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Teamspeak Voice - Plugin Source and Script 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a fully functional source-code of a Teamspeak³ plugin and also the implementation into RAGE:MP.

All needed dependencies are included into the archive and are easy to use. Make sure when you open the project in Visual Studio to include the missing dependencies before compiling. The plugin currently only support's x64 building. Most users should use x64 bit which improves performance of the plugin and teamspeak anyways.

To include the plugin make sure you read all the needed stuff which is included into the server-side scripts and also make sure that you setup browser (cef) stuff correctly. Setting this plugin up needs a bit of knowledge but can also be done by a bit of effort.

The plugin has an included websocket which is transmitting data to the client-side RAGE:MP script and back, the client side which is creating a socket with javascript in cef then redirects the traffic to the client-side scripts and also back. A json string is generated at the client-side which is then send to the Teamspeak plugin and progress is being made by reading it and placing the users, mute them and block them.

I've removed encryption of the json since it's not needed for normal use and people cannot abuse it in a bad way (only listening to other players by abuse e.g sniffing or proxy the client-sided connection to RAGE).

This plugin was more like a proof-of-concept how it can be done without using other third-party non public resources.

Enjoy. Feel free to ask question on RAGE:MP Discord or DevGrab#0815. There is no pre-build version of it until someone is gonna release it. 






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