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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, I hope this is read by George among others, we are a server that is currently running with some players on 1.1, but we have the problem that sometimes the players are invisible, the vehicles are invisible, or players suddenly out of the vehicle climb and the car is teleported away, but the vehicles are not only bugged outside the streaming range, but also if a user spawns the vehicle via the garage system (approx. 3 meters away from him) I hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise we have to rewrite all of our scripts to 0.3.7 and are therefore forced to downgrade our version.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Source code : C# Attachment sync for RAGE Multiplayer Server and Client. Equivalent for the Efficient Attachment System made by ragempdev and rootcause Credits to DasNiels for the server-side Efficient Attachment Sync C# It has only been tested on RAGE Multiplayer 1.1
  3. Hi, since I could not find a comprehensive list of the current syncronisation status of different elements I decided to conduct my own little research and here is what I came up with. This is in no way a bug-report, but more of a list of what others can expect when developing scripts right now. For the most part basic syncronisation is already implemented, these are mostly edge-cases which I'm sure will be fixed in the future, and I'll try to update the list when a new update comes. Vehicles (not-synced) Vehicle damage level is not synced on player join (a damaged vehicle is seen as new by a newly joined player) (not-synced) Vehicle damage level do not match exatlly when shooting (it can result in a player not being able to damage you because a car window isn't broken for you so bullets can't reach) (not-synced) Vehicles don't take damage when no one is inside them (not-synced) Vehicles explode again when they stream in for a player if they were already destroyed (not-synced) Vehicles may teleport and damage themselves on stream in if they were spawned in the air (not-synced) Weaponized vehicles with homing rockets target the passenger (not-synced) Vehicle passenger can't change the radio station (partially-synced) Sometimes cars start playing breaking noises constantlly (partially-synced) Vehicle trailers work but teleport around quite a lot (synced) Vehicle sirens work (synced) Wheel movement is synced (not just the vehicle position, so you can for example do a burnout) (synced) Planes rotation is synced (so you can do stunts) (synced) Vehicle collisions synced pretty well (not-synced) Boats drift away when no-one is inside them, ending up in different locations for each player (synced) Drive-by is possible and pretty well synced for both the driver and also the passengers (partially-synced) Some armed vehicles don't sync the rotation of the weapon, but the actual shooting (projectile) is synced (partially-synced) Some armed vehicles play the shooting animation/sound but there is no actual explosion at the target location (for example the tank) (not-synced) Players can't kick out a driver by holding down F (you get in the passenger seat instead) (partially-synced) Pressing F to get in a car will teleport you inside it if it took too long to run Player Movement & Combat (partially-synced) When climbing a ladder the animation is applied but stuck on the first frame (not-synced) No throwable weapons work (grenades, sticky, proxy, pipe, molotov, gas, etc) (partially-synced) Some weapons can be aimed but shooting isn't synced (railgun, compact grenade launcher, etc) (partially-synced) Punching works but results in a lot of jitter and no actual animation (synced) Climbing over obstacles works and is well synced (partially-synced) The cover system is only synced sometimes, and when it does it's very jittery (not-synced) When using the cover system, if aiming the animation is not synced (not-synced) Player head movement is not synced (partially-synced) Player ragdoll on car hit or fall does sync but not very well and is also very jittery (players are moving in the "laying on the ground" animation) (not-synced) This is not so important but there is no lag compesation (so you have to aim in front if the target is running) World (General) (not-synced) Waves probablly aren't synced (not-synced) AI is not synced, they do not spawn at all (not-synced) Fire is not synced If you have anything to add please leave a reply and I'll add it to the post, also thanks to my friend Petri_20 for helping me test all this.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to sync - RAGE.Game.Ped.CreateSynchronizedScene - RAGE.Game.Ai.TaskSynchronizedScene - RAGE.Game.Ped.SetSynchronizedScenePhase between the clients? If so I can create some nice resources for RAGE. Rockstar was using the NETWORK in GTA:O to accomplish this : NETWORK::NETWORK_CREATE_SYNCHRONISED_SCENE NETWORK_ADD_PED_TO_SYNCHRONISED_SCENE
  5. mrmm23

    lag lagging players

    If I hit a player, or they die, they move wierdly. Watch the video linked down. It's very annoying, as I want to make a server.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This should save you some time writing your own syncing when it comes to using player.setClothes() for values over 255 until 1.0 gets released. The download has example scenarios/commands you can use. Serverside Functions: player.changeClothes(Number componentId, Number drawable, Number texture, Bool save, Bool sync) player.resetClothes() Save parameter: By setting this to true the script will remember these values and re-apply these when using player.resetClothes() Sync parameter: If you set this parameter to false the clothes will only be applied on the target client. Set this to true and everyone will see the clothes! Demonstration: This GIF has both save and sync parameter set to false to preview the selected item before actually purchasing it. Once purchased, both save and sync are set to true to remember the purchased item and to sync it to all other clients And this GIF shows the same interaction but from the other client
  7. Version 1.0.1


    This resource will sync basic things for you such as the doors, windows, tyres, engine, dirt, and lock status. Note that this resource incorporates the disabling of automatic engine toggle. If you get in a car you can only start it by script commands. There are several API functions provided for you to use. Read up on how to use this resource here;
  8. unkaid

    Realtime Weather

    Version 1.0.0


    Server-sided script, that getting a real weather hourly and sets it in the gta 5 world. HowTo: I. Install getJSON: npm install get-json --save II. Go to and register as the Developer. III. To get your new API key, create your WeatherAPP here, On the question: "What programming language is your APP written in?" Answer will be: JavaScript. IV. Go to and find your preferred location on the map or by the search field, for example: Moscow, Russia. To set more accurate location to your preferred, click on the nearest point on the map, for me it is Yakimanka, then click on 'Hourly". V. The URL will look like this: Well, 2515350 is the Location Key that we will use further. VI. Let's assemble your AccuWeather URL: VII. Paste new AccuWeather URL into the script and save it. Warning! The Trial Version of AccuWeather is limited for 50 requests per day. GitHub