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Better Instructional Buttons 2.0.1

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About This File

NB: This include does not entirely work like the original.

NB: The class is now called instructionalButtons instead of hudManager.

NB: This include also includes a more advanced version of the BasicScaleform class by kemperr, just called ScaleForm now.



- Added instructionalButton.hasControl(control).

- Added instructionalButton.getButtonCount().

- Removed the padding of 10.

- Added RGB support (instead of just RGBA... alpha defaults to 180 for RGB).

- Revamped the structure used to store buttons (it was dumb before, wasting variables and not making use of Javascript features).


- You can now alter any instructional button without it being redrawn/shown to you (Basically you can edit them, without them popping up on your screen, forcefully).

- Added instructionalButton.changeButtonControl(title, new_control).


- Fixed the an issue where when using multiple instructional buttons multi script wide, if one button count was more than others, the buttons would show up across different instructional buttons.

- Removed support for hex colours with a #. Now to use a colour, just use 'FF00FF'. Using # here is a waste of time.


- Fixed instructional buttons rendering last button created on the client only.

- Instructional buttons background now default to black, if no colour was used.

- A padding of 10 is now set on horizontal instructional buttons.

- Support for custom button names.

- Added instructionalButton.changeButtonTitle(control, new_title).

- Added instructionalButton.isActive().

- Example:

const instructions = require('/better_instructions');

const horizontalInstructionList = new instructions(-1);

horizontalInstructionList.addButton('Create Roadblock', 'M');
horizontalInstructionList.addButton('Right', 175);
horizontalInstructionList.addButton('Left', 174);

if(!horizontalInstructionList.isActive()) {

setTimeout( () => {
	if(horizontalInstructionList.isActive()) {
}, 10000);

/* Vertical Instructions */

const verticalInstructionList = new instructions(1, 'ff000');

modShopInstructions.addButton('Toggle RAGE Menu', 'F2');

if(!verticalInstructionList.isActive()) {

setTimeout( () => {
	if(verticalInstructionList.isActive()) {
}, 10000);


Original Include

- Credits go to Captien for the original release.

What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


- Fixed .setBackgroundColor bug that Bonus had reported.

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