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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I've updated my server version to 1.1 (removed rpfencrypt, moved dlcpacks to client_resources/game_resources/dlcpacks) and when someone is trying to connect, after loading the client resources and when starting the handshake, client crashes. I made research and got few points. 1. If you have just 1-2-3 small and separated dlc (1 dlc per 1 rpf) - all works fine 2. If you have (for example) 50 small dlc's - you will get crashed. 3. If you have 1 dlcpack with 50 models inside - you will get crashed 4. And the most important one - in 037 all variations of dlcs works fine, you can use 50 separated dlc's, 1 big dlc or another one, and all stuff works fine. Tested with same dlc's in 037. So, I guess that problem maybe in 1.1 update which replaces rpfencrypt stuff.
  2. I'm trying to add custom DLC packs for road mods on this server: GTA world based on RAGEMP. Whenever I add a DLC in the (client_resources/dlcpacks) it deletes itself. I was told this was not an accident, but instead done on purpose, why is that? basically the problem: OpenIV modifications work, but client_resources/dlcpacks .rpf files automatically delete themselves if it's not from the server.
  3. Hello There! Is it possible to use L.A roads or other roads in RageMP?
  4. Hello friends. Who can help me? I'm install default server, create folder "dlcpacks" on "client_packages", start server on my PC, connect, and dlc.rpf don't be downloaded. What this happend? dlc.rpf - working, i'm make this on server on hosting - all working. On local sever - don't working, why? Sorry for my bad english 🙃 P.S.: Server sees my dlc.rpf, but don't download
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to create a server based in Vice City so I downloaded Vice City Overhaul BETA 3.0 (Vice Cry was just too big), and put the dlcpacks inside client_packages, when I get into the server everything goes as normal and the game start downloading the rpf files. Problem is when it finish downloading I get a corrupt files message and my games just doesn't start and gives me the same error. After a few hours, I decided to install RpfEncrypt and put the rpf files in the source folder. Good News! The game successfully downloads the files! Bad News tho, my game keeps crashing after it loads Rage MP, no error and nothing. And now I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed any further. I know installing an map of such scale demands a lot, but I'm pretty I've seen a video of someone playing in a similar, but I can't find the video or where this supposed ported map is. Anybody's help would be immensely appreciated! Jesus Christ, I just want to revive some 80s nostalgia.
  6. Hello. I have problem with dlcpacks. If I put some dlc on my server, and i connect my game just freezes and i can't do anything. I have same problem if I connect to any server. If server has dlc, my game freezes everytime. If i remove dlc from my server, everything works fine. Someone has an idea to solve this problem?
  7. How you load your maps to the server? I tried put in maps folder or using dlcpacks, but it not works dlcpacks made with this tutorial
  8. hey i want to know how i could add an exported map from Codewalker to my Server. i used this Tutorial but it doesn't worked.
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