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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! Who can tell, I created a view using a react, assembled my project and inserted the assembly into the client package folder, then I registered a new browser in the file index and the path to my index.html and run server, but the cef does not want to be displayed. What am I doing wrong? And if I run a local web server when developing a react, then I can turn to it by specifying the path of the localhost:3000, but in all the assemblies that I saw there they indicated the path using the package:// .. I don’t understand why I can’t do also This is what my catalog looks like: File index.js require('./gamemode/index.js') File gamemode/index.js mp.events.add('guiReady', () => { mp.gui.chat.push("Hello world!") browser = mp.browsers.new('package://CEF/build/index.html') }) Folder CEF/build:
  2. RAGE MP is painted after entering the server and the appearance of the inscription Multiplayer Started. I tried to move the game to different disks, tried to move RAGE MP to different disks. My microphone is working properly, tried to turn it off. Here are all the ways I tried: - Close Steam, then open the client and let him open Steam. - Running the Troubleshooter. - Updated Windows 10 Home edition to Pro. - Run the client as administrator. - Updated drivers for the graphics card. - Disabled ShadowPlay. - Disabled Steam Overlay - Deleted antivirus. - Reinstalled Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. I have already appealed to a lot of people, to different servers, channels in the discord. No way to help. This error does not occur on a specific server. While I was trying to correct this mistake, I have already learned English, though I am from Russia. I have a feeling that I myself can already be in the role of helper. I ask for help from you, from developers, from experienced players. Help...
  3. (username is player.name normally just changed it to test something, with player.name its the same error. so username = player.name) Server Side Code: https://imgur.com/a/mgQMsdi Console Error Message: https://imgur.com/a/cmt2Tg8 Help would be awesome, thanks in advantage.
  4. Rage_v Has Stopped working....Please Help!!!!!!
  5. Мне кажеться что обнова выйдет на днях
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