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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to add custom DLC packs for road mods on this server: GTA world based on RAGEMP. Whenever I add a DLC in the (client_resources/dlcpacks) it deletes itself. I was told this was not an accident, but instead done on purpose, why is that? basically the problem: OpenIV modifications work, but client_resources/dlcpacks .rpf files automatically delete themselves if it's not from the server.
  2. I have a macbook and I installed additional windows on it downloaded GTA 5 from Steam and then downloaded rage after choosing the server I write an error not an unexpected error with a suggestion to start in safe mode. I tried to remove rage mp and I get an error that this is not possible (check the file location is correct). on behalf of the administrator, delete also fails. if you delete all the files in the rage folder, except update.exe - it comes to the end and remains (does not end at all) gta online works microsoft visual c ++ libraries updated
  3. Добрый день. Я пытаюсь считать данные из таблицы и вывести их в консоль, но ничего не выводится. Что сделано: Установлен сервер mysql, а также Workbench. Посредством workbench создана таблица users. Установлен node.js и модуль mysql. Привожу код подключения: var mysql = require('mysql'); var sql = mysql.createConnection({ host : 'localhost', user : 'some_user', password : 'some_password', database : 'some_db' }); sql.connect(function(err){ if(err){ console.log('error'); }else{ console.log('connected'); } }); В консоли пишет connected. И внесенные данные выводит. Но когда пытаюсь внести в таблицу данные: sql.query("INSERT INTO users (login, password, rights) VALUES ("+player.name+", pass, 1)"); То ничего не выходит. Прошу помощи)
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