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  1. Problem: wen ich über Ragemp in den Server joinen will Startet er wiederholt den Rockstar Launcher und dan gehen beide Programme aus (Ragemp/RSLouncher) und es passiert nix! auch im Task Manager wird nix mehr angezeigt. Habe schon folgendes probiert: RSLauncher starten dan Ragemp, Firewall und ativirus Für beide deaktiviert, beide als admin gestartet, beide neu installiert, beide auf Fehler kontrolliert, beides auf der selben Festplatte währe für jeden tipp und Hilfe dankbar!
  2. Does anyone know a fix for cant join server trying again. I have searched everywhere and no fix the only thing that worked was VPN but I had terrible ping with it and it was impossible to play. Are there any other solutions
  3. C:\Users\37124>D:\RAGE\RAGEMP\server-files\ragemp-server.exe [INFO] Starting RAGE Multiplayer server... [============================================================] || || MaxPlayers 100 || Sync rate 40ms || Name RAGE:MP Unofficial server || Gamemode freeroam || Streaming distance 500 || Announcement disabled || Voice chat disabled || Address || Connection limits disabled || Encryption
  4. Habe Rage MP sowie GTA 5 neu Installiert. Es kommt aber wieder und wieder diese Fehlermeldung.
  5. Focus Roleplay Balkan Roleplay Server Balkanski Roleplay Server coming soon Join us on Discord ! http://discord.gg/focusrp
  6. Hey everyone, As per title - I'm looking for someone capable of working on RageMP Roleplay game mode. Not necessarily Full-Time, can assist Part-Time when available but preferably sharing some knowledge with the rest of the Team. We can discuss the cost of your service and time in advance, no fuss. Professional people, please contact if interested or request any further information.
  7. I just created my server and it is listed in the Master List servers, however when I join my server, the loading package list is taking way too long to load. I've downloaded and copy-pasted the required freeroam files from n-n1ks. I can join other servers just fine. I also opened my port. Am I missing something?
  8. CXXY

    remote event error

    Client side: class KeyManager { constructor() { mp.keys.bind(0x11, true, function() { if(mp.players.local.vehicle && mp.players.local.vehicle.getPedInSeat(-1) === mp.players.local.handle) { mp.events.callRemote('BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary', mp.players.local.vehicle.getForwardVector()); } }); } } export default new KeyManager(); Server side: [RemoteEvent ("BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary")] public void BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary (Client player, object[] arguments) { player.SendChatMessage("HAL
  9. Buenas. Mi nombre es Christian y busco un proyecto de roleplay en Rage al que asociarme y financiar para conseguir llevarlo hacia adelante. Los gastos correrán a mi cuenta, por tanto los requisitos a cumplir son: - Un proyecto con futuro y viable. - Un programador o equipo de programación con los conocimientos adecuados. - Buen ambiente. Si tienes un proyecto ya en marcha o quieres crear uno y estás interesado, contactame a través de mi usuario en Discord: Christian_Cano#0408
  10. Se esta desarollando un server muy ambicioso que se llama hawaiian spanish life roleplay y necesitariamos una pequeña ayuda por parte de los programadores que ayan en esta plataforma muchas gracias quien este interesado que me contacten por este discord Agente007 #3800
  11. Hola buenas noches, mi nombre es Edumaximus, publico este "post" ya que estamos en busca de equipo administrativo, en este caso, Staff y programadores . Es un proyecto de un servidor Roleplay para la plataforma Rage Multiplayer. Es un servidor es cual tenemos la idea de que sea lo más realista posible pero sin pasarse (que se pueda disfrutar). El servidor estará ambientado en la ciudad de Los Ángeles, California, Estados Unidos, pero se roleará estar en Los Santos. El proyecto lo queremos hacer lo más serio posible. A continuación, pondré los requisitos que hay que cumplir. REQUISITOS
  12. Hola muy buenas estamos creando un ambicioso proyecto se necessita staffs y programadores mi discord es Agente007#3800
  13. Hello, I would like to show you how to properly install the RageMP server on the Centos 7 linux distribution. Table of Contents: System update Package installation Building GCC 7.3.0 Adding a user Server installation Starting the server Informations: Yum - Package manager in the RHel system Update - Argument to yum Install - Argument to yum -y - skipping accepting installation Screen - Allows you to run processes in the background Warning! Change USERNAME to your username! 1. System update yum upd
  14. Maybe someone faced a similar problem after moving to 1.1. After the version change, we started restarts, in the VPS logs we noticed the following: So far we decided to temporarily return to 0.3.7 and the rest stops. No one came across? Upd: Here are a couple of messages from the log:
  15. BetterLife Roleplay BetterLife ist ein Server welcher seit 2019 existiert und sich inzwischen in der Version 2 befindet. Bei uns habt ihr die Möglichkeit eigene Fraktionen/Geschäfte zu eröffnen und könnt auch generell all eure Ideen einbringen für neue Features im Roleplay. Kein Wunsch bleibt unbeantwortet und alles wird in die Wege geleitet solange es technisch umsetzbar ist. Features: ==> Ingame E-Mail System ==> Ingame Social Media System (auch OOC aufrufbar) ==> Fahrzeugsystem ==> Fahrzeugpapiere ==> Fah
  16. Hello everybody! I went back to my project that I didn't do for about 3 months, maybe a little more, and when I start I see the following error: "Could not load type 'GTANetworkAPI.Vector3' from assembly Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' due to value type mismatch" Before I left, everything was working, what could have happened? Thank you all!
  17. Hi. Today i tried to make an server for my buddies. Ive runned the server, done some stuff in config (i changed the port, name and the player limit) but nothing worked. I tried to find a tutorial on youtube but there are just for older versions. Can somone tell me how to make an server
  18. I am using ubuntu ubuntu 20.04 for the server(code in c#). I change file code with pulling from git and when i run server its execute old code from file. its seem problem with .dll build file
  19. In roleplay gamode where can find admin ranks. I tray to find but nothing. Maybe someone can tell where can find and see all admin ranks what have.
  20. Hello, i want to hire a Good (seriously) Developer for my server on ragemp. If you are good developer (CODER) please contact me on socials: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ngakharia96 Discord: Gakha#9251 VK: https://vk.com/ngakharia
  21. Have you ever wanted a fun roleplay experience? Are you bored of the other GTA 5 Roleplay servers? Then try out the brand new Big City Life GTA 5 Roleplay server. We offer a ton of brand new experiences and opportunities within our server. We are in constant development and have updates almost everyday. We listen to our players and take their recommendations and feedback. Come join us at Big City Life and get a fresh and brand new roleplay experience. More Information Who are we? We are a team of roleplayers who wants to bring back the good old times from SAMP (
  22. Hello friends. Who can help me? I'm install default server, create folder "dlcpacks" on "client_packages", start server on my PC, connect, and dlc.rpf don't be downloaded. What this happend? dlc.rpf - working, i'm make this on server on hosting - all working. On local sever - don't working, why? Sorry for my bad english 🙃 P.S.: Server sees my dlc.rpf, but don't download
  23. Hallo liebe Scripter, Wir suchen jemanden von euch der sich mit rage mp scripting aus kennt, der unser Script nach unseren vorstellung weiter verbessern kann und lust dazu hat. Zudem Bieten wir denjenigen eine Stelle im Server Team an, sowie ein test Server Wird zur verfügung Gestellt. Du kannst dich gerne bei uns melden im discord so wie im forum unter team bewerbung. 1. Projektleitung Chris Miller#3745 2. Stv. Projektleitung Mark Leer #9777 http://revolution-gaming.de/team-bewerbung Discord https://discord.gg/5F4XT9P Team Speak
  24. Hi what would be good requirements for VPS server like RAM,CPU (are server multi threaded),how much space does it need etc etc.Is 1gbit needed for full speed downloads etc. ?
  25. Hello! I've been playing Rage-MP for the last month and now I've decided to try and make my own server but unfortunately I've run into many problems and confusions so I'm writing here in hopes of solving them. I'm currently hosting on ZAP-Hosting, and fortunately for me I can change between Windows and Linux, 0.3.7 and 1.1 versions of RageMP. Now, my first confusion is, all resources and Wiki pages about starting a RageMP server is based on 1.1 version, for which I don't see a reason for now since if you want your server on masterlist it has to be 0.3.7 version. Seco
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