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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    (Converted from GT-MP 31 MAY - Originally created 7 APR) I decided to convert my old resource to provide examples for others as well as learn the new API of RageMP. A simple approach to an admin system that makes use of JSON instead of a common SQL Database. Keep in mind this is nothing but a simple admin system to inspire someone else or continue to work on. There's plenty of commands missing if you intend to fit it to your own gamemode. I will mention that the ban system could use more work. At the moment it's easy to bypass seeing it's only based on the socialClubName of a player. Anyway, it's just an attempt at messing around a bit with JSON. If you're going to create a larger system I'd advice doing it differently. To alter your admin level, first register ingame and open up your JSON file. In the file you'll see your admin level that can range from 1-5. 1 being Junior & 5 being defined as Mangement. Command Description /login [password] Used to login to your admin account and gain access to the commands. /register [adminName] [password] Used to register an admin account. Currently there's no restrictions to prevent everyone from doing so. /ahelp Will display all commands avaliable to admins. /mute [target] Mutes the player and makes him unable to use the chat. /unmute [target] Unmutes the player and allows him to use the chat again. /spawnwep [wepName] [ammo] Creates a weapon and gives it to yourself with 9999 ammo unless specified otherwise. /spawncar [vehicleName] [color1] [color2] Create a vehicle and places you in the driversseat. Uses default color 1 unless specified otherwise. /setkevlar [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of armor. /sethealth [target] [amount] Gives the target the desired amount of health, unless the target is dead. /goto [target] Teleports you to the target's position. /gethere [target] Teleports the target to your position. /kick [target] [reason] Simply kicks the player from server and display a message for everyone to see. /ban [target] [reason] Kicks the player and creates a ban file with the specified reason.
  2. XCRON

    Easy Whitelist

    Version 1.0.0


    RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist This is a basic whitelist system for your server. Just place it in the packages folder & it works! Installation Just place the folder "easy-whitelist" in the packages folder. How to add users to the whitelist Go in the packages folder > then "easy-whitelist" > and edit the file account.json There you have to add the SocialClub ID. Restart Server & its done. Github: https://github.com/XCRON-DEV/RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist For questions or help DM me here.
  3. Hey everyone, I encountered a problem which I was not able to find a solution to solve my issue. I want to use a JObject parsed from a .json file. I used FileStreams and StreamReaders for that and got the error "C# filestreams could not be used" on login on the client side. My code is: public static JObject GetClothData(Sex sex) { string plainText = string.Empty; using (FileStream fs = File.OpenRead($"Clothes{(sex == Sex.Male ? "M" : "F")}.json")) { using (StreamReader sw = new StreamReader(fs)) { plainText = sw.ReadToEnd(); sw.Close(); } fs.Close(); } return JObject.Parse(plainText); } Is there anything to do in advance to allow filestreams or are there any workarounds? (e.g. in JS I can require a json file) Thanks in advance! Tim.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I know what has very many online services and tools, but many RAGE-MP devs do not know where and what to get them for fast in a hurry. For people who make maps in MapEditor and output XML as a type, this utility will suit perfectly and speed. GLHF!
  5. Just so title say, what you guys thinks is better for some simple gamemode. MySQL or .JSON type of storing data. I tried to use one and another. Must say that MySQL is more safer for storing data and more organized (my opinion). But I chose .JSON because it's much easier to get use to work with it, and much simpler for coding then mySQL. What do you guys think?
  6. Hello everyone, does anybody know how to correctly fill the json format for beein loading successfully in the server folder "/maps/" ? i just tryed out some maps as a converter from xml to json but not all maps working. thanks for help, Greetings, Concil
  7. KAyo

    Dynamic Objects

    Hello so i was playing around with some dynamic objects since the json "dynamic" isn't recognised (or am i missing something?) So i figured out creating them via: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Object::createObject resolves the issue and the object is dynamic. But doing this for 2k objects is a huge effort PLUS if you restart the server the object will be created twice in the client... createModelHide with a decent radius only "Hides" the object one time.. as soon as you restart the server the second time objects won't hide. Thanks for every help
  8. Hello guys! Well, how can I make my own map to use in the 'maps' folder? I just know I can make one with some existing map editing mod out there, but I can't find out how to convert from XML to JSON, and looks like RageMP server only loads JSON files.
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