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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to Mafia City Roleplay, we are a community dedicated to bringing players a roleplay experience as never seen before. Our community is developed and ran by roleplayers who have dedicated a lot of time working towards a common goal: Immersion. We assembled Mafia City Roleplay with the idea of creating a community that is different from the rest, we hold the same core features of the majority of roleplay communities, however, we bring new light on features that are generally overlooked and thrown away. Within our thread, we will walk you through our goals, features, staff hierarchy,
  2. Hello there! I was recently auto-banned from the Discord server by one of the bots for posting a URL during a legitimate discussion regarding snow in RAGE MP. I'm not sure why the URL triggered this to happen, as I was pointing out a function I found in a Google search related to GTA V while myself and several other users were talking about why snow would not accumulate on the ground in RAGE MP. I have no bad intentions at all, and as far as I'm aware I didn't violate any of the listed server rules. (If I did, I do apologize, however I didn't remember seeing anything banning any specific URL's
  3. gkN

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Some months ago (cannot really remember when the event had exactly occurred) the website was down and I asked in the discord's support channel to confirm that the website was actually down without scrolling all the way down. It seems that a lot of people had the same question and it was apparently answered multiple times. A staff member replied to my question with disrespect, obviously, cannot really blame the guy since he had already answered the question multiple times but then I replied with "Wouldn't it save us both time if you had just answered the question with a 3-letter response (yes)?
  4. Help please, the overlay in ragemp does not work, it works without problems in all other games, it even works in GTA Online. The game was bought on steam.
  5. Hello, I'm 4,99€ Nitro guy (9,99€ with boost after 2 months when I earn more) so I can use really beast emotes in #general in Discord. But in #deutsch I can't use external emotes. Can you please allow external emotes in #deutsch in Discord?
  6. Se esta desarollando un server muy ambicioso que se llama hawaiian spanish life roleplay y necesitariamos una pequeña ayuda por parte de los programadores que ayan en esta plataforma muchas gracias quien este interesado que me contacten por este discord Agente007 #3800
  7. Hi, I had entered the discord server a few months ago and it asked me for my phone number to verify my account and be able to interact on the server, I left it pending for later and when I realized it had taken me off the server, I thought about going back in and now It tells me that the server may not exist anymore or I am banned. My username is "Skegness18#4826" and the invitation I'm trying to use is "ragemp".
  8. Erstmal Tagchen zusammen, ich erzähle einfach mal ein wenig zu OriginalRP. Der Server ist jetzt seit 3 Wochen in der Pre-Alpha und hat täglich mengen an Updates. Es gibt eine Ingame-Whitelist aus einfachen Fragen welche auf dem Regelwerk basieren. Unser Ziel ist es gutes RP aufzubauen, weshalb wir mehr Wert auf das RolePlay legen, als auf alles andere, natürlich kümmern wir uns auch in anderen bereichen um Probleme etc. Wir bitten viele Funktionen die das Spielen verbessern. Dazu gehören unter anderem folgende Möglichkeiten: - Viele wechselnde Drogen Routen - Farbliche S
  9. Hello I have a problem with Rage Discord server. I stuck on read rules room because i can't react to the comments. I already had the "member" role but I accidentally pressed again the reaction and now I can't get the role back. No one blocked me and I have already tried to exit and re-enter discord. Can anyone of the Staff or Support fix my problem? My ID of Discord is: Peddokh#3968 I'd like to use my main account and I don't want to create another one, especially since many users know me with this account for the help offered in the maps and DLC on ragemp.
  10. it's always useful to keep an eye on the activity of the server like players joining/leaving the server while you're chatting on discord. This can be achieved by using our lovely Webhook friends. This tutorial aims to give you knowledge about how to use those web-hooks to keep in contact with some server logs. Creating a Webhook It's really easy, create a channel go to channel settings -> webhooks -> Create a webhook I'll call mine Spicy. Copy the webhook URL and wait for further instructions. Using the Webhook Now we'll create a small server-sid
  11. Version 1.0.1


    RAGEMP-DiscordIntegration This wrapper allows you easily create an instance of a discord bot within your RAGE:MP server. Features: 1. Send messages to discord from your RAGE:MP Server. 2. Send messages to your RAGE:MP Server from your Discord server. 3. Register specific channel for the bot to listen. (Can be changed during runtime). 3. Remove specific channel for the bot to STOP listening. (Can be changed during runtime). 4. Update bot status on setup and/or during runtime How to use the wrapper 1. Add the RAGEMP-DiscordIntegration.dll as a reference to your
  12. i was banned from discord server few weeks (maybe mounth) ago. I not sure why, but probably bue to my incompetence. First i got a warning and day ago i got ban. My apologies to those to whom I have given trouble Just hoping to be unbanned so I can keep update with the community via discord again. Chelton#6498 Thanks.
  13. Olá pessoal. Criamos recentemente uma comunidade voltada totalmente para as pessoas de Brasil e Portugal, afim de compartilhar conhecimento, experiências, tirar dúvidas e muito mais. Participe! https://discord.gg/2fKCM2U
  14. Hey, why did i get a discord ban? I haven't done anything. Nick: m1nus#7636
  15. Howdy, I'm very sorry for being rude with other unfriendly people, causing a situation which involved moderators to join the situation. That day was hard for me and I do know how to handle situations like this if any. I'm creating a gamemode for rage client and it's kind of hard to not have a place where I can get answers real-time with any problems while programming. Sorry, again. Discord: Wanderer#1497
  16. Hello everyone! We're currently developing a custom Launcher for our Server, and recently we implemented our own Discord RPC Info. Problem is, that as soon as the Player joins the Server, either the RPC will Reset to "Grand Theft Auto V", or RageMP's own RPC will get displayed. Looping the execution of our RPC Function every 10 seconds, will first of all Reset the Timer (which we could possibly fix), but will get Discord to glitch out and fallback to the GTA V default RPC. My Idea would be, to have a config Entry in the Server.cfg, or on Client-Side having a Registry Entry for the Di
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