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Found 4 results

  1. I don't know why These 2 functions are not working : mp.game.player.disableVehicleRewards(); mp.game.player.setHealthRechargeMultiplier(0.0); mp.events.add("playerReady", player => { mp.game.player.disableVehicleRewards(); mp.game.player.setHealthRechargeMultiplier(0.0); }); Rage 1.1
  2. Version 1.3.1


    So this is a simple Script, that detects suspicious actions from client-side: - No Reload - Unallowed Weapons - Rapid Fire - Flyhacks - Speedhacks - Vehicle Fly and Speedhacks - Static Godmodes and Healkeys Showcase: https://streamable.com/iklquo When you teleport, heal or respawn the player, use the 'client:respawning' event. If you want to use something like Medkits or Respawns you need to trigger the 'client:respawning' event, which disables the AntiCheat for some seconds, otherwise the player gets flagged. Do your own thing
  3. Hi guys, yesterday I tried this code for client side js: mp.events.add("playerSpawn", () => { mp.gui.chat.push("You just spawned"); }); and its doesnt work. Just like "playerJoin" or other events on client side. Also i tried for "render" event,and its worked just fine. Can you explain why client side events wont work? (my script is added in index.js)
  4. Hey developers, I've created a small node-module, to make it easier to create key-binds (also multiple keys). For example, you are able to do this: keyBinder.bind('ctrl+n', () => { mp.gui.chat.push("Ctrl+N"); }); The last key in the chain (a+b+c+d) can be any key and all the other keys have to be 'modifiers'. By default ctrl, alt, and shift are modifiers. So you can create combinations like: 'shift+ctrl+k'. For more information please take a look into the repositorie's readme: https://github.com/araynimax/ragemp-better-binding As mentioned I've published
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