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Found 7 results

  1. Sehr geehrte Forum's Mitglieder Ich hab folgendes Problem und habe viele YouTube Video und oder Internetseiten durchsucht um den Fehler zu finde. Also ich hab mir vor kurzem einen Rage MP Test Server Lokal gemacht und wollte dort meine Maps und MLO hochladen, dieses funktioniert auch zum teilt, als Beispiel hab ich das PD in der Stadt hinzugefügt, dort wird auch alles geladen, aber die alte Kollision und die alte Textur vom Gebäude wird noch mitgeladen, wieso ist da die Frage? Dann bei einer anderen Map "Weed Shop" wird die äußere Hülle geladen, aber das Interior nicht und da frage ich mich natürlich wieso? Meine Ordner Struktur "client_packages/game_resources/dlcpacks/maps/MLOordner wo die DLC.rpf drin liegt" die DLC.rpf wird von mir über den DLC Creator erstellt und dadurch kommt ja eine "bsp" mrpd.rpf & mrpd_metadata.rpf. " dort hab ich es erst wie im SP gemacht, dass ich die Objekte sowie Kollisionen in die mrpd.rpf geladen habe und die ymaps und ytyp & manifest usw reingemacht habe und dann die DLC über Archifix gescannt hab und diese dann wieder in den MLO ordner gepackt hab. Meine Frage ist nun, wie gehe ich das richtig an, das meine Maps und MLO's auf RageMP funktionieren. Über einen Rat oder villt sogar hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar. Man kann mich auch direkt bei Discord anschreiben : xXLeroy#8399
  2. Version 0.3


    NEW VERSION: Version 0.3 - March 22nd, 2018 Changelog(0.3) -Support for 1.43 added. This resource also supports 1.41 and 1.42. -Added freeze/unfreeze ability for objects. (Use this on doors. Just press F to toggle) -Fix duplication bug. Changelog(0.2.2) -Fix "mobj" command with string/number hash detection. Changelog(0.2.1) -Fix crash when trying to dupe map hashes. Changelog(0.2) -Dupe function (Right click objects and you can place the same object again) (Works on non-editor objects). -Hash checker (Look at any object on the map, not just editor objects to check their hash). -Auto adjustement in placement stage. Right click to automatically rotate/position object on the ground. -Scroll improvement by loading models ahead of time. -Other fixes. -Some code restructure thanks to mtz64. Changelog (0.1) -Initial Release Yes there are lack of features or some bugs, 0.1. Make bug reports/suggestions if you have any. **Note that your current edit is autosaved every 30 seconds. To load it call '/mload autosave'. (Yes I know commands throw "Command not found". Ignore it for now) There are roughly 50,000 objects. The list needs a bit of cleaning but it includes many new objects not seen before such as sections of the map. Installation: Drop the "MapEditor" folder inside the "client_packages" folder into your own "client_packages" folder. Merge the index.js file found inside "client_packages" with your own. Drop the "MapEditor" folder inside the "packages" folder into your own "packages" folder. Usage: To start/exit the editor press F2. (NOTE THAT OBJECTS CURRENTLY IN EDIT MODE WILL REMAIN ON THE MAP. USE /mclear) Press 1 for Selector Mode (You can click on objects, or click off to deselect) Press 2 for Object Placement Mode Press 3 for Adjustment Mode Press ENTER to save objects inside Adjustment Mode. Press SPACE to rotate objects by 90 degrees in Object Placement Mode. WASD to move around. E and Q to move up and down. Shift to speed up movement, control to slow down movement. Ctrl + Z to undo object creation, Ctrl + Y to redo it. This only applies to object creation for now. Controls are defined on the screen for you. Mostly point, click, and drag. Commands: (Yes, commands in 2018, stop crying until I make some UI framework) /msave [name] - used to save your map /mmaps - used to see what maps you have saved in your session /mload [name] - used to load a map (you can load/deload as many maps as you want) (it is synced) /mdeload [name] - used to deload a map if it is loaded (not if it's in edit mode) /mlmaps - used to see what maps are loaded (That's an "L" not an "I") /medit [name] - used to edit a map (it will load in client sided only and you can edit it) /mclear - used to clear your current edit /mindx [index number] - used to set the list index since it is a huge list /mobj [name of hash] - used to spawned a specific object by name API: LoadMap(name); DeloadMap(name); SaveMap(name, data); DO NOT PASS IN THE "_map.json" EXTENSION. THAT IS HANDLED ON ITS OWN. ONLY PASS THE NAME YOU SAVED IT AS. Ex. /msave map1 - will save it as map1_map.json. To load it call /mload map1 or LoadMap("map1"); https://github.com/DisapprovedByMe/MapEditor
  3. Hello guys, I'm trying to create a server based in Vice City so I downloaded Vice City Overhaul BETA 3.0 (Vice Cry was just too big), and put the dlcpacks inside client_packages, when I get into the server everything goes as normal and the game start downloading the rpf files. Problem is when it finish downloading I get a corrupt files message and my games just doesn't start and gives me the same error. After a few hours, I decided to install RpfEncrypt and put the rpf files in the source folder. Good News! The game successfully downloads the files! Bad News tho, my game keeps crashing after it loads Rage MP, no error and nothing. And now I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed any further. I know installing an map of such scale demands a lot, but I'm pretty I've seen a video of someone playing in a similar, but I can't find the video or where this supposed ported map is. Anybody's help would be immensely appreciated! Jesus Christ, I just want to revive some 80s nostalgia.
  4. A mapper is required for a popular project. Salary, a good team. Requirements: extensive experience in mapping, creating EML interiors. Discord for communication - moore#2547
  5. Hello everyone, does anybody know how to correctly fill the json format for beein loading successfully in the server folder "/maps/" ? i just tryed out some maps as a converter from xml to json but not all maps working. thanks for help, Greetings, Concil
  6. I created a custom map with a map mod editor, I've added some items however, as I move away from the added items, and go back to them, they disappear. Can someone help me?
  7. Hello guys! Well, how can I make my own map to use in the 'maps' folder? I just know I can make one with some existing map editing mod out there, but I can't find out how to convert from XML to JSON, and looks like RageMP server only loads JSON files.
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