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  1. Version 1.0.0


    (Converted from GT-MP 31 MAY - Originally created 7 APR) I decided to convert my old resource to provide examples for others as well as learn the new API of RageMP. A simple approach to an admin system that makes use of JSON instead of a common SQL Database. Keep in mind this is nothing but a simple admin system to inspire someone else or continue to work on. There's plenty of commands missing if you intend to fit it to your own gamemode. I will mention that the ban system could use more work. At the moment it's easy to bypass seeing it's only based on the socialClubName of a player. Anyway, it's just an attempt at messing around a bit with JSON. If you're going to create a larger system I'd advice doing it differently. To alter your admin level, first register ingame and open up your JSON file. In the file you'll see your admin level that can range from 1-5. 1 being Junior & 5 being defined as Mangement. Command Description /login [password] Used to login to your admin account and gain access to the commands. /register [adminName] [password] Used to register an admin account. Currently there's no restrictions to prevent everyone from doing so. /ahelp Will display all commands avaliable to admins. /mute [target] Mutes the player and makes him unable to use the chat. /unmute [target] Unmutes the player and allows him to use the chat again. /spawnwep [wepName] [ammo] Creates a weapon and gives it to yourself with 9999 ammo unless specified otherwise. /spawncar [vehicleName] [color1] [color2] Create a vehicle and places you in the driversseat. Uses default color 1 unless specified otherwise. /setkevlar [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of armor. /sethealth [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of health, unless the target is dead. /goto [target] Teleports you to the target's position. /gethere [target] Teleports the target to your position. /kick [target] [reason] Simply kicks the player from server and display a message for everyone to see. /ban [target] [reason] Kicks the player and creates a ban file with the specified reason.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this Electrician job was made last night, in an effort to get to understand the more complex and the workflow for RageMP, i find it really interesting and i'm looking for your feedback. How does it work: You will get a blip on the map If you get there, you need to talk to the Electrician guy to hire yourself and get the garage access to spawn vehicles Once you get in range for the Garage blip, you need to press `E` to spawn the job vehicle and to get missions to go to: There is implemented an "inaccesible" script, that you can just be around the general entrance area, and you get teleported to the exit and the same for exit: Once you get inside, you can go to the mission to repair the electric panel: I do custom work and take script requests, feel free to message me: krane#2890 on discord
  3. Version 2.0.0


  4. Salut baieti, sper ca va atras titlu aici. Am experienta in full stack de peste 2 ani la companii romanesti, am lucrat si remote, in prezent lucrez la propria firma si se intampla sa imi placa foarte mult domeniu de fivem si rage, desi mie personal mi se pare o bataie mult prea mare de cap cu manageriatul la un asemenea proiect, sunt aici sa-ti ofer sprijin, consultanta si development. Deja de cateva saptamani lucrez la ragemp si ma joc cu APIul, integrarea la react cu typescript si chestiile mai avansate, si am spus de ce nu sa creeaz aceasta postare poate cineva are nevoie de asemenea ajutor. Aici este canalul meu de youtube pe care il foloseam sa postez resurse create pentru fivem LINK YOUTUBE Dupa cum se vede dupa numarul de vizualizari si calitatea videoclipurile stiu ce inseamna aia sa lucrezi in acest domeniu, nu lasa experienta mea limitata in rage sa te pacaleasca Astept mesajele voastre aici sau pe discord: krane#2890 sa ne auzim sa vedem ce si cum Asteptarile mele sunt: sa te ajut full remote si sa fiu platit pe ceea ce lucrez. Dar daca te simti mai linistit sa ma platesti pe ora sau saptamanal se poate si asa. Putem realiza un contract de colaborare pentru asa ceva, il voi face eu daca tu nu ai firma. Succes la baietii jmecheri
  5. Hey all, looking into getting into some scripting for Rage, I know a fair amount but something I seem to have hit a roadblock with and cant find any answers to is whether or not it is possible to set up regions, for example lets say i wanted the whole map to be able to do a pick locking script, but if you are at Mission Row PD, that script is disabled whilst you are in the region. Could anyone advise me on this? Many Thanks
  6. Looking for a job script/suggestions Like Taxi, Trucker, Miner, Ect
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Overview This is a highly customizable and responsive interact menu script that does not require any CEF magic. All of the components of this menu come from mp.game.graphics. There is an example.js included in the repository files that set up a menu manager along with two menus that you can switch between. Installation Place the interact folder inside your client_packages folder. Paste the below code into your client_packages/index.js file. require('./interact/example'); Controls These can be easily customized through RAGE, but if you are trying the example, hold the B key while using your mouse to navigate and press left mouse button to confirm selection. API Usage Getting required classes const Menu = require('./interact/menu'); const MenuManager = require('./interact/manager'); Setting up a menu /** * @param {Number} [maxItems] Max amount of items that will show when the menu is open. * @param {Number} [itemScale] Size of each selectable item in the menu. * @param {Number} [wheelScale] Size of texture in the center of the menu. * @param {Number} [radius] Size of each selectable item in the menu. * @param {RGBA} [color] Default color for all items (unless altered for each individual item added) * @param {RGBA} [hoverColor] Default hover color for all items (unless altered for each individual item added) * @param {Array} [wheelTexture] [textureDict, textureName] of the menu's center. * @param {Array} [backgroundTexture] [textureDict, textureName] of the optional background for items. */ const sampleMenu = new Menu(maxItems, itemScale, wheelScale, radius, color, hoverColor, wheelTexture, backgroundTexture); Adding items to the menu /** * @param {String} name Item identifier. * @param {String} textureDict Item icon texture dictionary. * @param {String} textureName Item icon texture name. * @param {Boolean} [background] Whether the item should have the optional background (recommended for icons without backgrounds). * @param {Boolean} [closeMenu] Whether the menu should be closed on item select. * @param {RGBA} [color] Color for the item in the menu (default takes color from the menu). * @param {RGBA} [hoverColor] Hover color for the item in the menu (default takes hover color from the menu). * @param {Function} callback Callback to execute on item select. */ sampleMenu.add(name, textureDict, textureName, background, closeMenu, color, hoverColor, () => { mp.game.graphics.notify('Button 1'); }); Setting up the menu manager /** * @param {Menu} mainMenu The menu that opens when manager is displayed. */ const menuManager = new MenuManager(mainMenu); Using the menu manager /** * @param {Menu} menu The menu to switch to (use this in callback if you want complex menus). */ menuManager.switch(menu); /** * @param {Boolean} toggle Toggle menu visibility. */ menuManager.display(toggle); // Running this executes the callback associated with the selected item. menuManager.select(); // This must be placed in the clientside render event menuManager.render() Github Link
  8. Hey Guys, I´m new to RageMP but I´m a fulltime developer in c# (I can do a little bit lua too, but the language is not the point ) I want to create a Server and already have some basic Stuff like a Money System etc. But now if I play with friends you want to earn some Cash So how can I create own Missions ? For the beginning its enough to just create a Mission where u must steal a spawned car and bring it to point x. But I dont have any Idea how to start, does someone knows more ? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany TRIXER
  9. client_packages index.js mp.events.add('render', () => { if (mp.keys.isDown(0x21) === true) { // key 'Bild-auf-Taste' mp.game.ui.displayRadar(false); } }); mp.events.add('render', () => { if (mp.keys.isDown(0x22) === true) { // key 'Bild-ab-Taste' mp.game.ui.displayRadar(true); } });
  10. Hi i want to start a RP server but i need script so if there is any bug free scripts for sale contact me or if some one know how to script and make custom script contact me on discord - n1k4e#1621
  11. Hello! Help me please. Why this error is happening? I'm using it on client-side.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Hey i made a simple Car Tuner for RageMP with NativeUI. You can open the menu with "F8". I have it on GitHub for you feel free to fork it: https://github.com/SupperCraft5000/Basic-Car-Tuner You can Tune not all Thins but the Basics.
  13. Moin Leute, Ich bin derzeit auf der Suche nach ein komplettes Team für die Entwicklung eines GTA V Servers bei RAGE:MP. Wer bin ich Überhaupt? Scipezz ( Projektleiter ) : Ich bin Kevin 21 Jahre alt und komme aus den Schönen Bayern. Ich spiele seit 3-4 Jahren GTA Roleplay und finde es einfach GENIAL! Mein "Traum" ist es schon immer mal gewesenen einen RageMP Server zuhaben und ein Großes Projekt zu starten. Bisher suchen wir Leute erstmal in den Bereichen: Scripter | Gesucht dringend Mapper | Gesucht Coder | Gesucht Designer | Gefunden Supporter | Gefunden Was man als Teammitglied unbedingt besitzen sollte: Alter Mindestens 16 Man Sollte sich gut verstehen und es soll natürlich auch Spaß machen! Headset sowie TS Pflicht Durchsetzungsvermögen Humor Was ich bisher bieten kann! Teamspeak ³V-ServerUnd einen RageMP Server! Die Server werde ich natürlich bezahlen! Fragen beantworte ich gerne per PM, bei Intresse sehr gerne mir schreiben. täglich erreichbar auch auf den TS³ Server: Clay-v.de Bitte beachtet es ist ein Spaß Projekt und wir suchen Leute die Wirkliche Interesse daran haben! Nun Wünsche ich euch Noch schöne tage und ein frohes neues Jahr ❤️
  14. Hey i am currently looking for a script to adjust the vehicle values without restarting the server. I don't have any experience in scripting and programming, so it would be nice if you could explain it to me as easy as possible. thanks :)
  15. Moin Ich bin derzeit am Entwickeln für unserem Gangwar Server habe aber jetzt gerade ein kleines Problem wofür ich hilfe brauche. Ich habe das FFA Script komplett fertig man kann auch über dem Punkt am Würfelpark rein. Jetzt wollte ich einen /FFA Command rein machen damit man so ins FFA reinkommt bräuchte aber dabei hilfe weil ich davon keine Ahnung habe.
  16. Hello to whom ever decides to read this! My name is Danny I am 23 and a 3d/Digital Artist that is what I do for a living I say that as a means to make you the reader understand where I stand in terms of knowledge in Game Development. Recently I've decided I wanted to take on a project with a few other people on RageMP but we are lacking one thing and that would be a lead scripter/developer. This is a very new project and currently we have a UI designer, Map Editor, and Map Assistant, along with someone with a understanding in scripting. We also have a few people who we trust as testers and future staff. As I do have a decent under standing of Game Developing that being said this is a different thing in many aspects and I hope whom ever we bring on the team can really be someone I and the rest of the team can look to for a better understanding of limitations and other things. What we are looking for: We honestly need someone who is dedicated like we are to the experience we are trying to accomplish along with someone who thrives to push their self. We want someone chill, funny, good company, and someone who has ideas and isn't afraid to put them out there. We want to make this dream come true and someone who can polish or even come up with ideas is always appreciated. The Plan: This project is a big one and we know that, we have no intention to rush it at all. We have phases planned and small steps we want to take to ensure the core systems are in play before anything else. We the current developers are all people who play the game-mode we wish to improve and are long term experienced in the game-mode and how it should be but we really want to all shoot opinions out and perfect it together. Server-Info: The game mode we are trying to make would be Serious-RP and the things we want to alter would be discussed later on if you decide to get in contact, along with that I will also be showing you the capability of the UI we can have implemented and created for the server and I say this with full honesty I myself think you will see the potential for the server in the UI alone. Contact Info: Discord: PartRust#2604 RageMP: GhostDev
  17. Hey ich wollte mal fragen ob mir hier jemand c# scripten beibringen kann. Bin ein kompletter Anfänger und hatte noch nie was mit diesem Thema zutun wäre also nett wenn man mir das scripten beibringen würde z.B. wie man ein Handy scriptet mit jeder Funktion Sms, Telefonieren usw.
  18. At the time of death of a player on the server, he is invited to make a call. I have 3 hospitals in my server: Paleto, Sandy and Los Santos. I would like to know how to calculate the distance from the hospital to the place of death, in order to determine where to go faster. And the doctors would have the text "911 call * Region *. From (PlayerID)"
  19. Hello! Need help setting up the car. When editing the handling file.meta, the game crashes with the error ERR GEN INVALID or nothing changes. The second problem is that we don't know how to add our own sounds to the machines. Thank you in advance for the answer, I will be very grateful!
  20. Moin RageMP Community, ich verkaufe für wenig Geld mein RageMP Script, da mein Team und ich auf eine andere Plattform gewechselt sind. Falls Interesse besteht, schreibt mich auf Discord: Kerem.D#5540 an. Alles weitere über die Funktionen und Installation wird dann über Discord geklärt! Schönen Tag noch!
  21. A peer-to-peer in-game proximity voice chat for RageMP developped for San Andreas Advanced Roleplay V. EDIT: I am aiming toward a VoIP server-side version of this in order to increase performance, I just haven't had time yet. More info and download: here DISCLAIMER: This project is not near ready to release its first stable version, but as soon as it was presentable, I though it was best to put the code open source because of 2 reasons: for RageMP in general to improve, and for this plugin to develop faster. There is a lot of cleaning to do bare with me, I released this so bugs can be fixed, I do not expect you guys to clean my code. rt-2
  22. Hello! Asynchronous Javascript Communication is a module to allow easy communication between server, client and CEF/browser. This module lets you call server handlers from clients (and vice versa) without dealing with adding and managing custom event handlers. You can easily call a handler and get your callback called as soon as everything is returned from the handler in a promise like way! Let's see how it works in action: // server side const ajcom = require("./ajcom") ajcom.register("getServerName", hCtx => { return mp.config.name }) // client side const ajcom = require("./[package name]/ajcom.js") mp.events.add("guiReady", () => { ajcom.callServer("getServerName").then((ctx, serverName) => { mp.gui.chat.push(`Welcome to ${serverName} ragemp server!`) }) }) That's all! Not convinced yet? See how the above code is done without ajcom: // server side mp.events.add("getServerName", (player) => { player.call("gotServerName", [mp.config.name]) }) // client side mp.events.add("gotServerName", (serverName) => { mp.gui.chat.push(`Welcome to ${serverName} ragemp server!`) }) mp.events.add("guiReady", () => { mp.events.callRemote("getServerName") }) See? It eases the event handling mess. But there's a lot more to ajcom. You can easily handle errors happening on handler's side or any of the callbacks, set delays and other stuff. The full documentation is available here and you can grab the module from here Github repo Changelog v1.9.6 (2018/3/7) added jsdocs for constructors added separate enums and classes for types used as parameters added noPostback flag added flags for handlers added special handlers (hooks) for server side handlers getting called added the ability to broadcast a call to all or specific clients added cef support added cross side logging fixed calling a handler with triggerDelay not being called fixed data.source and data.target having wrong values change the namespace so that users can use enums and classes v1.1.3 (2018/2/25) added jsdocs changed event handling codes fixed client > client call fixed some possible crashes (fake client calling server) v1.0.0 (2018/2/15): Initial release!
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : https://github.com/J4YT/RAGE-Multiplayer-Vending-Machine-Script Only works in combination with the Attachment Sync resource. (see below) Requires Rage 1.1 to work.
  24. Moin, wir suchen einen fähigen/erfahrenen Scripter für RageMP. Es steht eine Bezahlung in Höhe von bis 300 Euro im Raume! Wir wollen einen neuen RageMP-Projekt starten und brauchen dafür einen kompetenten Developer. Bei Angeboten bzw. Nachfragen bei mir melden. Kontakt: Email: [email protected] Mir freundlichen Grüßen, Dennis
  25. NEXT LIFE ------------------------------------------- Wer sind wir? - Wir sind ein 4-köpfiges Team im Alter von 20-25 Jahren. ------------------------------------------- Was machen wir und was suchen wir? - Wir haben sehr viele kreative Ideen bzw. Funktionen gesammelt und möchten nun mit der Hilfe von einem von euch, diese umsetzen. - Wir haben Leute für das Forum, für die Map und für die Designs. Nun fehlt uns aber ein Scripter, der Erfahrung hat und motiviert ist. - Unser Server soll auf einem Reallife System basieren, dass heißt wir wollen eine Wirtschaft aufbauen und möglichst ansprechende Elemente hinzufügen. -Wir besitzen ein unfertiges Script, der Scripter müsste also nicht von 0 anfangen. ------------------------------------------- Was bieten wir dir? - Du würdest einen festen Platz in unserem Team bekommen - Freundliche und motivierte Mitglieder - Mitspracherecht - Eine tolle Atmosphäre ------------------------------------------- Falls du dich also angesprochen fühlst, melde dich gerne bei uns im Teamspeak! Server IP: Wir freuen uns auf dich!
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