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  1. If someone can tell me why this isn't working, all the other CEFs work, just this one doesn't. It all compiles withour error and when i use /testnotif it sends me a message but does not show CEF. Im using this resource: Clientside: class Notification : Events.Script { RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow NotificationCEF = null; public Notification() { NotificationCEF = new RAGE.Ui.HtmlWindow("package://cs_packages/CEF/popup/popup.html"); Events.Add("Show_Notif_CEF", ShowNotificationPopup); ShowCEF(false); }
  2. Introduction Hello, So I have decided I should make this tutorial about how to use CEF alongside RAGEMP to make interactable UI because I have spent some time understanding it from examples without a clear tutorial, I am going to explain how to interact between the CEF browsers and RAGEMP client, and how to send/receive information from and to server. This tutorial is targeting new comers in RAGEMP but who have background in scripting and know how to run and connect their server locally. So the main points will be: 1-What is CEF 2-Sending information from CEF to RAGEMP
  3. Hey there. I started developing a client-side user interface, and I had problems with custom fonts. I included my custom fonts in the CSS file: @font-face { font-family: Gabriela; src: url(../Fonts/Gabriela-Regular.ttf); } @font-face { font-family: FontAwesome; src: url(../Fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf); } * { font-family: Gabriela; } .dws-input::before { font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f007"; position: absolute; font-size: 30px; padding: 25px 0 0 0px; color: white; } In the browser, all the fonts look great, but when I started th
  4. Hello everyone! Who can tell, I created a view using a react, assembled my project and inserted the assembly into the client package folder, then I registered a new browser in the file index and the path to my index.html and run server, but the cef does not want to be displayed. What am I doing wrong? And if I run a local web server when developing a react, then I can turn to it by specifying the path of the localhost:3000, but in all the assemblies that I saw there they indicated the path using the package:// .. I don’t understand why I can’t do also This is what my catalog looks li
  5. Inside your server folder, open config.json and add the following line "allow-cef-debugging": true Now head to your registry (Windows Key + R ) and type regedit and hit enter. Head to the following path: Once you're there, right click and Go New > String Value and put "launch.cefPort" as the name and Hit Enter, then right click and hit Modify and set the data to the port you'd like to use (9222 for example) and it should look the same as below Now head to your browser using the following: http://localhost:9222/ or whatever port you had entered to enable it. Y
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, my realization voice chat on cef in the RAGE:MP Voice working by distance position (noice control), activation F8 (push and talk) Installing 1. Read all .js comments and put code in your gamemode 2. Prepare security Web Server and start peer js server, generate crt files and put with server in one folder 3. Change all urls my web project on yours For peerjs server, use next package install: npm install fs peer P.s, i dont know would be new version that scripts, but if you want himself update and i can upload its here Date Build: 22 feb 2018
  7. Sehr geehrte RageMP Community, ich habe folgendes Problem: 1. Sobald ich Ingame ein Schreibfeld benutzen möchte welche durch eine eingebaute externe Webseite ist, habe ich nicht mehr die Möglichkeit überhaupt in das Vorgesehene Feld zu schreiben. Wenn ich jedoch diese Webseite im normalen Browser öffne und denn selben Vorgang widerholle funktioniert es ohne Probleme. 2. Ein ähnliches Problem habe ich mit dem Handy. Sobald ich auf die Kontakte zugreifen will erscheinen diese nicht, genau so wie SMS. Beide oben angeführten Punkte funktionieren bei anderen Spielern ohne Proble
  8. Hey guys, I am currently working on GUI for my server. I am using ReactJS and for drag and drop i am using SortableJS. The issue i have is that drag and drop does not seem to work even though it works in the browser. I tried to debug events and it seems that onDragStart doesn't run on clicking div container. While writing this i wanted to be sure that it isn't something that i did in react so i created almost blank html page with one div in it: After it loads it only fires onclick event, dragging is ignored (It works in chrome). I don't really know what to do... Do i have
  9. Hey guys, sorry for awkward question, is there a fundamental reason to transfer native js clientside to some kinda framework like webpack and etc? We've been working with my friend for a couple of months on nativejs and now the question stucked in my head. I was recommend to use react and / or other frameworks in order to run all the cef in one browser without destroys. Should I start panic much more if we decide to build more complicated systems with the prospect of development. I'm looking for the more light and clear ways of transferring or understanding frameworks if it's truly necessary.
  10. Hello everyone. I had a question how to transfer data from input fields, which I display in CEF, into C # code
  11. Hey everyone, now i publish my register login ui developed for an roleplay Server that i was make but never be finished and i dont want to finish .. This is a simple login or register ui with "wished" tabs animation with tilt plugin for jquery. the items of register content its dynamic and javascript functions must not need to be changed. Login View: https://streamable.com/fackq Register View: https://streamable.com/o0x8h // example for a big text on the left side: (the white box goes to the right side) <div class="item left big"> <h6>Charakter
  12. Son1Q

    Angular 8 CEF

    I downloaded npm package 'ragemp-c', but when i try call functions from 'mp' object i received error 'ERROR ReferenceError: mp is not defined'. import { Component } from '@angular/core'; declare var mp: any; @Component({ selector: 'app-counter-component', templateUrl: './counter.component.html' }) export class CounterComponent { public currentCount = 0; public incrementCounter() { this.currentCount++; console.log(mp); mp.trigger('test'); } } What could be the problem?
  13. On 'client_packages/index.js': var loadingBrowser = mp.browsers.new("package://loading.html"); mp.gui.cursor.show(true, true); Based on my analysis, this should show the HTML content to the client as it enters the server, however, nothing happens.
  14. hey guys, I tried to post this a few times and it didnt work somehow now I am trying it on a desktop pc. I hope there wont be multiple posts with the same content. I started programming a server with javascript only and have build a login browser when a player joins. Atm. - it just sends the given information to the server - server prints out the name and password (just for testing puposes - Server calls client side event with value 1 - when value is 1 client destroys browser And my problem is, that sometimes my game freezes when the browser is destoyed. Sometimes
  15. Hi everyone, I am playing with C# for RageMP I unfortunately I don't get one thing with CEF. I'm keep learning how to use some events and this time I have to create some UI to use them. UI based on Javascript works great (e.g. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/1896-cef-tutorial-interact-with-browser-pages-in-ragemp-client-and-server/) however when I write my own code in C# - it does not show at all. I am using Stuyk tutorial from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJsktWiY5W8 and it is not working. Even tried to copy everything 1:1 and script literally does not respond. Recent c
  16. Got a quick question regarding CEF, why can't I create a webgl context? I used the chrome debugger to create a canvas node and then tried to create a webgl context but it didn't work.
  17. Hello, I am starting with ragemp scripting and I want to try to do something with html/css/js and i have some issue when creating a browser to execute html with code : let browser = mp.browsers.new("package://[my folder where is html file]/index.html"); // Get from rage wiki and the console log to me something like: Cannot read property 'new' of undefined Mayby I am doing something wrong. I will be very thankful for any help. This is also my first post on the forum so if something is wrong I am really sorry .
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Internet radio over colshapes using CEF. Scope of application: custom clubs, interiors. Default location is the Galileo Observatory (behind the monument). Default radio station - Wacken Radio (DE). Installation: I. Put server files to: server-files\packages\yourGameMode II. Add require('./rStreamColshapes'); to your server's index.js III. Put client files to: client_packages then edit your client's index.js and add require('./rStream'); To change radio stream url, edit index.html here: client_packages\cef\rStream\index.html GitHub
  19. Los

    CEF Boilerplate

    CEF Boilerplate This is a boilerplate that will make your development proccess easier. It has a workflow that works like a website development, but, adapted for UI development. Built with Gulp + Webpack + Babel + SASS + ES6 Features: Focused on performance, lightweight. Made to be maintainable and SCALABLE. Small, medium or big projects, doesn't matter how much components, it will be easy to maintain. Easy for integrating any framework like Vue or React. Hot reload Local development: Run npm install Run gulp The index.html inside th
  20. В целях изучения разбираю примеры уже готовых серверов, и появился вопрос, как лучше поступать с UI через CEF ? Использовать единый html в котором собрать все элементы интерфейса и управлять ими изнутри, те в одном html будет к примеру компонент и чата и спидометра. Или инициализировать несколько CEF, допустим в один элемент CEF закинуть chat.html, и по верх него еще один элемент с CEF только уже с spedometr.html ? В чем плюсы и минуты того и другого?
  21. Привет! Последний тутер из серии как начать разрабатывать сервер в RageMp, поехали:Ссылка на проект: https://github.com/SirEleot/RageMpTutorial.git
  22. Kasimir


    Version 0.3.0


    To access the console press F11 ingame. Motivation RAGE console is designed to be a simple and universal logging library with support for client-side, including CEF and server-side. The server-side currently logs all the logs into separate daily files. Installation Installation is extremely simple Copy "packages" folder inside your server "packages" folder, except config.json if you have edited it Copy "client_packages" folder inside your "client_packages" folder Edit your "client_packages" -> index.js to include the rage-console wi
  23. Hello, I'm trying to play custom music in game using CEF, but It only works when audio is very short (less then 10s). I'm using .ogg format and this code: function playAudio() { let myAudio = new Audio("sampel.ogg"); myAudio.play(); myAudio.volume = 0.1; } Is there any limit to using custom songs?
  24. Good morning, Just playing around with the window.localStorage to try to save some basic settings (default skin, vehicle colour). This seems to be working, but the data is lost when restarting the game. Turns out that if a CachePath (in CefSettings) is not provided to CEF, it runs in incognito mode. So my suggestion is that there is an option to enable a persistent cache. This would allow the server creators to pass off storage of non critical data (skins, colours, etc) to the client. The more that can be distributed to the client, the less that needs to be stored on the server.
  25. Один из способов работы с UI клиента, с помощью CEF(HTML), на примере модального окна со списком игроков(ник, ip, ping) Дабы не использовать хостинг, развернем веб-сервер прямо в игровом сервере. Начнём. Создаем в каталоге 'packages/keker' папку 'ui' (в ней будут лежать клиентские файлы) и файл 'web.js', и объявляем его в 'packages/keker/index.js' добавив туда строку: require('./web'); В 'web.js' вставляем этот код: const http = require('http'); const fs = require('fs'); const path = require('path'); const url = require('url'); const mimeType = { // mime типы по расширениям файл
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