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Found 7 results

  1. When I go to sleep and look at the console the next day, it comes https://prnt.sc/uesx0q
  2. @ragempdev If the server is not restarted for a long time, it loses the connection to the masterlist
  3. Hey dear RAGE:MP staff, I'm a guy from Turkey, I hope you doing well. I've noticed that we don't have a flag option to show up in the masterlist, Turkish section either. I just searched few topics which includes same requests but they are kinda old. I believe that there are much players from Turkey who plays in RAGE:MP also there are couple of Turkish servers incoming soon which means we getting populated soon. Would you please add a Turkish section in non-English forums and the Turkish flag for the masterlist? Thanks in advence.
  4. I'm developing launcher for RageMP server, it has to connect player to server automaticly, with clicking only one button in launcher This code: ragemp_v.exe "rage://v/connect?ip=" only starting default Rage launcher. Manual connect to server works. Clicking to connect button in masterlist (https://rage.mp/masterlist/) gives the same result. Is it troubles with my PC or developers deleted that feature? Thanks
  5. Hello, i got the Problem that if i want to start a Server with announcement true i get this Error: [M] Announcing into master server... [M] Error: couldn't connect to master server! Trying again... [M] Error: couldn't connect to master server! Trying again... What can i do? Here is a screen of my Config. http://prntscr.com/q9z6ok
  6. Hello! I just installed RageMP. I clicked "Servers" tab and then popped out an error. "Error: Master list is not responding " I don't know what to do! I really want to play RageMP servers, but i can't. When I'm trying to join to a server through direct connect, i have a notification on chat "Connection lost. Reconnecting" I will appreciate every help. Thanks!
  7. Hi. It would be nice to be able to set custom URLs in the browser. Here are the proposed changes along with the current behavior: Allow editing the masterlist's URL. The current URL is immutable and set to https://cdn.rage.mp/master. Allow editing the updater URL. The current URL is immutable and can't be disabled. There are two goals of these changes: Decentralizing Rage MP - these changes will avoid having players depend on Rage MP's servers with no other choice. Redundancy - these changes will increase Rage MP's redundancy, thereby mitigating both attacks an
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