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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello yes very nice. I have a nice resource for you. You press G. It finds the nearest vehicle, and the nearest seat in such vehicle, and makes you get in it. Supports vehicles without doors, the bus with like 12 seats or whatever it has. Should support all newly added vehicles too, DLC vehicles etc. For vehicles with grab holds, G will make you enter the vehicle (like granger), SHIFT + G will force you to grab onto the sides, even if no one is inside the vehicle. Locking: To stop people getting in as passenger, like a locked vehicle use this code somewhere in your server:
  2. I've been looking for a way to disable the radio as smoothly as possible (so no sound cut-off or infinite loops anywhere), this is what Daniel Hartung (from Discord) and I came up with: Client-side (trigger this in your server-side playerEnterVehicle event, has to be triggered server-side cause the client-side variant triggers too early before the player is in the vehicle) const localPlayer = mp.players.local; let radioKillTimer = null; mp.game.audio.setUserRadioControlEnabled(false); mp.events.add("disableVehicleRadio", () => { if(radioKillTimer == null){
  3. i have a crash with new vehicledata.json, I check .log file and there is no information about crush. help please!) It works with old vehicledata.json (there is no drafter, or sultan2 and others.) But i need new cars! help pls!
  4. How to prohibit the player from entering the vehicle using 'playerStartEnterVehicle' event. For example player don't have driving license and I want to check during enter vehicle. Which function is responsible for that? I was trying to use stopAnimation() but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, It's been a while i didn't do some resources, and I've seen root taking the throne for a while. So i thought i would contribute again with some average resource for the developers to know more about rage's environment. Basically this resource introduces manual transmission to cars to ensure more control on your vehicle and to enjoy the experience of the manual transmission (Could be useful for some drag racing maybe..). Anyways manual is toggled by the command: /manual Controls: NUMPAD_ADD increases the gear. NUMPAD_SUBTRACT lowers the gear Simpl
  6. Hi! I would like to know why I am getting this error when using the vehicle function: setAlarm vehicle.setAlarm(!!1); Error: (node:4412) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: vehicle.setAlarm is not a function Remembering that I use "vehicle.setColorRGB" without problems.
  7. Version 1.3.0


    I updated the "vehicleHashes.js" to the update "Diamond Casino & Resort". Orginal version and creator of the script:
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Copy folder to "client_packages" and add require("./genzocarcompare"); to your "client_packages/index.js";
  9. Hey, I created a ped, now is my Question how to put in a vehicle and let it drive to specific location ? I searched for the message on wiki but i cant find it. Thank you Guys 😃
  10. Hello Everyone, Today I would like to introduce a Tutorial about how to do Cruise control for your vehicle. The script generally sets your vehicle on a constant velocity without the need for you to accelerate, and you can have full control of the vehicle again by press the brakes or just run out of the car ;D (joke). Anyways it's simple Server-side: Client-side: Thank you and i wish you enjoyed the Tutorial. Wait for more soon!
  11. Version 1.1.0


    Clock speedometer JS client-side
  12. Good evening guys, Its a simple scenario - i want to attach a vehicle to a flatbeds bed in c# and its only c# possible. AttachToEntity is not implemented yet but the feature is needed. I try to use workarounds - like freeze vehicle on vehicle but not implemented yet. I try it with ropes and some wired stuff. Clientside it will work but its not sync..thats a massive problem. now - i ask the community for better ideas. Any suggestions? Greetz White ;-)
  13. const localPlayer = mp.players.local; var signal4; mp.keys.bind(0x58, true, function() { if (signal4 && localPlayer.vehicle) { mp.game.graphics.notify('Свет TAXI выключен'); localPlayer.vehicle.isTaxiLightOn(false); localPlayer.vehicle.isTaxiLightOn(false); signal4 = false; } else if (localPlayer.vehicle) { mp.game.graphics.notify('Свет TAXI включен'); localPlayer.vehicle.isTaxiLightOn(true); localPlayer.vehicle.isTaxiLightOn(true); signal4 = true; } }) Я вот думаю может нужно было как то ещё указат
  14. Короче, я хочу, чтобы у меня заводился двигатель по кнопке и только по ней, но вот в чем проблема: если игрок садится за руль, то двигатель автоматически заводится. Даже если нет никакого кода, все равно так, отключение двигателя после ожидания 1,5 секунд не поможет: снова заведется. Есть какой-то похожий параметр на .engine?
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