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Found 13 results

  1. PARADISE ROLEPLAY - GTA V RP 🌴 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/paradise-roleplay ABOUT US At Paradise Roleplay, every moment is a canvas, every interaction a chance to shape the world around you. Whether you're a veteran roleplayer seeking a new home or a GTA V enthusiast eager to dive into the world of roleplaying, we extend a warm invitation to join our community. Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the freedom of GTA V with the depth of immersive roleplay. Paradise Roleplay is your ticket to a captivating fusion of storytelling, exploration, and camaraderie. Join us today and let your adventures in Los Santos begin! OUR STORY Established by a group of ardent GTA V Roleplay fans, Paradise Roleplay was born out of a shared passion for storytelling, open-world exploration, and the boundless possibilities the game offers. With an unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic, player-driven experience, we've meticulously crafted a server that caters to both seasoned roleplayers and newcomers alike. WHAT SETS US APART? 🌴 Vast and Vibrant World: Dive into the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos and Blaine County, meticulously recreated to mirror the diverse environments and atmospheres found in the game. Explore bustling urban streets, tranquil countryside, and everything in between. 🎭 Robust Roleplay: Immerse yourself in character-driven narratives that you help shape. Create your unique storylines, develop intricate relationships, and navigate the challenges and triumphs of your virtual existence. 🤝 Thriving Community: Join a community that shares your enthusiasm for GTA V and roleplaying. Forge friendships, collaborate on exciting scenarios, and engage in both in-game and out-of-game discussions. 🚗Endless Possibilities: Whether you're a law-abiding citizen, a cunning criminal, or someone in between, the choices are yours to make. From street races to heists, from legitimate businesses to underground enterprises, the paths you tread are limited only by your imagination. 🎉 Regular Events: Participate in server-wide events, themed story arcs, and spontaneous adventures that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Our dedicated staff ensures a steady stream of engaging content for all players to enjoy. JOIN US TODAY!
  2. I have seen previous threads asking this exact question dating back to 2019, all with the same answer, but I was wondering if there was any progress update on RDR2 support for multiplayer? I just wanna play the singleplayer campaign with some buddies to be honest, would love to know if there are any current alternatives to this. Appreciate all your hard word, thanks.
  3. Hi Folks! May I present to you: - A GTAV multiplayer RPC library What is this all about? V-RPC introduces synchronous calls to RageMP - whether it is the server, the client or the cef framework that communicates with one another - it doesn't matter! Synchronous calls in that sense mean, for example, sending a request from client to server expecting the server to return a result. Though, there are already libraries that provide synchronous calls, V-RPC comes with C# and Angular 8+ (CEF) support out-of-the-box. One of the key points for developing this library is to provide synchronous calls in different languages among different endpoints in the GTAV multiplayer ecosystem. Why should you use V-RPC? V-RPC is easy to use and comes as an NPM package. Considering the browser V-RPC can also be used using a single file. V-RPC comes with many great features: Middleware support for incoming requests Currently C# and JavaScript/TypeScript support Templating in both languages Optional parallelization of incoming requests in C# Out-of-the-box Angular 8+ framework support Open Source? I love it! V-RPC is Open Source software! The sauce can be found here: https://github.com/eisengrind/v-rpc I appreciate any contributions to the project. Latest versions: C#: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Eisengrind.VRPC.RageMP.Server/2.0.0 JS: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@eisengrind/v-rpc Angular 8+: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@eisengrind/ng-v-rpc Hope you like it! Have a great Weekend. 😉
  4. Links Webseite: https://www.inf-reallife.de/ Forum: https://www.inf-reallife.de/forum/ Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfinityReallife/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/InfReallife Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/InfinityReallifeServer
  5. I used to play on this server long before when rage was free and now I got the game but rage complex server is still not loading please help
  6. Temat zawiera multimedia z tworzenia serwera V Role Play. Jeżeli chciałbyś już pograć i zastanawiasz się czemu tak długo, możesz dołożyć swoją cegiełkę do naszego repozytorium github. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vrpgta Discord: https://discord.gg/nEe5JtM 31-05-2018
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Всем привет, хочу поведать миру о старте нового проекта в RAGE:MP, - White RolePlayХочу сказать лишь одно, у нас нету нехватки программистов/скриптеров, не будет никаких заморозок, и откладывание проекта в долгий ящик.Проект свежий, в списке наших целей множество уникальных систем/работ/механикПрисоединяйся к нашей группе, и следи за развитием проекта(Игроки которые будут вместе с нами на открытии, получат уникальную возможность в занятии высоких должностей штата)Подпишись : https://vk.com/white4life 
  8. Guten Morgen/Mittag/Abend ich suche für ein neues GTA:MP Projekt einen oder mehrere Entwickler, die mit mir zusammen einen Server errichten können. Was ist Loyal-Gaming? Loyal-Gaming ist eine Multiplayer-Community aus dem Bereich Roleplay. Wir hatten bis vor kurzem einen sehr gut laufenden Minecraft-Server auf Roleplay-Basis. Derzeit bieten wir jedoch nur noch Arma 3 (Altis-Life) an und möchten unsere Community vergrößern. Da wir viele User haben, die an einem GTA:MP Projekt interessiert sind, möchten wir dieses Projekt nun angehen. Leider fehlt uns das Know-How für die Entwicklung von Plugins oder Scripts. Was wir bereits haben? Der Server (Standard) läuft bereits. Wir haben einen ausreichenden Root-Server (Windows), kann aber bei bedarf jeder Zeit auf Linux umgewandelt werden. Wir haben einen Teamspeak-Server mit 512 Slots und natürlich dann ein Forum für unseren GTA-Server. Was wir brauchen? Wir suchen mehrere Entwickler, die sich im Bereich Scripts und Plugins auskennen, die unsere Ideen verwirklichen können. Gerne könnt ihr mich persönlich kontaktieren: Skype / Teamspeak Was wir bieten? Wir bieten auf jeden Fall einen sicheren Platz in unsere Community (auch als Admin) und gegebenenfalls (bei größeren Projekten) auch eine Bezahlung via. PayPal. Ich würde mich freuen von Dir zu hören Bis dahin, verbleibe ich mit schönen Grüßen euer flunker007
  9. https://github.com/Armyw0w/RAGEAngular https://www.npmjs.com/package/rage-angular UPDATE 1.0.4 Removed object type from Client call interface Removed arguments limit from Client call arguments. Added Client library. UPDATE 1.0.3 Added better documentation in source Added a middleman library for index.html Added a way to call an event from Angular to Client Added syncronization for that call and posibility to response back. Documentation on Github
  10. How to Play GTA V with Rage MP offline Multiplayer with LAN|Local. When I click connect localhost game starts on the server I made on the PC i am playing but how to connect my second PC on that server with LAN?
  11. Абсолютно чистый скелет сервера v 0.3, после подключения к серверу видим надпись "multiplayer started", которая не исчезает.. как бельмо на глазу =) Как убрать её, подскажите плиз, где оно прячется?
  12. Здраствуйте,у меня ошыбка с гта 5 RageMP,когда я заходжу на серв загрузка идёт потом просто всё закрывается!!!!Помогите(Просто оффается).
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