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Found 10 results

  1. When creating the script, I tried to connect MySql or Postgres. I installed them through Nuget in Visual Studio, but after starting the server I got an error saying that there are no libraries, after which I registered the path to them in META, but not all the errors went away, and after several starts, server started to require net standart, how to use third-party libraries HELP.
  2. Hello, i got the Problem that if i want to start a Server with announcement true i get this Error: [M] Announcing into master server... [M] Error: couldn't connect to master server! Trying again... [M] Error: couldn't connect to master server! Trying again... What can i do? Here is a screen of my Config.
  3. Good evening, I have a big problem with the two methods mentioned above in the title, I try to get the clothes that my player wears on him, the problem is that every time the method GetClothesDrawable returns to me the value 0, no matter which slot I give it to you, do you have any idea how I can do to get the hold that my player wears? Thank you in advance for your answer.
  4. Salutare, am o problema cu serverul "centralRp" cand incerc sa intru, ma lasa sa descarca fisierele, si dupa black screen cu imaginele de la gta 5, si dupa 1/2min de loading imi da eroarea asta: "ERR_GEN_INVALID corrupt game data. Please reboot,verifiy the game data, or reinstall the game. For more infomation, please visit: (am incercat sa apas pe link da nu merge) . e de o saptamana ca incerc sa intru pe server da tot acelasi eroare. am incerca pe alte servere si merge. am descarcat tot ce zice sa intru pe server, am reistalat windows, gta 5 de 3 ori si tot nu mere. ragemp de vro 20 ori si fisierele de la server tot la fel. am incercat si alea care me le descarca si alea de la alte persoane. am dat si verify la joc de la steam, si sunt toate. asta e eroarea: stau in strainatate, si scusati daca am facut greseli de gramatica. sper sa ma ajutati.
  5. I can not access any server.when I go to the server in the chat is written:RageMP:Cant joing server.Trying again. So endlessly Already tried to reinstall, change permissions and more. Please help as soon as possible. The output ends soon, but I want to play.🎮
  6. Hallo zusammen, Ich habe mir kürzlich versucht Rage MP zu downloaden. Im Generellen hat es auch funktioniert, nur beim Starten des Programms nachdem ich es installiert habe, wird mir eine Fehlermeldung geschickt. Ich habe die Dateien, die dem Ordner RageMP zugeordnet waren mit denen eines Freundes verglichen und es ist klar geworden, dass mir einige Dateien fehlen (ca. 5). Anschließend habe ich Rage MP komplett gelöscht und wieder von der offiziellen Seite heruntergeladen und installiert. Mir wurde wieder die gleiche Fehlermeldung geschieckt und die vorher angesprochenen Dateien fehlten erneut. Weiß jemand was ich falsch mache bzw was ich tun muss damit es funktioniert? Vielen Dank und schöne Feiertage!
  7. I have a fully up to date game and client. I'm able to get into fine and i can do everything in the client. Though when i try to join a server i go to a loading screen for about 15 seconds then the game crashes. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!
  8. I need help, when I select the server it launches GTA V RageMp, but after a couple seconds the game exits no prompt or it crashes. How do I fix it?
  9. Trinexis

    Cef ui

    how do I do it to show the player's vitality in cef ui
  10. I'm having trouble when trying to get in the servers. When I go to Servers section there are servers but each time I get on the application each time it shows up the same thing same for direct connect and so on.