, from each local clientside player, do I have to do like this?? : /* Event call from server to all players */'playerStartedAnim', function(targetPlayer, animation1, animation2){ /* loop through players until find the one that wants to play animation */ mp.players.forEach(function(pl){ if( == targetPlayer){ /* play animation ??*/ pl.taskPlayAnim(animation1,animation2,8.0,1,-1,49,1.0,false,false,false); } }); }); Well, above code is not working because the question 1, so take it like an example for what I'm asking. Thanks a lot for reading and thanks for advance.
  23. PiLLoW

    "Client Automatically Closed"

    Good day Guys, Im new on this community i would like to know what is the problem of my client if im starting to play in any GTA rageMP servers check this short short clip that i made.