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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys! A function works when the contract is accepted by everyone. I tried to write similar to root's inventory-api. Contact me! If you want to change something Please Download from Github. !!!VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Using is not a reliable way while the agreement is active(not signed), the player can leave the game and can be changed. For this reason, you should use a unique id. For example, database id.My database is player.charid.You have to change player.charid .!!!! You can change 'playerLogin' event too. Its my auth event. EXAMPLE: addAgreement("key","name","desc",acceptFunction()= aS.addAgreement('spawn',"Spawn ","perfect desc",(data,chars)=>{ for(let cid in chars){ let players=mp.players.toArray().filter(p=>p.charid==cid) for(let i in players){ players[i].position=data } } }) player.createAgreement("key" , [player-uniqid list] , time , data) player.createAgreement("spawn",[player.charid],55,{x:56,y:98,z:100}) player.signAgreement(activeAgreemnts Index,decision) player.signAgreement(index,true)
  2. lucas

    RageMP + Kotlin

    Getting Started with Development 🛠 🔰 The easiest way is with no doubt to download the boilerplate / example project from GitHub.You can look at the example package that is included in there to figure out how everything works. Once you've ran the Package option in IntelliJ within the boilerplate, copy the contents of the client_packages folder that should now have appeared in the project folder to the server's client_packages folder. It's that simple? Is there some kind of catch? 🤔 Nope! There is no catch. All you need to get started is an IDE that supports Kotlin. I recommend JetBrain's IntelliJ IDEA due to its performance, flexibility and customization options. I'm super excited for what the simplicity of Kotlin will bring to the RageMP community and all of your creations that have been made just a tiny bit easier 😉 (PS If you click on the header picture, it'll take you straight to the GitHub page for the library with more examples)
  3. Can you guys add the HAS_PED_BEEN_DAMAGED_BY_WEAPON native as a javascript function like those in Client-side functions? For some reason calling this native (hash 0x2D343D2219CD027A) using seems to not work at all. It was supposed to return true/false but instead it just returns the second parameter passed to the invoke() function.