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Simple Admin System (JSON) 1.0.0

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About This File

(Converted from GT-MP 31 MAY - Originally created 7 APR)

I decided to convert my old resource to provide examples for others as well as learn the new API of RageMP.


A simple approach to an admin system that makes use of JSON instead of a common SQL Database.

Keep in mind this is nothing but a simple admin system to inspire someone else or continue to work on. There's plenty of commands missing if you intend to fit it to your own gamemode. I will mention that the ban system could use more work. At the moment it's easy to bypass seeing it's only based on the socialClubName of a player. Anyway, it's just an attempt at messing around a bit with JSON. If you're going to create a larger system I'd advice doing it differently. To alter your admin level, first register ingame and open up your JSON file. In the file you'll see your admin level that can range from 1-5. 1 being Junior & 5 being defined as Mangement.

Command Description
/login [password] Used to login to your admin account and gain access to the commands.
/register [adminName] [password] Used to register an admin account. Currently there's no restrictions to prevent everyone from doing so.
/ahelp Will display all commands avaliable to admins.
/mute [target] Mutes the player and makes him unable to use the chat.
/unmute [target] Unmutes the player and allows him to use the chat again.
/spawnwep [wepName] [ammo] Creates a weapon and gives it to yourself with 9999 ammo unless specified otherwise.
/spawncar [vehicleName] [color1] [color2] Create a vehicle and places you in the driversseat. Uses default color 1 unless specified otherwise.
/setkevlar [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of armor.
/sethealth [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of health, unless the target is dead.
/goto [target] Teleports you to the target's position.
/gethere [target] Teleports the target to your position.
/kick [target] [reason] Simply kicks the player from server and display a message for everyone to see.
/ban [target] [reason] Kicks the player and creates a ban file with the specified reason.
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even that you posted that long time ago still I used that and it's really helped me, thanks, man!

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Guest DeSplash

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Guest xiaohao

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Like the title says, a nice simple admin system. Thank you!

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Guest Benjjao

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Guest Benjo

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