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Found 9 results

  1. Just... just take some popcorn, that code is.... well... you'll see. Download: https://down.monster/gamemode-mihai.zip Github link will be added later Video:
  2. Version 2.0


    Hello everybody. Some weeks ago i made a post on this forum's spanish section releasing my old gamemode, which I have been porting to RAGE:MP right after the bridge was released for the first time. In the beginning it was only in spanish, so I didn't thought it was a good idea to release to the whole community, as not so many people here speak spanish (I guess) but, after seeing that more people than I had expected downloaded it and also taking the suggestion George made me, I decided to start translating it and also, allowing to be multilanguage in a future. That above is the main reason
  3. Version 0.3.0


    League [work in progress] 0.3.0-alpha unstable version The classic tdm gamemode, with opensource code in the github repository. Available systems: 1. Configurable (The most settings you are allowed to edit in ./packages/league/assets/config.json) 2. Saving statistics (And yes, you dont need to install any additional libraries, just ctrl+c, ctrl+v folders) 3. Multi-language (You can easily add a new language just by creating a new json file in lang directory) 4. Groups (user, moderator, admin, root) 5. Notify system based on CEF (notifystack)
  4. League [work in progress] 0.5.0-alpha unstable version The classic tdm gamemode, with opensource code in the github repository. Requirements: MongoDB Community server v4.4.0 or above Setup the connection config.json (./packages/league/assets/config.json), for example: { "DB": { "HOSTNAME": "localhost", "PORT": "27017", "USERNAME": "root", "PASSWORD": "root", "DATABASE": "league" } } Available systems: 1. Configurable (The most settings you are allowed to edit in ./packages/league/assets/config.json) 2. Saving statistics to dat
  5. Z8pn


    Version 0.3


    RageZombies (on Github) Zombie Survival Gamemode for RageMP Installation! Prerequisites: MongoDB, NodeJS > 8.0.0 , Intermediate JS Knowledge install all needed packages using npm i "compile" clientside code using watchify client/development/index.js -o client/index.js edit app.js to fit your environment run app.js node app.js run your server About RageZombies was heavily insipred by some of my Zombie Projects on MTA, different Survival/Zombie Games. Most of the Work was strongly influenced by the small community that gathered a
  6. Z8pn

    Tactics [WIP]

    Version 0.1.0


    Work in Progress Tactics Mode note: this is not "playready" nor tested with more than 4 players, use this as a general idea for a similar gamemode or build something ontop of it. ingame "video" features more or less. "Lobby"-System Round System "Dead"-Bodies displayed properly ( not stuck in the floor ) "Combat"-Hitscan thingy "HUB" Map Manager ( see ./world/maps/ for references ) Object Loading for Lobbies Support for Multiple "Gamemodes" ( check ./server/world/gamemodes for references ) Balance for lobbie
  7. Hello. About 3 months ago I begin programming for the first time ever and begun creating this gamemode. It is your typical RPG / Cops n Robbers template that might or might not contain bugs and whatnot. It should give any new developer some inspiration or examples on how to do certain things. I called it "Project-X" It contains: Vehicle / Watercraft / Aircraft shop Vehicle Saving / Spawning Very basic gun shop Clothing system that is very bad Money and Wanted system Trucker Job Criminal activities like robbing a store, putting items to
  8. From now on, seeing that people aren't interested on contributing and their only purpose is asking "how to get started with launching the server" even without making what the guide says, the support will be for premium users only and on a limited way. I won't explain how the full gamemode works and I won't also answer questions each day so, if you're really interested on the project and want to be helped, you will have to give an economic help and have patience, as I have other real life issues and my own server opened with the same gamemode that you can find on GitHub. If you want to hav
  9. Version 0.0.2


    This resource will help many newcomers in the development of the server. At this gamemode, used the sequelize framework, for easy work with the database. Also used frameworks ReactJS + ReduxJS special for CEF. GitHub URL: https://github.com/HEXisGOD/RAGEMP_sequelize_react_redux Installing 1. Download this archive, unpack it in RAGE:MP new server folder. 2. To work with the database locally I suggest using Denwer. 3. Config connection data at packages\sequelize\modules\db.js 4. Import example database into phpMyAdmin 5. Then start server, and test it !) Needed node modules 1.
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