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Found 5 results

  1. So here is the thing. I made a custom mapping using custom imported 3D models. The whole dlc.rpf is 277 MB. I tried making LOD distance 250. I used gameconfig.xml too, but still the game crashes, whenever I teleport to my mapping (Before the mapping even loads in). However the game crashes only when I teleport there.
  2. Hallo Leute, ich würde gerne wissen welchen DLC Level RageMP verwendet ? Denn ich habe in Codewalker Mappings vorgenommen (Entities hinzugefügt) anhand von dem was ich in Codewalker sehe. Nur stehen Bänke auf dem Live Server nicht genau da wo sie in Codwalker stehen. Ich hierbei von der Standard Map, nicht meinen hinzugefügten Entities. Wenn ich in Codewalker DLC's lade, ändert sich die Position von gewissen Items um ein paar Meter. Daher meine Frage, welches DLC Level verwendet der RageMP Server ?
  3. Hello! I'm using CodeWalker to mapping, and I mapped 81 objects and 1 exterior. But the exterior won't load and I can't figure out the problem, I tried almost everything(.ytyp, _manifest etc.) But I don't know which type or where should I put in. So, what should I do with my exterior in CodeWalker to load in our RageMP server. Thanks for the help ❤️
  4. Привет! Решил записать очередной гайд. Сегодня займемся маппингом при помощи программы CodeWalker и научимся заливать карту через dlc. Все ссылки на программы под видео. Сорян за мой английский, поковеркал названия программ. Скачать DlcCreator Скачать CodeWalker Скачать Openiv Скачать ArchiveFix Скачать ArchiveFix с ключами
  5. hey i want to know how i could add an exported map from Codewalker to my Server. i used this Tutorial but it doesn't worked.
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