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  1. For those who face this error and cannot connect to public or personal servers, I have a solution for you. Follow the exact steps listed below: 1. Restart the PC or be sure that you closed every instance of GTA V & Rage MP. 2. Go to Documents(usually located in your Root disk, where the operating system is installed), find 'Rockstar Games', open it and delete the 'Social Club' folder. 3. Open updater.exe(located in the Rage MP folder) and connect to a server. 4. Rage will open the Rockstar Games Launcher and will ask you to connect to your Rockstar Games account, so do that. 5. After that, you'll notice that Rage MP has stopped, open Rage MP again and connect to a server. It took me a few days to solve this problem, leave a reply if it helped you somehow. - STKappa
  2. I tried so many different solutions none of them helped me to get rid of this error.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This script will work on simple implementation into your gamescript. Script was tested with ~40 players online at once. Just include the script into your gamemode and make sure to trigger the server-sided events to let a person carry another person. Please implement a check if a person is already carrying another person. (which can easily be done by checking "carry" shared variable. Report bugs? Mention me on RAGE:MP Discord or with DevGrab#0815
  4. Hello, I have a big problem with RAGE Launcher. When I start my favorite server and it's time for the RAGE Launcher, I get a black screen (as if it's not responding) and then I have to wait like ten minutes for this screen to cut off. Well, after that, the game loads normally later, but when I enter the server and there is an inscription FINISHING HANDSHAKE, suddenly the whole launcher jams again and then there is no turning back. I have to either restart my computer or disable Launcher in Task Manager. I've been struggling with this for three days now and I can see that the problem lies with the RAGE Launcher, although I'm not entirely sure. It would be nice if someone could help me because this is starting to annoy me. Thank you for the quick reply. Regards Samuel (Jerry)
  5. Hello, currently I do have a problem with Rage.exe when I attempting To join the server Directly/through the server, with this Follow Error: ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE multiplayer. Please Upgrade to 1.44 in order to continue playing. ---- somehow I do Think This Error Related to new Steam update For G.T.A With it was unexpectable for Rage, So Rage Didn't update the Rage.exe --- I did also update my Client through the steam and in Game, Have no problem to join in on the original online Servers of GTA. if anybody has the same issue here please Drop Your comment here. Best regard, Landgraab
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a fully functional source-code of a Teamspeak³ plugin and also the implementation into RAGE:MP. All needed dependencies are included into the archive and are easy to use. Make sure when you open the project in Visual Studio to include the missing dependencies before compiling. The plugin currently only support's x64 building. Most users should use x64 bit which improves performance of the plugin and teamspeak anyways. To include the plugin make sure you read all the needed stuff which is included into the server-side scripts and also make sure that you setup browser (cef) stuff correctly. Setting this plugin up needs a bit of knowledge but can also be done by a bit of effort. The plugin has an included websocket which is transmitting data to the client-side RAGE:MP script and back, the client side which is creating a socket with javascript in cef then redirects the traffic to the client-side scripts and also back. A json string is generated at the client-side which is then send to the Teamspeak plugin and progress is being made by reading it and placing the users, mute them and block them. I've removed encryption of the json since it's not needed for normal use and people cannot abuse it in a bad way (only listening to other players by abuse e.g sniffing or proxy the client-sided connection to RAGE). This plugin was more like a proof-of-concept how it can be done without using other third-party non public resources. Enjoy. Feel free to ask question on RAGE:MP Discord or DevGrab#0815. There is no pre-build version of it until someone is gonna release it.
  7. Version v3000


    About This File This package contains a full implementation of client-side packet encryption for RAGE 0.3.7 which obviously doesn't have build-in encryption for packages. Includes packer like webpack (with watch mode), import/export from ES6 (thanks https://github.com/alangpierce/sucrase) and picking packages from node_modules To use the script, you'll need to have hands and installed node js. Idea behind? The idea behind was to make it hard as possible to block leakers/leechers copy client-side scripts. And it works! Security issues? Make sure that you send your encryption key from server to client with encrytion enabled, so people cannot sniff your key to decrypt your files. Even tho, it should be possible to dump the script-files from memory, but this progress will still not make sense, since noone puts such effort into it. How start work? Steps: unpack zip archive to root server folder (path like a 'game-server/src_client') Open terminal in src_client directory Enter npm install or yarn in terminal Enter npm run watch or yarn watch to start watching 'src_client/sourcecode' directory Complete, now u can edit files in 'src_client/sourcecode' directory Enjoy!
  8. Hallo kann mir einer Bitte helfen wenn ich auf den Server das erste mal drauf will steht da cant join server. Try again muss ich da als erstes was drauf laden oder was einstellen Bitte um Hilfe. Danke im vorraus
  9. rexto

    ELS RageMP

    Hey. Someone was able to create ELS on rage mp?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This package contains a full implementation of client-side packet encryption for RAGE 0.3.7 which obviously doesn't have build-in encryption for packages. To use the script, you'll need to have Typescript installed, instead of this, you can convert the scripts easy to vanilla javascript. How does it work? After you transpile your Typescript files to working client-side Javascript, you'll have to run the "Encryptiontool" which is automatically encrypts all .js files stored at your server-files -> client_packages with AES256 and it's given encryption-key inside of your "compile.bat". Make sure that you check out the folder-structure and edit the encryption tool to your needs. Don't encrypt browser-files or browser-javascript. The encryption does only work with the given module-list and files that are used standalone by RAGE. Since the files get executed by "eval" after they are decrypted, you cannot use global variables unless you don't encrypt the scripts which store them. (you could use a file for all global needed variables and load them besides of the encrypted ones). You can create a folder inside of your client_packages which is called "ignored" which will get ignored by the encryptor and can be loaded inside of your index.js file at client-side start. So at the end, the servers send the decryption key to the client and decrypts all stored files with the browser and parses them to the client and evaluates the code. Idea behind? The idea behind was to make it hard as possible to block leakers/leechers copy client-side scripts used by my old project. And it works! Security issues? Make sure that you send your encryption key from server to client with encrytion enabled, so people cannot sniff your key to decrypt your files. Even tho, it should be possible to dump the script-files from memory, but this progress will still not make sense, since noone puts such effort into it. How does the client-files look after encryption? /** Filename: blips.js Path: ../../server-files/client_packages/game\gameplay Encrypted: Sat Oct 24 2020 23:34:17 GMT+0200 (GMT+02:00) **/ exports.Info = { size: 3372, code: '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' }; Enjoy!
  11. Ich habe durchgehend konstanten Lowping, kaum starte ich das Spiel läuft noch alles, aber sobald ich auf den Server verbinde, bekomme ich ultra highping und ich time überall aus (Die Serverresourcen sind bereits runtergeladen und auch nach dem Login time ich noch überall). Habe bereits versucht das Spiel ohne Firewall zu starten, hatte jedoch auch nicht funktioniert.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : https://github.com/J4YT/RAGE-Multiplayer-Attachment-Sync C# Attachment sync for RAGE Multiplayer Server and Client. Equivalent for the Efficient Attachment System made by ragempdev and rootcause https://rage.mp/files/file/144-efficient-attachment-sync Credits to DasNiels for the server-side Efficient Attachment Sync C# https://github.com/DasNiels/EfficientAttachmentSyncCSharp It has only been tested on RAGE Multiplayer 1.1
  13. Hello, developers! Unfortunately, I ran into a problem that I can’t fix for a whole week. It lies in the fact that after installing RAGE Multiplayer, it does not start, nothing happens. I looked at different forms of solving this problem, but unfortunately, I could not solve it, please help!
  14. Hello there, i´ve recently got Gta 5 from the Epic Games Launcher and tried to install Rage. I´ve followed the instructions as specified in the "How to install RAGE Multiplayer" thread but as soon as i start the Rage launcher, a pop up window appears with a yellow warning sign and some chinese/japanese letters in the headline in which i can only click "OK". After confirming the pop up, another window appears which asks me to specify the game path. This seems pretty normal to me but the Epic Games launcher is such a wondrous piece of software that i cant seem to find the directory in which gta got installed... And after about 3 hours of folder hunting i´m pretty much done with my life. I mostly think Epic Games is to blame on this one, but if someone has an idea for a fix i would be thankfull.
  15. Links Webseite: https://www.inf-reallife.de/ Forum: https://www.inf-reallife.de/forum/ Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfinityReallife/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfReallife Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/InfinityReallifeServer
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : https://github.com/J4YT/RAGE-Multiplayer-Vending-Machine-Script Only works in combination with the Attachment Sync resource. (see below) Requires Rage 1.1 to work.
  17. hallo wir suchen Delovper/ Entwikler Für unser rage mp server projekt gerne kanst du dich melden bei mir im discord Chris Miller#3745
  18. I'm developing launcher for RageMP server, it has to connect player to server automaticly, with clicking only one button in launcher This code: ragemp_v.exe "rage://v/connect?ip=" only starting default Rage launcher. Manual connect to server works. Clicking to connect button in masterlist (https://rage.mp/masterlist/) gives the same result. Is it troubles with my PC or developers deleted that feature? Thanks
  19. I reinstalled everything and checked the cache, it did not help. Screen
  20. Hello, how can i get amount of player playing on my server and send this data to CEF.
  21. Помогите, не запускается лаунчер, на старой версии работает, а на новой нет.
  22. A built in voice over internet protocol system for RageMP which will be also configurable by server owners with the option to turn it off/on. In my opinion this addition to Rage can bring many new players and developers, because of the importance of VOIP to many game modes out there. I'm aware that developers are able to make their own VOIP but I think that a built in one can make their life easier and help many new developers to build their game modes without spending a lot of time finding good VOIP API.
  23. I used to play on this server long before when rage was free and now I got the game but rage complex server is still not loading please help
  24. Temat zawiera multimedia z tworzenia serwera V Role Play. Jeżeli chciałbyś już pograć i zastanawiasz się czemu tak długo, możesz dołożyć swoją cegiełkę do naszego repozytorium github. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrpgta Discord: https://discord.gg/nEe5JtM 31-05-2018
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