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Found 17 results

  1. Good day. I recently decided to migrate my server to a newer version of RageMP (up to 1.1) and ran into the problem of missing some methods (methods related to ColShape, TextLabel and Blip's). I know for sure that version 1.1 is installed on the RageMP client and server: the client logs into the server without any problems and the server supports NetCore 3.1. When starting a server with a connected resource, this error occurs: Code: At the same time, the server works without problems and you can go to it - the function for creating Blip simply does not work. The
  2. AttachEntityToEntity - GTA Network Wiki NAPI.Entity.AttachEntityToEntity(...) Method doesn't exist in v1.1, How can I attach entities at v1.1?
  3. SERVER-SIDE download http://www.mediafire.com/file/tcg9vw00uwxdk0v/con_man_Skazi_-_RAGEMP.rar/file Unzip password: 98039560 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the server-side I bought at 180USD in the hands of a scammer. He claimed to support me for 10 days. When the server-side sent me, he said that his computer was broken and wanted me to buy him some money For computer accessories, I paid him 140USD again, and then he ignored me and blocked me in whatsapp I have
  4. Hello. I've been meddling around with the RageMP API and I've learned most of it myself with the help of the discord members. Shoutout to Xabi, Sake and everyone else for helping me out with this language. Anywho I've come to realise that when I had started out there was nothing that would guide me through the process of making a server or creating the script for that matter. So here I bring you a YouTube playlist of the RageMP C# language tutorial. It is still under progress but I keep uploading new tutorials daily. And I mostly describe most of the elements so the videos mig
  5. it's always useful to keep an eye on the activity of the server like players joining/leaving the server while you're chatting on discord. This can be achieved by using our lovely Webhook friends. This tutorial aims to give you knowledge about how to use those web-hooks to keep in contact with some server logs. Creating a Webhook It's really easy, create a channel go to channel settings -> webhooks -> Create a webhook I'll call mine Spicy. Copy the webhook URL and wait for further instructions. Using the Webhook Now we'll create a small server-sid
  6. The command&events decorators (@command, @commandable, @event, @eventable) Information Installation Disadvantages Examples Sources Event decorator 1. Information: There is a snippet which helps to registry any commands/events to Rage API with the simple interface by using decorators. Library: rage-decorators [github] [npm-package] If you're using typescript, make sure there two options (experimentalDecorators, emitDecoratorMetadata) are true in your tsconfig.json: { "compilerOptions": { "experimentalDecorators": true,
  7. Chrome debugger is one of the great features used in server-side to do fast Javascript evaluations, and debug your running code. Installation: 1) Install Nodejs v8 inspector in to chrome. 2) Add "node-commandline-flags": "--inspect" to your conf.json 3) Start your ragemp-server.exe and it should open you a new tab in your browser. You should get something like that in your server console node commandline flags: --inspect Debugger listening on ws:// Debugger attached. and here's the debugger window.... Now you ar
  8. Hello everyone! 🙂 First of all, i'm a random gta v modder and i'm very new to rage mp. I mod gta and many many games for few years. Before i was using other multiplayer modification which was mostly client-sided. I wasn't fan of it and community was so helpful that forced me to find better alternative. Then i heard a lot of good things about this app and it's possibilities from a friend of mine so i thought it would be nice to make my own server using rage mp. I saw on youtube that rage mp is everything from scratch: no traffic, npc's and so on. I know th
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Internet radio over colshapes using CEF. Scope of application: custom clubs, interiors. Default location is the Galileo Observatory (behind the monument). Default radio station - Wacken Radio (DE). Installation: I. Put server files to: server-files\packages\yourGameMode II. Add require('./rStreamColshapes'); to your server's index.js III. Put client files to: client_packages then edit your client's index.js and add require('./rStream'); To change radio stream url, edit index.html here: client_packages\cef\rStream\index.html GitHub
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Server-sided script, that getting a real weather hourly and sets it in the gta 5 world. HowTo: I. Install getJSON: npm install get-json --save II. Go to https://developer.accuweather.com/ and register as the Developer. III. To get your new API key, create your WeatherAPP here, https://developer.accuweather.com/user/me/apps On the question: "What programming language is your APP written in?" Answer will be: JavaScript. IV. Go to https://www.accuweather.com/ and find your preferred location on the map or by the search field, for example: Moscow, Russia. To s
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Simple solution to check incoming connections from unwanted countries. I. Install geoip-Lite: npm i geoip-lite II. Edit country_ban list with the specified country codes https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/codes/iso3166/ III. Save and put this script to "server-files\packages" and add require('./countryBan'); in index.js
  12. Hello to all! I have a question about chat messaging. I read the OnChatMessage documentation. There was an example for filtering bad words. The [DisableDefaultChat] attribute was used to disable the default chat behavior, but it was written that this attribute was not yet implemented. What can I use instead of this attribute for the same behavior? Thank you in advance
  13. Hello to all, I started learning API on the c # serve side. I tried to write a spawn system player. I checked the documentation and found the code: [DisableDefaultOnConnectSpawn] [ServerEvent(Event.PlayerConnected)] public void OnPlayerConnected(Client player) { NAPI.Player.SpawnPlayer(player, new Vector3(2, 5, 8)); // Will spawn the player at the given position } My compiler is showing me an error: the type or namespace “DisableDefaultOnConnectSpawnAttribute” could not be found. Can anybody help me? Thank you in advance
  14. tl;dr: - How to check if player is carrying a specific weapon - How to check how much ammo he is carrying Hello, i hope that this is the right subforum for my problem. I am trying to make an armory where players can take and put weapons/ammo. The "take" is working fine, but I don't find a way to check (on server-side) if a player carries the weapon he wants to put in and how much ammo he is carrying, so when a player wants to put a weapon in the armory, i don't know if hes actually carrying the weapon. In the wiki i have found: Player::getWeaponAmmo (not working
  15. Включаю server.exe. Вылвзит ошибка: (тут должен быть путь к файлу)\server.exe не является приложением Win32. Если что, это Windows XP 32-bit.
  16. Как вызвать клиентское событие с сервера? Метод ::callRemote не существует, метод ::call не вызывает сторону клиента, лишь сервера.
  17. kostya_nad


    Server crashes when I go to this place (https://imgur.com/a/zKigh) It was MySQL connection is too long. Please close or delete!!
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