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  1. I found gtaWORLD but it's text based and I like voice servers. FiveM is shit compared to Rage and I'm so sick of having pedestrians everywhere. I've tried logging into so many servers its ridiculous but I always end up disappointed because it's in Russian. I'm looking for a good quality RP server with an large user base. I'll apply for whitelist that doesn't matter. I'm just looking for suggestions as to what servers to try out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm very much looking forward to hearing back from you guys and getting to know you in the servers! Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Does anyone know a fix for cant join server trying again. I have searched everywhere and no fix the only thing that worked was VPN but I had terrible ping with it and it was impossible to play. Are there any other solutions
  3. We are on the lookout for talented .NET/C# Developers that consider software development to be a craft and who can help us build something great. The ideal candidate possesses a passion for tackling complex problems at scale. This is a part-time position ... 🛠️ WHAT WE WANT TO DO We want to create a dedicated server for the RageMP Community players. We want to create a role play server with REAL unique ideas. We want to improve existing features as well as architect new solutions. We want to create innovative in-game experiences, including user-generated content. 📖 RESPONSIBILITIES Develop distributed online game services and APIs in .NET/C# Create and support online enabled in-game features that enhance the gameplay experience. Participate in system design and peer code reviews. Collaboration with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios. 🎌 QUALIFICATIONS Minimum 2+ years of experience developing. Possess versatility and willingness to regularly tackle new challenges. Passion for web technologies and a desire to remain up to date with the latest technologies. Knowledge of code architecture fundamentals. ➕ PLUSES Please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position. - Very good english speaking; - Rational, mature (grown-up); - Team work; __________________________________________ Please apply here/private message with some info, how you meet the skills above. If we would like to move forward with your application we will respond directly to you on this thread or on a private message to establish future meetings. If you’ve got the right skills for the job, we want to hear from you. We encourage applications from all suitable candidates regardless of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or race.
  4. Can anyone explain to me why it takes so long to download server assets, about 6000 MB (mostly 6 GB) and took me about 1-2 hours, my internet speed is really good and fast, but it downloads about 1 MB in 2 seconds so every time I try to join the server I will have to wait 2 hours? Can anyone help me please 😔
  5. Hey, I learnt how to make a server by the tutorial, and I have made few files. SS attached below ViaVqLK.png (844×164) (imgur.com) When I'm opening RageMP and connecting to the RageMP closes when it loads and about to load resources.
  6. Hello, since September, as it was said, all servers should remove brand icons \ names. And the server with the IP ( did not do this, respectively, a check should be carried out and if they do not remove the brands, they will have to delete the server (infiniti role play) 👻 by Prada
  7. i download rage mp again again i don`t got server files to make server https://www.mediafire.com/view/z1bdlbqypbmmqa0/Screenshot_2023-09-03_132527.png/file
  8. GTALPHA está en búsqueda de ampliar su equipo de developers que deseen formar parte de un prometedor proyecto modificando y desarrollando para mejora, con una comunidad hispana ya de +400 personas y un equipo de trabajo ya consolidado. Ocupaciones: Modificación del código en algunos sistemas ya existentes. Proporcionar asistencia técnica ante errores en el código y realizar mantenimiento general para garantizar un funcionamiento eficiente. Intercambiar ideas con el resto del equipo para desarrollar e implementar mejoras para el jugador. Requisitos: Hablar hispano fluido Conocimientos en SCSS, Javascript, React, Typescript, conocimiento en programación con la API de GTAV y/o RageMP y conocimientos de uso Github. Disponer de GtaV original. Disponer de Windows. Ser responsable, comprometid@, saber trabajar en equipo y sobre todo activo. Ofrecemos: Buen ambiente de trabajo dinámico y agradable. Pues hay un equipo consolidado en el cual se trabaja en conjunto. Posibilidad de trabajar con nosotros a largo plazo. ¿Deseas unirte al maravilloso mundo de los videojuegos de roleplay en una gran comunidad y consolidar tu futuro? ¡Te esperamos, ponte en conctacto con nosotros.
  9. Hello everyone, I am currently encountering an issue with the RAGE Multiplayer client on my Windows machine. I am unable to access the server files, which is proving to be quite troublesome. Here's the situation in more detail: I recently attempted to run the RAGE Multiplayer client and everything seemed to be going smoothly until I tried accessing the server files. I was expecting to see the server files load as usual but no folder available. I have tried several potential solutions, including reinstalling the client, ensuring my firewall and antivirus software are not blocking the client, and checking that my network connection is stable. Despite these efforts, the problem persists. I am now reaching out to this community in the hope that someone may have encountered a similar issue or could provide some insights on potential solutions. Is this a known issue with the RAGE Multiplayer client on Windows? Or could this be an issue specific to my machine? I would greatly appreciate any assistance or suggestions that could help resolve this issue.
  10. i would like to put a ragemp server online on my own pc that everyone can join on it how do i do that i have already opened the ports but it doesn't work yet. can i access my own IP such as gta5slicerroleplay.com Thanks in advance for the help
  11. Hi. i have two problems: 1. I can't join any server using balancing mode on my router is there any way to fix this? 2. I can't get roles in discord (tried relogging, reinstalling, clicked many times, still nothing). my discord tag porka#1111, how can i get roles?
  12. Bună! Suntem ECHIPA Nexus RP și căutăm parteneri care pot colabora cu noi pentru a localiza proiectul nostru în orice țară din UE și pentru a lansa împreună un proiect frumos pentru oameni buni. Chiar în acest topic vă vom spune următoarele lucruri: ⦁ Cine suntem, ce suntem, care sunt avantajele noastre și care credem că vor fi pe placul oamenilor. ⦁ Povestea noastră pe scurt. ⦁ Planul nostru: ce așteptăm de la tine și ce ai putea aștepta de la noi. ⦁ Contactele noastre. 1. Ce este Nexus RP? Nexus RP - este un server Rage MP orientat spre o experiență medie de joc de rol. Misiunea noastră a fost de a crea o Interfață Prietenoasă cu Utilizatorul, care este foarte intuitivă și plăcută ochiului. Această caracteristică va economisi timpul jucătorului - oamenii pot petrece mai mult timp pentru procesele de joc de rol și doar pentru a se juca și a se distra, pe Nexus RP nu trebuie să îți pierzi timpul pentru a înțelege cum funcționează acest server: îl vei înțelege imediat intuitiv. 2. Povestea noastră pe scurt Dezvoltarea a început în noiembrie 2020. Echipele noastre au sediul în Ucraina și Belarus. În toată această perioadă ne-am îndreptat către publicul nostru local (UA, BY, RU etc...). Am avut un proiect ucrainean de succes, care este activ chiar acum, și te poți alătura și încerca, dacă dorești, să vezi modul nostru. Promo YouTube: https://youtu.be/c4FrL80KJ3M Discord-ul nostru: https://discord.gg/nexus-rp-ua 3. Ce așteptăm de la tine și ce ai putea aștepta de la noi. Avem nevoie de o persoană care să poată gestiona proiectul, să gestioneze lucrurile de administrare și să rămână în contact cu comunitatea de joc și să fie un mediator între jucători și echipa de dezvoltare. Din partea noastră oferim toată partea tehnică, astfel încât să nu ai nevoie de cunoștințe specifice. De asemenea, avem o mare experiență în gestionarea echipei de administrare, în publicitate în sfera GTA 5 Role Play. Deci, singurele 2 lucruri de care ai nevoie este să lucrezi cu noi și un nivel mare de responsabilitate. 4. Contacte ⦁ Telegram: https://t.me/horosho_vova ⦁ Email #1: [email protected] ⦁ Email #2: [email protected]
  13. Los Santos Gang Wars We are a community which was very known on SAMP specifically in the DM/Gangwar area where at one point we had the highest playerbase amongst other gang war servers. As the community founder and owner I've decided to migrate to RAGE MP Like the name indicates LS-GW is a very straight forward classic gang war server where is your main objective is to kill other gangs and takeover their territories since this is still on beta there are only 6 teams added so far which are : Grove Street Famlilies Los Santos Ballas Los Vagos Varrios Los Aztecas Los Santos Police Departement Piru Bloodz Features: Unique GUI designs for a more user friendly experience. Special turf system with scoreboards and points. Loot crash sites and rob markets to gain more cash and EXP. Vehicle ownership system Ammunation and weapon customization system. Fully customizable characters,make your own character and dress it how you like. Custom damage system. Faction system (coming soon) gang buisness wars(coming soon) Free-for-all arenas (FFA) Kill spree system Two languages available (GERMAN, ENGLISH) Lag-free server enjoy the lowset ping accompanied with the highest fps you could get SERVER INFO: discord.io/LSGW SERVER IP : lsgw.ddns.net:22005 SCREENSHOTS: A brief video: Pay us a visit today!
  14. Such a situation. I start the server, there are no problems in the console. An error appears instead of the authorization window. It appeared because of the rage mp update. Photo: https://imgur.com/a/MiYLWOB The server was running on a local server, before the rage mp update, the server was running perfectly!
  15. Maybe someone faced a similar problem after moving to 1.1. After the version change, we started restarts, in the VPS logs we noticed the following: So far we decided to temporarily return to 0.3.7 and the rest stops. No one came across? Upd: Here are a couple of messages from the log:
  16. | NUEVO PROYECTO | Hola mi nombre es Vlady y mi ID discord es Pailot1999#7074. Después de estar en varias plataformas como Fivem - Rage y además probar varios servidores, he decidido en crear un servidor realmente ((REAL)) mezclando un Metaverso ((Mas información detallada en MD)) Creando un servidor desde cero, todo orgánico tanto la economía como las materias primas. Como comentaba al principio busco un equipo desde cero ((Programadores - Staff - Inversores)) ((Cuanto con pequeña inversión para gastos)) ||Principalmente programadores|| Por favor contactar conmigo si estáis interesados en formar parte de la Revolución del Rol. Vlady Moreno, | Asesor Creativo |
  17. Saudações comunidade, Venho através deste post oficializar o início do desenvolvimento do meu servidor Playhard Roleplay, na plataforma RAGE:MP no GTA V, atualmente estávamos somente no SA-MP, porém é hora de novas mudanças, quem tiver interesse em adentrar ao projeto fica aqui o meu convite. https://discord.gg/9fM2B8ffUu
  18. Guest

    RageMp Resources C#

  19. i just can move my mouse like this it lagging in the middle of my screen https://youtu.be/VLWm5gd_PBY
  20. Have you ever wanted a fun roleplay experience? Are you bored of the other GTA 5 Roleplay servers? Then try out the brand new Big City Life GTA 5 Roleplay server. We offer a ton of brand new experiences and opportunities within our server. We are in constant development and have updates almost everyday. We listen to our players and take their recommendations and feedback. Come join us at Big City Life and get a fresh and brand new roleplay experience. More Information Who are we? We are a team of roleplayers who wants to bring back the good old times from SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer).Our scripts are meant to create the best immersive experience that a roleplay server can offer and they are adapted based on people feedback that they had on different RP servers and SAMP RP servers. The project is still in development and we might release the beta phase in a couple of weeks. Why Big City Life? I know that there are a lot of roleplay servers in development and a few of them open for years already. The main reason why you can choose us is because our ideas are totally different that you experience so far on the current English servers. We are trying to adapt the roleplay style based on players needs and we are trying to make sure that people will always have something fun to do in this server. What we offer? • A player-based community where jobs and business require some help from other players • A lot of legal and illegal missions like: Legal: Mower job Taxi driver Bus driver Mechanic Trucker Money transporter Etc Or join a legal faction to have a passive great income like: Los Santos City Hall Federal Investigation Bureau San Andreas National Guard Los Santos Police Department Los Santos Emergency Medical Services Merryweather Security Weazel News Illegal: Drug system Turf system (for street gangs) Business war system (for mafias) Corps transport Money transport Drugs transport Illegal weapons ATM Hacking Bank Robbery Money Transport robbery Store robbery And many more! Or join an illegal faction that will help you make some extra money: • Street Gangs: The Families (Groove ST) The Ballas Marabunta Grande Los Santos Vagos Blood Street Lost MC • Mafia: Russian Mafia Armenian Mafia Yakuza Mafia La Cosa Nostra Mafia The option to customize your character and your car as you wish Different animations synced like: walking style, dances, emotions and a lot more Non stop support and development to improve the quality of the server. Server: Big City Life Discord
  21. Greetings! I am looking for a developer for GTA5 RageMP. What I want from you is standard RageMP's scripts and if needed custom made scripts. Also if possible post-release support like stabilization of server, updating the scripts to latest RageMP version. If we can agree on these terms, I am planning to offer new contract every 6 months. Also if you have any suggestion for server hosting company, feel free too contact me. Thank you for time!
  22. hi guys i try to join my server. rage version is 0.3.7 and when i try to join i see server version mismatch error message. my gta is and rage mp update. can you help me
  23. Mia_Nowman


    when connecting to the server, if you do not touch the rockstar window and rage mp gta does not start, the window will be minimized , gta will close, how can I fix this?
  24. PROYECTOX El equipo de proyectoX se complace anunciarles, que desde el hoy que se publica este post por este medio se inicializa de forma formal este proyecto, bajo la modalidad de roleplay por voz en español. El servidor actualmente se encuentra en fase de desarrollo y con equipos de Beta testers. Estamos trabajando arduamente todos para poder traer a todos los usuarios un servidor de roleplay donde tu imaginación no pare de crear gracias a la ardua cantidad de sistemas disponibles. El equipo de programación trabajan en constantes actualizaciones y corrección para poder traerles un servidor con estabilidad, gran variedad de sistemas y un a buena seguridad a la hora de jugar con nosotros. Buscamos como comunidad un crecimiento constante en todos los frentes que ofrecemos, es por eso que tenemos u gran equipo administrativo que está dispuesto a ayudarte en todo los problemas, dudas y sugerencias que tengas, además con tamos con herramientas que nos ayuda a saber los intereses y sugerencias que tenga la gente para el servidor estos son algunos de los sistemas que ofrecemos a la comunidad: Más de 5 trabajos y creando muchos más. Creador de facciones. Interiores vacíos para organizarlo a tu gusto. Compra, alquiler y venta de viviendas y bodegas. Opción de comprar negocios. Etc. Faccione con las que contaremos desde el inicio: Trabajos con los que contaremos al inicio: Redes sociales DISCORD | Twitter Imagenes y videos Interiores ALPR Trabjo de minero
  25. Hi everyone! 🖐️ Today I was a reading the "Getting started running a server" guide when I thought about putting the stuff in Docker, to be minimal as possible. Then, I came here to show you how to do it. You will need to create a folder with the name of your project, and inside it, we'll put only three files. You need to have Docker Desktop installed already. Step 1 - Dockerfile Create a file with the name Dockerfile, and without an extension. Inside it, paste the code below: FROM ubuntu:latest WORKDIR /opt/app COPY ./app /opt/app RUN chmod +x ragemp-server CMD ["./ragemp-server"] This will be our base system, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Linux dist). We are going to create an app folder inside opt (default by the system) and give permission to a file that we are going to add later. At the end, the Dockerfile starts the server with the command provided in the CMD directive. Step 2 - docker-compose.yml Create a file with the name docker-compose.yml, this will be our orchestrator: the file that manage all the services that the server needs in order to run properly. Paste the code below: version: "3.9" services: ragemp_server: build: . hostname: "ragemp_server" container_name: "ragemp_server" ports: - "22005:22005/udp" - "22006:22006" tty: true networks: default: external: name: ragemp_network This will add only one service called ragemp_server, and it'll contain the server files. The file will map the ports between the container and your PC. You will need to create the network with the following command: docker network create ragemp_network Step 3 - app folder Finally, you need to download the linux server files and extract them into the app folder. Once you got the files inside the app folder (you need to have the bin and dotnet folders, and the ragemp-server executable) you can run the following command in the root of the project: docker-compose up. This will create the container and run the server. Then, you can go to RageMP > Direct Connect > : 22005 In my case, I'm running the server on a Macbook Pro and testing it on a Windows machine, so in that case you will need to run the ifconfig or ipconfig command to know your IP address, and then connect to it (i.e: Your machines need to be in the same network. Step 4 - (Optional) Get into the container If you need to get into the Ubuntu machine to run some commands, you can do it with the following cmd: docker exec -it container_name bash Replace container_name by the name of your container. Once inside, you can run whatever you want because you'll be the root user. If you have questions, please leave a comment and I'll be answering ASAP. I'm new at RageMP so I don't have a great knowledge about it, but I'm a programmer anyway 🤷‍♂️ Goodbye! 🖐️
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