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  1. CXXY

    remote event error

    Client side: class KeyManager { constructor() { mp.keys.bind(0x11, true, function() { if(mp.players.local.vehicle && mp.players.local.vehicle.getPedInSeat(-1) === mp.players.local.handle) { mp.events.callRemote('BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary', mp.players.local.vehicle.getForwardVector()); } }); } } export default new KeyManager(); Server side: [RemoteEvent ("BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary")] public void BANG_onVehicleShotPrimary (Client player, object[] arguments) { player.SendChatMessage("HAL
  2. Is it possible to create a god mode for player (endless HP/No damage) on JS ? And how ?
  3. XCRON

    Easy Whitelist

    Version 1.0.0


    RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist This is a basic whitelist system for your server. Just place it in the packages folder & it works! Installation Just place the folder "easy-whitelist" in the packages folder. How to add users to the whitelist Go in the packages folder > then "easy-whitelist" > and edit the file account.json There you have to add the SocialClub ID. Restart Server & its done. Github: https://github.com/XCRON-DEV/RAGEMP-EasyWhitelist For questions or help DM me here.
  4. Vital Role-play is a heavy RP server with mix voice and text. We are currently looking to add to our development team, so that being said if you are looking to get into a already established community feel free to contact me direct on discord NNEZZIE#2598 what we are looking for people with experience in - VueJS - NodeJS - Mongodb. we will be giving anyone looking to join the team a task to make sure you do know what you are talking about so please no time wasters.
  5. Hi When I spawn or change the model of a vehicle from the clientside, in the console I get the following error. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at void GTANetworkInternals.RemoteEventParser.Parse(Player sender, ulong eventNameHash, object[] args) The code works, the vehicle changes model and everything is fine, but the error appears for each model change, so I get the same error every time a user wants to buy a vehicle and choose the vehicle model. The spawn code is: auto.entity = mp.vehicles.new(mp.game.joaat(dataVe
  6. Hello. I'm trying to connect to mysql database and execute a query but it doesn't work. It doesn't even print "Test" in the console. Here's the code: database.js var mysql = require('mysql'); var mysqlConfig = mp.config.mysql; var mysqlc = mysql.createConnection({ host: mysqlConfig.host, user: mysqlConfig.user, password: mysqlConfig.password, database: mysqlConfig.database }); module.exports.createAccount = function(name) { try { console.log(1); var query = "INSERT INTO `accounts` (`name`, `money`) VALUES ?"; var values = [name, 0]; c
  7. Hallo, ich bin gerade dabei einen GTA server zu machen habe schon vieles fertig wollte mich aber mal ran machen menüs zu erstellen. Da ich NativeUI eine ganz nette sache finde, habe ich es in erwegung gezogen dies zu verwenden. Habe es hinbekommen listItems, slider zu machen aber ich kriege es nicht hin ein CheckboxItem zu machen also ich kriege es schon hin das das im menu angezeigt wird aber wenn ich darauf klicke passiert nichts weil ich nicht weis wie ich das checkbox item mit code Versehe. ps. Ich nutze Javascript
  8. Good day to you, my friends! I'm looking for a developer, who will bring the project to its logical conclusion. We need to get the progress, but our current team can't end their work in time. It would be great, if you have an experience in this theme. Current platform - Rage Multiplayer, requires Jscript, Node.js, php. Contact: Discord - justlead#7361
  9. Hello, I'm working on the UI side of my server. I use Angular 5 and Bootstrap. I'm able to display my Angular application in the game when I display the index.html in the CEF browser: mp.events.add("Login_Show", () => { loginCef = mp.browsers.new("package://myComponent/dist/index.html"); }); My problem comes from the routing. When I want to display another page (e.g. login), I should use the Angular routing: mp.events.add("Login_Show", () => { loginCef = mp.browsers.new("package://myComponent/dist/login"); }); When I use that, I have a 404 because the Rage
  10. I want to make the player look in a certain direction, but I can not do this with the 'gameplay' camera, and I do not need to create a new 'default'. How to be this will only work with the new 'default' camera, if you use the 'gameplay' camera, you can’t set the position for viewing. Help pls mp.events.add("setPlayerCameraInPos", (x, y, z) => { let newCamera = mp.cameras.new("gameplay"); // get the forwarding vector of the direction you aim with the gameplay camera as Vector3 // newCamera.setRot(x, y, z, 2); // Does not work newCamera.pointAtCoord(x, y, z); // Does not
  11. Wir von ProjectNine Suchen: - Clientside Entwickler mit Erfahrung in Javascript, HTML, CSS - Server Side Entwickler mit Erfahrung in C# - Serverseitig arbeiten wir mit MongoDB Zu unseren Project: Wir sind eine MultiGaming Community die anfänglich mit einen Arma 3 Project ein guten Erfolg verzeichnen konnten, wir hatten eine eigene Map und ganz eigene Modifikationen. Jetzt haben wir uns dazu beschlossen das wir zu GTA RageMP wechseln möchten. Aktuell haben wir schon ein gutes Grundgerüst, wo wir jetzt noch ein paar Feinschliffe bis zur Open Alph
  12. ynhhoJ


    Version 1.0.0


    Just simple compass what you can use. You need to add compass.js path, to index.js on client_packages.
  13. Einfache Befehle mit Javascript Veröffentliche meine selbstgemachten Befehle. (Basic Befehle & Befehle mit Paramtern) Die Befehle /car <Fahrzeugname> /skin <Skinname> /heal <ID> /armor <ID> /kill <ID> /time <00 00 00> /weather <sunny rain xmas halloween snow fog thunder.... /raw <ID> /fix /waffe <Waffenname> <Munition> /tp <X> <Y> <Z>
  14. XCRON

    Simple Tablet

    Version 1.0.0


    RAGEMP-SimpleTablet This is a really basic tablet for your resource. You can open it, and it show your embedded link. Press O to open it. Installation Just add the files in client_packages to your resource & add the following code to your index.js require("tablet/tablet.js"); How to change the embedded object Go in the "tablet" folder and open "tablet.html" with your editor. Change the URL on line 14 & 15. How to change the key to open it: Go in the "tablet" folder and open "tablet.js" with your editor. Change the "0x4F" on line 3 to your key of choi
  15. Hey Guys, Ive started to code with Rage:MP for some days ago. Ive already a basic Server structure, but I need some information about Clientside coding with JS. So lets get started: How could I structure/organize my clientside code? Like how could the folder structure be and so on.. How can I create NativeUI with JS on Clientside ? For example if I created a colshape and marker somewhere, and only in this area should trigger the NativeUI in case i press E.
  16. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to compile/secure node javascript source code? I know there are node packages like nexe for compiling node code to .exe, but i am not sure if that is compatible with ragemp.
  17. Version 1.0.1


    This is a Vehicleseat Menu in JavaScript for Rage:MP Install: Unzip vehicleseatJS.zip in your root server folder. Use: Press "F" or "G" when a Vehicle nearby you. Contact: You can Contact me on Discord for Questions. {Brace}#0571 Have fun!
  18. There is an opportunity to catch an event - creating Waypointon the client side or on the Server when the player received a mark on the map https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=PlayerCreateWaypoint Text = DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK IN CURRENT 0.3.7 VERSION I need to get the Waypoint coordinate that the player set. In any way through the creation event or just get the value of an already set label. Is there such a possibility?
  19. Hi. I call a function in main.js from login.js. But it gives me such an error. I call the function like this mp.events.add('RegResultFalse', () => { mp.events.call('executeFunction', ['emailStatus']); }) the function in login.js is described as: function emailStatus() { $("#emailStatus").removeClass("hide"); } Tell me what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance. In parallel with this, I read the wiki, if I find the answer, I will write
  20. Hello, how can i get amount of player playing on my server and send this data to CEF.
  21. somebody know how to send variable from server events to client?
  22. Hi everyone, when writing a script, I had a problem with the server logic When a user logs on to the server, he enters the username and password, the server checks the data from the Database and sends him a response, after a while the user calls the server again to save, for example, his Vector3 position on the server in the Database, how does the server know what it is addresses, it is the user of this account who recently logged into the server. For example, if he writes the command / giveWeapon to the chat, the server will receive the players object and be able to give it a weapon, but
  23. Is it possible to write fully on C# client & server side without loss of functionality ? Or need to write on JS?
  24. When working with the client side, I encountered errors and do not know how to fix this. When connecting to my server, the following errors occur: JS # 10 startup error, data storage error # 4. Left only one line on the client: mp.gui.chat.push('Hello World')
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