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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0


    HI all, here is a simple CarShop system, pretty optimized in client side, but not this much server-side. This CarShop adapt himself to what you give it, from the config file, let me explain: You define some parameters in the config file, for your carShop (Vehicles classses, marker position...), and the client side system with do the stuff. Here is a example of a carShop: "Boat": { // Shop Name "Position": { // vehicle position for the showcase, camera is auto defined from this "x": -729, "y": -1361, "z": 0.05, "rz": 136 }, "Marker": { // Marker for the player when entering shop "x": -815.93, "y": -1346.3, "z": 5.15 }, "Park": { // When you buy your vehicle, here is where you put vehicle location, it is random ! :D ANd a waypoint is created in client side to show where it is "0":{"x":-725.33,"y":-1325.299,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "1":{"x":-727.42,"y":-1329.044,"z":0.11,"rz":230.54}, "2":{"x":-729.79,"y":-1333.469,"z":0.11,"rz":230.29}, "3":{"x":-731.4,"y":-1332.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "4":{"x":-734.63,"y":-1334.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29}, "5":{"x":-738.73,"y":-1342.34,"z":0.11,"rz":228.29} }, "Blip": 427, // Blip for the map "Class": [ 14 ], // vehicle classes, see below for list "Name": "Boat Shop" // Displayed Name } So, aswell, when connect this will create a Marker / Blip on the marker position of the config file. And that's all for creating a car shop ! Now, you can define prices easily aswell: In the vehicle_Shop.json file, you have the list of every vehicle which are available for selling. You have the hash, displayName, name, manufacturer & the price, define dby 15000 by default, but you can define a new price for every vehicle by yourself. That's all you have to do, now do /carShop [YouCarShopName], and see the magic happening. Here is the vehicles class name: Sedans SUVs Coupe Muscle Sport Classic Sport Super Moto Off-Road Industrial Utility Vans Cycles Boats Helicopters Planes Service Emergency Military Commercial Trains I think i gave you all the stuff to make it works, i hope you like it! By default you have 3 carshops, boat / low budget car/ helicopters.
  2. Version 0.0.2


    This resource will help many newcomers in the development of the server. At this gamemode, used the sequelize framework, for easy work with the database. Also used frameworks ReactJS + ReduxJS special for CEF. GitHub URL: Installing 1. Download this archive, unpack it in RAGE:MP new server folder. 2. To work with the database locally I suggest using Denwer. 3. Config connection data at packages\sequelize\modules\db.js 4. Import example database into phpMyAdmin 5. Then start server, and test it !) Needed node modules 1. MySQL2 - [ npm install mysql2 -save ] 2. Sequelize - [ npm install sequelize -save ] - Thanks @kemperrr for make "pleaseCallCEF" function and event on ReactJS!! This is first version, During the time there can be changes and improvements!!
  3. ynhhoJ

    Custom chat

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a simple example of using a custom chat in RAGE MP. You can set time of hide chat from chat.js: hide_chat: 15000 // in milliseconds
  4. lucas

    RageMP + Kotlin

    Getting Started with Development 🛠 🔰 The easiest way is with no doubt to download the boilerplate / example project from GitHub.You can look at the example package that is included in there to figure out how everything works. Once you've ran the Package option in IntelliJ within the boilerplate, copy the contents of the client_packages folder that should now have appeared in the project folder to the server's client_packages folder. It's that simple? Is there some kind of catch? 🤔 Nope! There is no catch. All you need to get started is an IDE that supports Kotlin. I recommend JetBrain's IntelliJ IDEA due to its performance, flexibility and customization options. I'm super excited for what the simplicity of Kotlin will bring to the RageMP community and all of your creations that have been made just a tiny bit easier 😉 (PS If you click on the header picture, it'll take you straight to the GitHub page for the library with more examples)