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Found 25 results

  1. Moin, Ich kriege diesen Fehler: mysql:134 Error: could not locate file lib/Connection.js Class = require('./lib/Connection'); Jemand eine Idee woran das liegt?
  2. Hey there, folks! I recently asked myself, how I can retrieve the current FPS of a client, because there is no inbuild function at all. Here's a small snippet for retrieving the current FPS in TypeScript (if you want to use it in JS just compile it with a TS transcompiler or adapt it 😐). /* Copyright 2019 Vincent Heins/TheMysteriousVincent Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, mo
  3. I'm trying to add custom DLC packs for road mods on this server: GTA world based on RAGEMP. Whenever I add a DLC in the (client_resources/dlcpacks) it deletes itself. I was told this was not an accident, but instead done on purpose, why is that? basically the problem: OpenIV modifications work, but client_resources/dlcpacks .rpf files automatically delete themselves if it's not from the server.
  4. adri1

    SAMP Dialogs

    Version 1.0.0


    SA-MP Dialogs for RAGE MP (C# clientside). This is my first resource so may contains bugs... You must enable C# clientside! Usage is simple: examples in Test.cs Dialog(string dialog_name, string dialog_caption, string dialog_info, string[] dialog_buttons, string[] dialog_list_items = null, string dialog_input = null, string dialog_password_input = null)
  5. Everytime game crashes if client-side C# code includes `Task` with `async`, `await` operators. How can I wait a long processing task or how to wait X miliseconds in a thread? --- For example: public class InputTest : Events.Script { public InputTest() { Input.Bind(RAGE.Ui.VirtualKeys.F2, true, HandleF2Button); } private void HandleF2Button() { Chat.Output("F2 pressed. See you in 5 seconds"); Task.Factory.StartNew(async () => { await Task.Delay
  6. If someone can tell me why this isn't working, all the other CEFs work, just this one doesn't. It all compiles withour error and when i use /testnotif it sends me a message but does not show CEF. Im using this resource: Clientside: class Notification : Events.Script { RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow NotificationCEF = null; public Notification() { NotificationCEF = new RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow("package://cs_packages/CEF/popup/popup.html"); Events.Add("Show_Notif_CEF", ShowNotificationPopup); ShowCEF(false); }
  7. Hello There! Is it possible to use L.A roads or other roads in RageMP?
  8. Introduction Hello, So I have decided I should make this tutorial about how to use CEF alongside RAGEMP to make interactable UI because I have spent some time understanding it from examples without a clear tutorial, I am going to explain how to interact between the CEF browsers and RAGEMP client, and how to send/receive information from and to server. This tutorial is targeting new comers in RAGEMP but who have background in scripting and know how to run and connect their server locally. So the main points will be: 1-What is CEF 2-Sending information from CEF to RAGEMP
  9. Hey everyone, I encountered a problem which I was not able to find a solution to solve my issue. I want to use a JObject parsed from a .json file. I used FileStreams and StreamReaders for that and got the error "C# filestreams could not be used" on login on the client side. My code is: public static JObject GetClothData(Sex sex) { string plainText = string.Empty; using (FileStream fs = File.OpenRead($"Clothes{(sex == Sex.Male ? "M" : "F")}.json")) { using (StreamReader sw = new StreamReader(fs)) { plainText = sw.ReadToEnd(); sw.Close(); }
  10. The idle or cinematic cam that becomes active after a certain time and constantly points to other things. can be easily deactivated. I'm going to post a snippet of code here to help you disable the IDLE camera (reset the idle timer). RAGE:MP Clientside Snipped: let IdleDate = new Date(); mp.events.add('render', () => { const dif = new Date().getTime() - IdleDate.getTime(); const seconds = dif / 1000; if (Math.abs(seconds) > 29.5) { mp.game.invoke(`0xF4F2C0D4EE209E20`); //Clear Idle Timer IdleDate = new Date(); } }); Have Fun
  11. The print.ts snippet Information Problem Disadvantages Examples Sources 1. Information: Since 1.0 we have an object mp.console which helps us to send any information to the console (F11) There it's an interface interface ConsoleMp { logInfo(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logWarning(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logError(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; logFatal(message: string, save?: boolean, saveAsync?: boolean): void; clear(): void; reset(): v
  12. Hi When I spawn or change the model of a vehicle from the clientside, in the console I get the following error. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at void GTANetworkInternals.RemoteEventParser.Parse(Player sender, ulong eventNameHash, object[] args) The code works, the vehicle changes model and everything is fine, but the error appears for each model change, so I get the same error every time a user wants to buy a vehicle and choose the vehicle model. The spawn code is: auto.entity = mp.vehicles.new(mp.game.joaat(dataVe
  13. Du kennst du mit Coden in GTA V Roleplay aus ? Du bist zuverlässig ? Du hast Bock mit uns einen coolen GTA V Server aufzubauen? Dann melde dich bei uns ! Mail: [email protected] TS: Voraussetzungen: Mindestens 18 Jahre! Erfahrung mit C# und Java Erfahrung mit MySQL Datenbanken! Teamfähigkeit! Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung !
  14. Hi guys, yesterday I tried this code for client side js: mp.events.add("playerSpawn", () => { mp.gui.chat.push("You just spawned"); }); and its doesnt work. Just like "playerJoin" or other events on client side. Also i tried for "render" event,and its worked just fine. Can you explain why client side events wont work? (my script is added in index.js)
  15. Hi there, i've started recently with rage mp, developing on node. I've run into some problems with client side programming. This is my example code: require('./car/events.js'); mp.game.ui.setNewWaypoint(-400, 1300); mp.checkpoints.new(1, new mp.Vector3(-400,1150,325), 8, {color: [ 255,50,50,255], visible: true}) mp.events.add("playerEnterCheckpoint", (checkpoint) => { mp.game.fire.startScriptFire(-420, 1180, 325.8, 30, false); checkpoint.radius =+ 5; }); The waypoint and the checkpoint is visible, but the event doesn't seem to work. Attempts with other event
  16. Hey Guys, Ive started to code with Rage:MP for some days ago. Ive already a basic Server structure, but I need some information about Clientside coding with JS. So lets get started: How could I structure/organize my clientside code? Like how could the folder structure be and so on.. How can I create NativeUI with JS on Clientside ? For example if I created a colshape and marker somewhere, and only in this area should trigger the NativeUI in case i press E.
  17. Well, I've been stuck with a little problem for a while, I can get C# Server Side scripting working fully and have tested it but when it comes to client side I have a bit of a problem. I've created the "cs_packages" folder in the 'client_resources' folder. When it comes to actually loading the script which is in its own folder inside cs_packages and yes it is not compiled into a .dll file. The problem is when I connect to my local server it grabs all the dll packages inside the cs_packages folder but doesn't start my "Main.cs" script which has a little output with "Loading Clientside".
  18. XEGARE

    Vue.js SPA

    Hello. Is it possible to use SPA on Vue.js? I am a beginner and do not fully understand this, are there any examples? Handling events from the server on the client which is on vue?
  19. Hey! I've been busy developing an RP server lately, and i can get the Server-side working pretty good, but the time has come to start scripting client resources also. The problem is, that i can't find a tutorial or even a wiki page on how to start with the C# client side, because i don't want to code in Javascript, that would mean learning a new language and i don't want to go trough that hassle. So, can anyone explain to me how to make my first C# client side server resource? The only one who have been doing these kinds of tutorials were Stuyk, but he had removed every video regarding this to
  20. Version 2.1


    With this script you can easily create custom timer. The file is fully commented and should be easy to understand. The file in Shared is required - and then use either the file in Server or in Client depending on where you are using it. You have to use the constructor to create the timer. Examples: Examples: // Yes, the method can be private // private void testTimerFunc(Client player, string text) { NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "[TIMER] " + text); } void testTimerFunc() { NAPI.Chat.SendChatMessageToAll("[TIMER2] Hello"); } [Command("ttimer")] public
  21. Знание каких языков требуется для создания сервера и игрового мода? Так же, как делается маппинг? Ничего не собираюсь делать, просто интересен весь этот процесс. Какие языки используют для написания клиентских и других частей сервера. Какие языки можно использовать и какие используете вы. Как пишется игровой мод. Как делается маппинг?
  22. When working with the client side, I encountered errors and do not know how to fix this. When connecting to my server, the following errors occur: JS # 10 startup error, data storage error # 4. Left only one line on the client: mp.gui.chat.push('Hello World')
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This TypeScript library allows you to request the current clientside FPS. Licensed under the MIT License (see README.md for more info). Sincerely, ~Vincent Used icon: https://www.shareicon.net/screen-monitor-93177
  24. Hi all, I'm having a bit of the issue with getting front of player cords. When I run the scrip the angle seems to be random.... let x = mp.players.local.position.x; let y = mp.players.local.position.y; let z = mp.players.local.position.z; let nx = x + (1.2 * Math.sin(mp.players.local.getHeading() + 180)); let ny = y + (1.2 * Math.cos(mp.players.local.getHeading() + 180)); let sadsad = mp.cameras.new("authCam", new mp.Vector3(nx, ny, z + 0.7), new mp.Vector3(0, 0, 0), 40); sadsad.pointAtCoord(x, y, z + 0.7); sadsad.setActive(true); mp.game.cam.renderScriptCams(true, false, 0, true, fal
  25. Hello! Is there any way to create a client-side script that would use a seperate server to download client data? Kind of fetching the files form a webserver then move them to their proper location, so the OOTB rageMP functionalities would just validate these file and the download won't drain the resources from the main (game) server itself?
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