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Found 5 results

  1. I setup my local windows server. The server side code works great but client side seems like it's not applied and functional. I get in console info about the weight that Client-side packages but when I enter ingame nothing is shown from client side. Am I missing something? My file structure and everything seems okay and I followed the instructions.
  2. I'm using version 1.1 (c #) Click packages are located in the folder "client_packages\cs_packages" Server logs: [INFO] Starting RAGE Multiplayer server... [============================================================] || || MaxPlayers 100 || Sync rate 40ms || Name RAGE:MP Unofficial server || Gamemode freeroam || Streaming distance 500 || Announcement disabled || Voice chat disabled || Address || Connection limits disabled || Encryption enabled || NodeJS enabled || C# enabled || [============================================================] [INFO] Loading NodeJS packages... [INFO] Starting packages... [DONE] Server packages have been started. Initializing Bootstrapper.dll ( -> SERVER STARTED AT 03.03.2021 10:15:52 Unable to load acl.xml ACLEnabled: False Loaded 667 entries from vehicleData.json Loading resources.. -> Starting DriftProject/DriftProject resource.. DriftProject/DriftProject: loading scripts.. found 1 script(s) DriftProject/DriftProject: instantiating DriftProject.ServerSideMain.. DriftProject/DriftProject: loading server events.. found 1 server event(s) DriftProject/DriftProject: loaded 1 server events(s) DriftProject/DriftProject: loading commands.. found 2 command(s) DriftProject/DriftProject: loaded 2 commands(s) Gamemode started! -> Resource DriftProject/DriftProject started! Started! Waiting for connections.. [DONE] Started resource transfer server at 12 port. [DONE] Client-side packages weight: 0.000259 MB (uncompressed: 0.000580 MB). [INFO] Initializing networking... [DONE] Networking has been started: (IPv4-only) at [DONE] The server is ready to accept connections. [N] Incoming connection from Client script: using System; using RAGE; namespace ClientSide { public class Class1 : Events.Script { public Class1() { RAGE.Events.OnPlayerSpawn += OnPlayerSpawn; } void OnPlayerSpawn(Events.CancelEventArgs cancel) { Chat.Output("Hello"); } } }
  3. Hi. I call a function in main.js from login.js. But it gives me such an error. I call the function like this mp.events.add('RegResultFalse', () => { mp.events.call('executeFunction', ['emailStatus']); }) the function in login.js is described as: function emailStatus() { $("#emailStatus").removeClass("hide"); } Tell me what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance. In parallel with this, I read the wiki, if I find the answer, I will write
  4. Привет!!! Продолжаем. Рассмотрим настройку среды разработки для клиентской части. Сразу извините за звук, поехали: Строка настройки событий после сборки: del "E:\RageMP\client_packages\cs_packages\*.*" /Q for /R %CD% %%i in (*.cs) do ( xcopy %%i "E:\RageMP\client_packages\cs_packages\" /Q /Y /EXCLUDE:exclude.txt ) Пока!!!
  5. Hey Guys, So i want to create a autologin option in my login-form by saving username and pass in a file by javascript. My Question: is where can i save Data that stays after the User left the Server? i know i can use the Node.js Filesystem Module but before i try i ask the community. my Form: Thanks! Hank
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