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Found 1 result

  1. ambn


    Version 0.0.1


    RageMP-ZoneManager A very useful client-side system which let you create four squares or hexagons in any shape like colshapes which support Z axis GIT REPO Why i needed something like this I was creating a traffic system which needed me to be able to check if a guy entered any crossroads and colshapes wasn't the thing i wanted + i wanted to sell farms by their shape and some of them wasn't shaped exaclty foursquare and i needed a little more, so i craeted this script to be able to make those things possible easily. Features You can create 4 types of zone which are defined az mp.zones.types in the script. You can loop through your zones and remove them. You can register zones by desired name. You may delete any zone any time. Server-side events also included. It supports Z axis which is still not very clever since it's not a big deal, all i needed was to prevent people to trigger some events from above the ground Have 4 testing functions which let you draw your zone on the map to see how it fits You can now register zones by any vector pointes above 2 Functions (Client-Side) /* Check if a zone is registered by it's name and it's dimension */ mp.zones.isZoneRegistered(zoneName, dimension) /* Unregister a zone by it's name and dimension */ mp.zones.unRegisterZone(zoneName, dimension) /* Register a zone by a list of vectors, height , zoneName, type, dimension Vectors: an arrayList of vectors depending on the type of the zone you are choosing to create for example if you are creating a 2PointZone all you need is 2 Vectors inside an array which are the starting point and the ending point and you have to pass height as -1 since it's not used in that type of zone if you are creating a 4PointZone you need to have an arrayList of vectors with 4 Vectors inside and height is used this time, same as 4PointZone in 6PointZone you need to pass 6 vectors and the height. Returns ZoneObject (contains name, type, positions, and [which never used it my self]) */ mp.zones.registerZone(Vectors, height, zoneName, type, dimension) /* Get ZoneObject by it's name and dimension */ mp.zones.getZoneByName(zoneName, dimension) /* Draw a 2PointZone for testing Requires 2 vectors */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy2(startPosition, endPosition) /* Draw a 4PointZone for testing Requires 4 vectors and height */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy4(Vectors, height) /* Draw a 6PointZone for testing Requires 6 vectors and height */ mp.zones.drawZoneBy6(Vectors, height) /* Draw a NPointZone for testing Requires array of vectors and height Unlimited number of points supported by this code */ mp.zones.drawZoneByN(Vectors, height) /* Check whether a point on the map is inside the zone or not */ mp.zones.isPointInZone(point, zoneName, dimension) /* This is a list of registered zone names used for looping through zones */ mp.zones.registered Events (Server-Side/Client-Side) On client side the player parameter is mostly the local player it self. /*'ZoneManager_PlayerEnterZone', (player, zoneName) => { //Your Code })'ZoneManager_PlayerExitZone', (player, zoneName) => { //Your Code }) */ Changelog 4/1/2020 - v0.0.1 - Added support for dimension - Addes support for NPointZone type which let you create zones by any number of points - Changed some functions to support dimensions, if you already used the script you may need to change them - getZoneByName now returns undefined if the zone on the dimension does not exists (this thing existed before but i forgot to mention it before)