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  1. While locally everything works pretty well, when I tried to connect to my ragemp server in my ubuntu based machine in vultr.com, I see the following error message in my local machine: "ERROR: Can't establish secure connection, please try again. This is an error of the server you're playing on. Please report it to server administrators." While in my server, I can see the request was received by ragemp since I can read "Incoming connection from <my ip>", which seems correct. As extra information I can just say that the only thing I did after installing the ragemp server is open the 22005 (default port) in the server machine to the outside world with the command ufw allow 22005. I also tried to modify the conf.json file, for example enable-http-security: true and encryption: true , but I am still getting the same result. Any ideas what can be the reason? I can share more information if it can help. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello. I've been meddling around with the RageMP API and I've learned most of it myself with the help of the discord members. Shoutout to Xabi, Sake and everyone else for helping me out with this language. Anywho I've come to realise that when I had started out there was nothing that would guide me through the process of making a server or creating the script for that matter. So here I bring you a YouTube playlist of the RageMP C# language tutorial. It is still under progress but I keep uploading new tutorials daily. And I mostly describe most of the elements so the videos might seem longer than usual tutorials. But I'd suggest to not skip anything and go over everything that I have to offer thoroughly. And if you do like my tutorials then do subscribe and like it too! And happy coding!
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Internet radio over colshapes using CEF. Scope of application: custom clubs, interiors. Default location is the Galileo Observatory (behind the monument). Default radio station - Wacken Radio (DE). Installation: I. Put server files to: server-files\packages\yourGameMode II. Add require('./rStreamColshapes'); to your server's index.js III. Put client files to: client_packages then edit your client's index.js and add require('./rStream'); To change radio stream url, edit index.html here: client_packages\cef\rStream\index.html GitHub
  4. https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=EventTriggeredByKey As i understood, it should give me the keyCode of the player's pressed key in the first parameter, but it gives nothing.. When this event triggers?
  5. I setup my local windows server. The server side code works great but client side seems like it's not applied and functional. I get in console info about the weight that Client-side packages but when I enter ingame nothing is shown from client side. Am I missing something? My file structure and everything seems okay and I followed the instructions.
  6. Lefandoc

    Fatal error

    Hello, such a problem, Rage MP reinstalled, gta checked for integrity, Microsoft Visual 2015 C++ reinstalled. Recently reinstalled windows. Help me please 😢
  7. Nothing happens, the value changes but does not apply. When you exit and then enter the stream of the vehicle, the handling value that I set before is reset to default. public void SetVehicleHandling(object[] args) { string key = args[0].ToString(); float val = Convert.ToSingle(args[1]); Chat.Output($"OLD: {RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.GetHandlingFloat(key)}; NEW: {val}; ({key})"); RAGE.Elements.Player.LocalPlayer.Vehicle.SetHandling(key, val); } If someone maked it work i will be appriciate for answer. Thanks
  8. Introduction. I recently decided to start writing my own server for RAGE: MP. Have experience developing servers for SA:MP, I study several programming languages. I decided to write the server in C#, because I know Java relatively well and I had a little experience writing scripts in C# for the game Space Engineers. Description of my problem Actually, the problem arose when I tried to write a simple client-side script. When I connect to my server, I get this error: C#: Server packages could not be compiled successfully! Check clientside_cs.txt for C# logs. File "enable-clientside-cs.txt" in the root directory of RAGE:MP I have. Here is the information from the file "clientside_cs.txt": I'm a newbie, so I might have some stupid mistakes. Here is a screenshot of the project itself. Please help me.
  9. Hey there. I started developing a client-side user interface, and I had problems with custom fonts. I included my custom fonts in the CSS file: @font-face { font-family: Gabriela; src: url(../Fonts/Gabriela-Regular.ttf); } @font-face { font-family: FontAwesome; src: url(../Fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf); } * { font-family: Gabriela; } .dws-input::before { font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f007"; position: absolute; font-size: 30px; padding: 25px 0 0 0px; color: white; } In the browser, all the fonts look great, but when I started the game, all the fonts changed to standard ones. What have I done wrong? Maybe I incorrectly connected fonts? Thanks in advance
  10. I want to make the player look in a certain direction, but I can not do this with the 'gameplay' camera, and I do not need to create a new 'default'. How to be this will only work with the new 'default' camera, if you use the 'gameplay' camera, you can’t set the position for viewing. Help pls mp.events.add("setPlayerCameraInPos", (x, y, z) => { let newCamera = mp.cameras.new("gameplay"); // get the forwarding vector of the direction you aim with the gameplay camera as Vector3 // newCamera.setRot(x, y, z, 2); // Does not work newCamera.pointAtCoord(x, y, z); // Does not work newCamera.setActive(true); mp.game.cam.renderScriptCams(true, false, 0, true, false); });
  11. Version 0.0.1


    RageMP-ZoneManager A very useful client-side system which let you create four squares or hexagons in any shape like colshapes which support Z axis GIT REPO Why i needed something like this I was creating a traffic system which needed me to be able to check if a guy entered any crossroads and colshapes wasn't the thing i wanted + i wanted to sell farms by their shape and some of them wasn't shaped exaclty foursquare and i needed a little more, so i craeted this script to be able to make those things possible easily. Features You can create 4 types of zone which are defined az mp.zones.types in the script. You can loop through your zones and remove them. You can register zones by desired name. You may delete any zone any time. Server-side events also included. It supports Z axis which is still not very clever since it's not a big deal, all i needed was to prevent people to trigger some events from above the ground Have 4 testing functions which let you draw your zone on the map to see how it fits You can now register zones by any vector pointes above 2 Functions (Client-Side) /* Check if a zone is registered by it's name and it's dimension */ mp.zones.isZoneRegistered(zoneName, dimension) /* Unregister a zone by it's name and dimension */ mp.zones.unRegisterZone(zoneName, dimension) /* Register a zone by a list of vectors, height , zoneName, type, dimension Vectors: an arrayList of vectors depending on the type of the zone you are choosing to create for example if you are creating a 2PointZone all you need is 2 Vectors inside an array which are the starting point and the ending point and you have to pass height as -1 since it's not used in that type of zone if you are creating a 4PointZone you need to have an arrayList of vectors with 4 Vectors inside and height is used this time, same as 4PointZone in 6PointZone you need to pass 6 vectors and the height. Returns ZoneObject (contains name, type, positions, and zone.data [which never used it my self]) */ mp.zones.registerZone(Vectors, height, zoneName, type, dimension) /* Get ZoneObject by it's name and dimension */ mp.zones.getZoneByName(zoneName, dimension) /* Draw a 2PointZone for testing Requires 2 vectors */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy2(startPosition, endPosition) /* Draw a 4PointZone for testing Requires 4 vectors and height */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy4(Vectors, height) /* Draw a 6PointZone for testing Requires 6 vectors and height */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy6(Vectors, height) /* Draw a NPointZone for testing Requires array of vectors and height Unlimited number of points supported by this code */ mp.zones.drawZoneByN(Vectors, height) /* Check whether a point on the map is inside the zone or not */ mp.zones.isPointInZone(point, zoneName, dimension) /* This is a list of registered zone names used for looping through zones */ mp.zones.registered Events (Server-Side/Client-Side) On client side the player parameter is mostly the local player it self. /* mp.events.add('ZoneManager_PlayerEnterZone', (player, zoneName) => { //Your Code }) mp.events.add('ZoneManager_PlayerExitZone', (player, zoneName) => { //Your Code }) */ Changelog 4/1/2020 - v0.0.1 - Added support for dimension - Addes support for NPointZone type which let you create zones by any number of points - Changed some functions to support dimensions, if you already used the script you may need to change them - getZoneByName now returns undefined if the zone on the dimension does not exists (this thing existed before but i forgot to mention it before)
  12. I write the basic code in my solution project (example from wiki) and start the server, after spawn, it should output the notify but it does not output it. Please, help. log output The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly. System.Private.CoreLib at System.Reflection.Emit.InternalAssemblyBuilder.get_Location() The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.
  13. I want use other dll in my client-side project (C#), but when i start server, i receiv errors in clientside_cs.txt CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Contracts' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) -> C:\RAGEMP\client_resources\\cs_packages\AccountScript.cs:0 Can i use other dll in my client-side?
  14. Is there a function to change the Head Overlay on the client side? I want to change the ped but I don’t see the result, although I found this function in the wiki on the client-side functions. Wiki link: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Player::setHeadOverlay
  15. On 'client_packages/index.js': var loadingBrowser = mp.browsers.new("package://loading.html"); mp.gui.cursor.show(true, true); Based on my analysis, this should show the HTML content to the client as it enters the server, however, nothing happens.
  16. When working with the client side, I encountered errors and do not know how to fix this. When connecting to my server, the following errors occur: JS # 10 startup error, data storage error # 4. Left only one line on the client: mp.gui.chat.push('Hello World')
  17. Version 1.1.0


    Clock speedometer JS client-side
  18. Los

    CEF Boilerplate

    CEF Boilerplate This is a boilerplate that will make your development proccess easier. It has a workflow that works like a website development, but, adapted for UI development. Built with Gulp + Webpack + Babel + SASS + ES6 Features: Focused on performance, lightweight. Made to be maintainable and SCALABLE. Small, medium or big projects, doesn't matter how much components, it will be easy to maintain. Easy for integrating any framework like Vue or React. Hot reload Local development: Run npm install Run gulp The index.html inside the src folder, works like a summary. This is the default page that will open when you start the development environment. You can customize it. The others folders is just like any other web project structure. Building for production: Run npm install Run gulp production It will make all the minifying proccess, create bundles and will send it to ../../client_packages/dist folder by default. If you want to change it, go to gulpfile.js/config.json and change the destProd value. Integrating I strongly recommend you to use the ragemp-start typescript by @ekoozu Using with ragemp-starter: Clone this repo into the src folder Run the npm install on it Run gulp production Done. Creating a browser: mp.browsers.new("package://dist/html/boilerplate.html") That's all, folks. Feel free to open an issue or answer this thread if you have any question. Download it on GitHub
  19. В целях изучения разбираю примеры уже готовых серверов, и появился вопрос, как лучше поступать с UI через CEF ? Использовать единый html в котором собрать все элементы интерфейса и управлять ими изнутри, те в одном html будет к примеру компонент и чата и спидометра. Или инициализировать несколько CEF, допустим в один элемент CEF закинуть chat.html, и по верх него еще один элемент с CEF только уже с spedometr.html ? В чем плюсы и минуты того и другого?
  20. Hey, just started with RageMP scripting and wonder if its possible to let the Game load the compiled Assemblys instead of the raw .cs files for C# client-side scripts. If its not possible, are there any plans to support this in future releases? Thanks in advance and thanks for RageMP - comparing to some other MP mods the development feels way more "natural"!
  21. Hello. I have a problem to make a GUI on client side, which will trigger a function in server side file. Can you explain me step by step how to make this on example: Write cmd "/gui" and in this moment on my screen will be displayed a simple window GUI with one button and when I click it, he trigger server side function with message line: console.log("It works"). It will be very helpful for me to understand how works rage mp triggering and gui design. Or if this is too much for you community, will be okay to tell me, which functions should I use to make this. Greetings Mayo
  22. Hello, since I'm from sa-mp i obviously only know the server-side scripting. I already did some stuff like MySQL-connection, different disconnecting messages (depending on exitType) and so on. To get all the abilities from RageMP I (of course) also want to use the client-side scripting. First, I just want to get myself in and do stuff like mp.gui.chat.colors = true; mp.game.player.setHealthRechargeMultiplier(0.0); Both things are client-side functions. So, how to start with client-side scripting, which file(s) do I need to create and where to put them? Thanks a lot. //edit Oh wow! It's simple as that. Just need to create .js files inside the server-files/client-packages/ directory. That's it.
  23. Короче пишу вот такой вот код на клиент-сайде: mp.game.player.setMoney(100); Выходит ошибка: mp.game.player.setMoney(100) is not a function При чём объект найден, а сама функция нет. На Вики прописана https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Player::setMoney, как player.setMoney(), но так она тоже не работает, не найден объект.
  24. Короче, в CEF можно вывести все. Но есть ли какие-то диалоги по типу диалога Ammunation или Pay'n'spray? Это через CEF не стоит делать. Ранее было упоминание, что будет GUI из GTA Online, но как его запустить, если оно есть?
  25. How to activate cursor? I found function cursor.visible but how it to use? cursor.visible=true cursor.visible(true); /* These strings is not working */
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